Tonight’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown opened with Universal Champion Roman Reigns along with The Usos and Paul Heyman. Heyman talks about what happened recently and says there was on plot or conspiracy, this was not done to make Brock Lesnar was look foolish, but he does like a damn fool anyway, this was history unfolding before our very eyes. 

Paul Heyman admits he made the biggest mistake of his career several weeks back in Chicago, when he told Roman Reigns needed to be protected from Brock Lesnar. Heyman says he got fired and hit with a Superman Punch for it, and he acknowledges he got what he deserved for it.
Heyman also talks about how he put Lesnar in WWE title match at Day 1 event when he Reigns didn’t make to show. But Lesnar came for Reigns again and Heyman calls Lesnar as schmuck. He further says Reigns proved Goat can always slay a beast and he gave hand of forgiveness when Reigns asks for WWE title at Royal Rumble.

@BrockLesnar looks like a SCHMUCK, and now he acts like a SCHMUCK!”#SmackDown @HeymanHustle @WWERomanReigns

— WWE (@WWE) February 5, 2022

Pau Heyman says now everyone has to acknowledge that there will not be a Title vs. Title match at WrestleMania because Lesnar does not get what he wants, but he will do what Reigns wants him to do, and at WrestleMania 38 he will acknowledge Reigns. Heyman says this is how it’s done. He turns to Reigns and says, “I, Paul Heyman acknowledge you, Roman Reigns, as my Tribal Chief.”
Heyman further talks but music hits and here comes former Universal Champion Goldberg. He entered the ring and says he acknowledges Roman Reigns and challenges him for the Universal Title at Elimination Chamber. Then, he went face-to-face with Reigns and says you are next.

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