The former TNT Champion Cody Rhodes has been with AEW since its inception in 2019 and also acted as its EVP ever since. Recently, there were some reports back in January 2021 suggested that Rhodes was not working under contract with AEW after it expired in December 2021.

Now, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Cody Rhodes AEW contract ended in mid-February and there could the possibility of Rhodes make the jump to WWE.
“He still has not signed and originally when he had not signed it just seemed like one of those things but now here we are. We’re in mid-February, contract was up at the end of December. A lot of talk about Cody Rhodes…before I would say there was minimal possibility that he wasn’t going to sign but I would not say that now. I think there is a lot of people who think it is up in the air of what is going to happen next,” Meltzer said.
Dave Meltzer also further noted that there has been talk at backstage on Monday Night Raw that Cody Rhodes might sign with Vince McMahon’s company.
“He is not signed and in WWE they thought there was a good chance or a chance…It was definitely something that was talked about a lot today (Monday) in certain circles about the potential of something happening there,” Meltzer added. (H/T: Cultaholic)

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