The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns set to defend his Universal Championship against WWE Champion Brock Lesnar in Title vs. Title match at WrestleMania 38. While, many reports suggests that Roman Reigns will face The Rock at next year’s WrestleMania 39. But it seems that this dream match might not happen.

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio reported The Rock might be too busy to return to WWE and compete in a match next year. Dwayne Johnson recently announced that the XFL has struck a deal with the NFL, so he might be very busy next year, so, The Rock’s WrestleMania 39 status is seemingly in doubt.
“Dwayne being all over next year promoting (the XFL), which could be interesting because next year is the WrestleMania that he was supposed to work with Roman Reigns, and that would be in April, and that’s probably gonna be the middle of the season,” said Meltzer. [H/T: WrestleTalk].
The Rock’s last proper match came against John Cena at WrestleMania 29, in which he tore his abdomen and adductor muscles . Since then, he hasn’t had a proper match due to the risk of injury and how it could affect his busy schedule.

.@JohnCena and @TheRock COLLIDED at #WrestleMania 29 on this day in 2013!

— WWE Network (@WWENetwork) April 7, 2019

As a result, insurance issues may come into play if The Great One does any action movies around the start of 2023. Here What Dave Meltzer stated about it:
“If he’s got any kind of an action movie deal within a couple of months [of WrestleMania], let alone, if he’s got one that takes place during that period there’s no way he would do [the match],” said Meltzer. “If it’s even like a month or two after, they wouldn’t let him because the insurance and things like that would be too high. That’s why he never did another one.”
Dave Meltzer also further stated that even though The Rock has been free in terms of movies, he could still has plenty of things to promote. From XFL to his TV shows, he has a lot on his plate that would be of higher priority than a match with Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

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