WWE Raw Superstar Shelton Benjamin recently appeared as the special guest on Ryan Satin’s Out Of Character podcast and discussed about the several topics including The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar’s current character on WWE TV.

Shelton Benjamin has known Brock Lesnar since their days in college, and they remain good friends to this day.  He revealed that WWE champion Brock Lesnar current character on WWE TV is close to his real-life.
“I would say it’s the most like he is in real-life, amongst people that he likes,” said Lesnar. “I tell people all the time, one of the cool things about Brock is you never have to wonder where you stand with him. Because he’ll tell you, he’ll show you. He either wants nothing to do with you or you’re a good friend. So, what you’re seeing to me, is Brock when he’s relaxed and in amongst friends.” [34:48-35:18]
Brock Lesnar’s previously portrayed as monster heel in the company before his WWE that’s entirely different from the current one. Shelton Benjamin also stated that Lesnar’s previous gimmick was also close to his true personality in a different way.
“But what you’ve seen from Brock for years, you’re basically seeing another honest side of Brock,” claimed Benjamin. “Because what you’ve seen for the last 20 something years, that’s not acting. That’s Brock. That’s Brock in the ring, outside the ring. The same confidence, commanding presence, commanding attitude, everything. That’s Brock, period.” [35:21-35:47]
“He’s not playing a role. He’s not playing the situation, he’s just going out there and being himself. But what he is, he’s a monster. You’re just being allowed to see, well, this is the monster when he’s amongst [his friends],” Benjamin added. [35:48-36:05] (H/T: Sportskeeda)

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