The Scottish Warrior Drew McIntyre currently involved in a feud with Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss on Friday Night SmackDown. He defeated Moss at Day 1, following the match at backstage, Moss and Corbin brutal attacked McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre was expected to out of action for some time but made a surprise return at Royal Rumble. He was the last person eliminated by Brock Lesnar to win the Royal Rumble match. Now, McIntyre is continuing his feud with Corbin and Moss on blue brand.
Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio reported that Drew McIntyre is not 100% fit and still working on rehab. But he is going to do TV’s and will probably face Baron Corbin at WrestleMania later this year before eventually moved into a feud with Universal Champion Roman Reigns.
“He’s not 100%. He’s going to do TVs; he’s not going to do house shows for now. He’s still working on rehab; it’s not like he’s fixed or anything. But, you know, he is back on TV which, I mean, he’ll do the match with Moss in Saudi Arabia and probably wrestle Corbin at WrestleMania most likely and I’m going to guess that he’ll probably run through them. But, he did come back very, very quickly… The theory is that by WrestleMania he’ll be OK. That was always the hoped-for thing is that he’ll be healthy enough by WrestleMania. I mean, look, he was in the Rumble for a long time. And he threw people around,” said Meltzer. (H/T: Ringside News)

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