Tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw is live from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. WWE announced two matches and a segment for the tonight’s show.
WWE announced Randy Orton and Riddle will defend their Raw Tag Team Titles against Chad Gable and Otis. Bianca Belair, Liv Morgan and Doudrop will battle in triple threat match to determine the next challenger for Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. And also WWE announced that Alexa Bliss will return on this Raw.

Here The WWE Monday Night Raw Full Results:

– Tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw opened with WWE Champion Brock Lesnar making his way to the ring along with his advocate Paul Heyman. We see MVP and Lashley watching backstage, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander approach, happy about The Hurt Business being back together. But Lashley says the group is no more, he never said they were back together, and they can get the hell on because The All Mighty works alone. A disappointed Benjamin and Alexander walk off.
Paul Heyman takes the mic and gave grand introduction to WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. Now, Lesnar takes the mic and gives a shout-out to Philadelphia, says he can’t believe we’re back, and then laughs. But music interrupts and here comes Bobby Lashley along with MVP. Lesnar looks on from the ring, while Lashley and MVP march to the ring.
MVP takes the mic and says it’s his honor to present The All Mighty. Bobby Lashley takes the mic and says it’s an honor to finally be in the ring with Brock Lesnar and an honor to share the spotlight with him. Lashley says from one super athlete to another super athlete, it’s an honor to look Lesnar right in the eye. Lashley continues that with all due respect, for 20 years, Lesnar has been ducking and running from him. 
Brock Lesnar says with all due respect, it’s an honor for Lesnar to be in the ring with himself, and he must apologize, for the last 20 years he’s been winning titles in this ring and in other rings, so that doesn’t fall on him, that falls on Lashley. Lesnar continues that he doesn’t have a clue who Bobby Lashley is until he met him at Day 1, so it’s Lashley’s fault he didn’t climb the ladder of success and enter the same arenas as Lesnar did. 
Brock Lesnar says he must apologize because if they would’ve met, he would’ve already beaten Lashley and we wouldn’t be here right now, with all due respect. Lesnar says MVP and Lashley are dressed really fancy, and he asks the thread count on MVP suit. Lashley laughs and says Lesnar must be a comedian. 
Bobby Lashley says at the Royal Rumble when he beats Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title, then Lesnar starts his stand-up comedy career, he and MVP will be front row because Lesnar is money as a comedian. Now Brock Lesnar says he’s funny and he’s money. Lesnar does a knock-knock joke with Heyman and the punchline is “Bobby, who?” Exactly, Lesnar says. 
Brock Lesnar says it’s impossible to beat him and even more impossible to beat him when you’re a Brock Lesnar wanna-be. Lesnar drops the mic and walks off along with Paul Heyman as Lashley and MVP stare him down.
Suddenly, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander attacks Lashley from behind but he fights them off and clears the ring of Benjamin, then sends Alexander into the mat. Lashley goes to ringside, sends Benjamin into the ring post. Now, Lashley grabs Alexander and launches him into the barrier, then runs him into the ring post. Lashley and MVP make their exit with Alexander and Benjamin laid out.
– Randy Orton and Riddle at backstage. They make a reference to Riddle’s WWE NXT appearance and Orton says he can do whatever he wants on his own time, but they lost last week because Riddle didn’t tag him in. Orton goes on and is about to give Riddle some advice in case he gets lost out there tonight, but Riddle interrupts with some of his comedy. 
Randy Orton writes something on his hand, for in case he gets lost out there tonight. Riddle reads it and it says “Tag In Randy!” Orton says good job. Riddle suggests they go out for some cheesesticks after the big match, since they’re in Philly, and asks Orton if he’s a Pat’s or Geno’s kind of guy. It sounded like Riddle got cheese sticks confused with cheesesteaks.
– Otis and Chad Gable defeated Randy Orton and Riddle via pinfall and became the new Raw Tag Team Champions.
– we got the backstage promo of Bianca Belair, who is looking forward to winning tonight’s Triple Threat #1 contender match, then, defeating Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch at the Royal Rumble, and going into WrestleMania 38 as the champion.
– Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode and Apollo Crews defeated Damian Priest and The Street Profits via pinfall.
– Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. He laughs and says he’s in a great mood tonight because the Royal Rumble is on the horizon. Why is Rollins so excited for The Rumble? Not because of Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley, not because of the 30-Man and 30-Woman Rumble Matches, but because it is the night where he will become the new WWE Universal Champion.
Rollins says that’s right, it will be The Visionary vs. The Tribal Chief, The Visionary vs. The Head of The Table, Brother vs. Brother, Roman Reigns vs. Seth Freakin’ Rollins. But how is that after Rollins was screwed out of his WWE Day 1 singles match with Big E, did he get an advocate or a special counsel? No. Rollins doesn’t need a penguin-looking snake oil salesman to do his job for him, he took matters into his own hands. He continues and says a few things in life are certain – death, taxes and he will beat Roman Reigns every time.
Now, music interrupts and here comes Big E. He says this is incredible news, he’s so excited and so thrilled for Seth Rollins. But Rollins wants to know why. Big E says Rollins is his favorite out of all the world title combatants at Royal Rumble. Then, Big E announces that he is officially entering the Men’s Rumble. 
Big E says of all the things he can dream or fantasize about, close to the top of the list is how he dreams about doing what he intended doing at Day 1, but doing it at The Show of Shows, WrestleMania 38, and that is… beating Seth Rollins and walk out as world champion. Rollins laughs. Big E laughs with him. 
Seth Rollins says Big E can dream all he wants. He’s happy Big E is in The Rumble but Big E doesn’t stand a chance at beating him one-on-one. Big E says they should test that theory out tonight. Seth Rollins doesn’t know how he feels about that, he’s not ready. Rollins says maybe next week in a better town. Big E says not just do it tonight, let’s do it right now. Rollins says Big E put him on the spot and called him out. Rollins accepts the challenge and calls for a referee.
– Seth Rollins defeated Big E via pinfall in one-on-one match.
– Sarah Schreiber is in the ring with Nikki A.S.H and Rhea Ripley. They want to make an announcement. Nikki says they’re here to challenge WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Carmella and Queen Zelina Vega to a rematch. But Ripley says that’s not what they talked about, they were supposed to come out and discuss the Royal Rumble. 
Schreiber brings up speculation on the future of their tag team and asks if the team has run its course. Ripley says they’ve had their ups & downs but Nikki interrupts and says of course it hasn’t. There is some tensions between the two. Nikki says they’re going to talk about the future of their team right now and asks if Ripley is thinking of breaking up.
Rhea Ripley says they’ve had a great run but it’s time to go their separate ways. Nikki says teaming brings out the best in each of them. But Ripley says she’s probably right but she’s ready to venture out on her own. Nikki says if this is about the titles, they will get them back but Ripley says it’s not about the titles. Now, Nikki says Ripley thinks she’s better because Nikki got pinned last week.
Rhea Ripley denies that but Nikki says she was thinking it. Nikki says she was doing Ripley a favor with this tag team. Now, both of them continue having words and Ripley says she’s leaving because she doesn’t like where this is headed. Nikki yells at her for walking out. Ripley says no but Nikki is making her really uncomfortable, so let’s just say goodbye. 
Rhea Ripley offers her hand for a shake. Nikki says if Ripley doesn’t want to be her partner, fine, but she can’t shake her hand until Ripley looks her in the eye and says she still believes in her. Ripley has always believed in Nikki and always will, and hopes she doesn’t stop believing in herself and hopes they can continue being friends. Nikki gets emotional, and then asks if they really can still be friends.
Ripley hugs her. They turn and Nikki goes to the ropes to pose for the crowd. Then, Nikki comes back to Ripley but drops her with a right hand. Nikki unloads on Ripley and put her down. Nikki leaves the ring and looks back, smiling at Ripley. Nikki says almost superheroes don’t need any friends. Nikki poses on the entrance-way and is all smiles while Ripley tries to recover in the middle of the ring.
– Reggie approaches WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke at backstage with cheesesteaks. He senses that something is off and they go to leave but suddenly R-Truth comes, yelling in the background. They walk up on a referee and are spooked. Truth and Akira Tozawa are up to their antics, with Tozawa hiding in a trash can. Reggie and Dana run away after throwing a cheesesteak at Truth and Tozawa. But it hits Tamina Snuka in the face and she’s furious at Truth and Tozawa while Reggie and Dana escape.
We see Omos walking at backstage. Reggie runs into Omos. But Omos lifts Reggie up against the wall and yells at him. Dana runs over and yells at Omos to put Reggie down. Omos finally puts him down on the ground and warns him to watch what he does tonight because next week he’s going to do a lot worse and walks off.
– Omos defeated Nick Sanders via pinfall.
– WWE Hall of Famer Edge makes his way to the ring for the another must see edition of The Cutting Edge show. Edge mentions how tonight’s guest is his most curvaceous yet, who he will team with to take on The Miz and Maryse at the WWE Royal Rumble in two weeks. He goes on and introduces his wife, WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. Edge sends us to a video package with various Superstars commenting on The Glamazon. 
Now, Beth Phoenix addresses The Miz and Maryse, and how they will finally shut them up at Royal Rumble. Now, music interrupts and here comes The Miz and Maryse to the stage. The Miz talks his wife up and sends us to a narrated video package with highlights from her career. The video package says Maryse and Miz will lay waste to Edge and Beth Phoenix at The Rumble because together they are unbeatable. 
Now, Miz rants to the crowd about how everyone should be honored to be in Maryse’s presence, and how Beth and Edge should be honored to be in the same ring as her. Edge says Maryse is a former champion and they respect her, and don’t want to take away from her career, but his wife can dead-lift a Buick and she smashes people. 
Edge continued that if he had to face his wife in the ring he’d have the same look as Maryse right now. Now, Beth has a few words for Maryse and wonders why she’s suddenly quiet as a mouse now that Beth is back on Raw. Beth says the time for apologies has come and gone, and she’s going to wreck Maryse at the Rumble. 
Now, Miz yells back at them and tells Maryse to tell Beth about how bad she’s going to get beat. But Maryse walks off while Miz is running his mouth but he hasn’t seen this yet. Miz turns around and wonders where his wife is. Beth says if Maryse is too afraid to show up for their match at The Royal Rumble, she will take great pleasure in knocking Miz’s teeth in.
– Kevin Patrick at backstage with Austin Theory. He says tonight he has another chance to impress WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon against AJ Styles. He talked with Vince earlier and Vince reminded him of how good AJ is, but tonight is different because he will beat AJ and Vince will have no choice but to invest further in Theory. Patrick asks if Mr. McMahon had any other words of encouragement. Theory says Vince told him not to screw this up.
 – AJ Styles defeated Austin Theory via disqualification after Grayson Waller attacking Styles. After the match, Waller continued attacking AJ and put him down at ringside. Then, Theory comes over and thanks Waller, then takes a selfie with AJ and leaves. Now, AJ recovers and fights back Waller into the ring but Waller retreats to floor. AJ stood tall in the ring and has words with Waller.
– Kevin Patrick at backstage with Grayson Waller and he says this attack wasn’t underhanded, he was just giving AJ Styles a preview of what’s to come when they wrestle on WWE NXT tomorrow night. Waller says AJ is getting taken out by The Grayson Waller Effect and walks off.
– We got a backstage promo from Liv Morgan on how she’s going to win tonight’s Triple Threat and then finally win the Raw Women’s Title from Becky Lynch.
– Doudrop defeated Liv Morgan and Bianca Belair via pinfall and became the new #1 contender for the Raw Women’s Championship. At the closing moments, Belair delivered KOD on Morgan and goes for pin. But suddenly, Lynch attacked Belair. Both started brawling at ringside untill Lynch sent Belair into the announce table. 
Then, Doudrop delivered second rope splash on Morgan and pinned her for the victory. After the match, Lynch entered the ring to shake the hand with Doudrop but she slapped her and went for Man Handle Slam but Doudrop stops and sent Lynch to the floor. Becky Lynch looks shocked at ringside while Doudrop staring at her from the ring and Raw goes off air.

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