The Beast Incarnate Brick Lesnar won the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match by last eliminating Drew McIntyre at the WWE Royal Rumble from The Dome at America’s Center in St. Louis, MO.
Brock Lesnar entered the match at #30, who was not advertised ahead of time. It should be noted that Lesnar dropped the WWE Title to Bobby Lashley earlier the night after WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns interfered, and Paul Heyman turning on Lesnar and joined Reigns.
There are just a few surprise entrants for the Royal Rumble match but no WWE NXT Superstars entered. The surprises, besides Lesnar, were all names who were reported as spoilers ahead of time – Shane McMahon, rapper Bad Bunny, and Drew McIntyre, who has been out of action with an injury, but was medically cleared before he was expected to be.
Order of 30-Man Royal Rumble 2022 entrants:
1. AJ Styles
2. WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura
3. Austin Theory
4. Robert Roode
5. Ridge Holland
6. Montez Ford
7. WWE United States Champion Damian Priest
8. Sami Zayn
9. Johnny Knoxville
10. Angelo Dawkins
11. Omos
12. Ricochet
13. RAW Tag Team Champion Chad Gable
14. Dominik Mysterio
15. Happy Baron Corbin
16. Dolph Ziggler
17. Sheamus
18. Rick Boogs
19. Madcap Moss
20. Riddle
21. Drew McIntyre
22. Kevin Owens
23. Rey Mysterio
24. Kofi Kingston
25. RAW Tag Team Champion Otis
26. Big E
27. Bad Bunny
28. Shane McMahon
29. Randy Orton
30. Brock Lesnar
Order of Eliminations in the 30-Man Royal Rumble 2022 match:
1. Robert Roode (by AJ Styles)
2. Shinsuke Nakamura (by AJ Styles)
3. Johnny Knoxville (by Sami Zayn)
4. Sami Zayn (by AJ Styles)
5. Angelo Dawkins (by Omos)
6. Montez Ford (by Omos)
7. Damian Priest (by Omos)
8. Omos (by AJ Styles)
9. Ricochet (by Happy Corbin)
10. Dominik Mysterio (by Happy Corbin)
11. Austin Theory (by AJ Styles)
12. Ridge Holland (by AJ Styles)
13. Chad Gable (by Rick Boogs)
14. AJ Styles (by Madcap Moss)
15. Rick Boogs (by Madcap Moss)
16. Madcap Moss (by Drew McIntyre)
17. Happy Baron Corbin (by Drew McIntyre)
18. Kofi Kingston (by Kevin Owens)
19. Sheamus (by Bad Bunny)
20. Dolph Ziggler (by Bad Bunny)
21. Rey Mysterio (by Otis)
22. Kevin Owens (by Shane McMahon)
23. Big E (by RK-Bro)
24. Otis (by RK-Bro)
25. Randy Orton (by Brock Lesnar)
26. Bad Bunny (by Brock Lesnar)
27. Riddle (by Brock Lesnar)
28. Shane McMahon (by Brock Lesnar)
29. Drew McIntyre (by Brock Lesnar)
Winner: Brock Lesnar

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