WWE announced that The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns will defend his Universal Championship against The Visionary Seth Rollins at WWE Royal Rumble 2022 pay-per-view. Now, we got some details about WWE plans for this match.

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio reported that WWE is planning to put the Universal Championship on Seth Rollins at Royal Rumble PPV. Actually, plans were Seth Rollins to win WWE Title at Day 1 and defend it at any one night of WrestleMania but those have changed after Reigns testing positive for COVID-19. So, Brock Lesnar is expected to retain his WWE Title at Royal Rumble and Reigns will challenge him for the WWE title at WrestleMania 38.

“The plan for Day 1 was that Seth was gonna be the WWE Champion coming off of the show and Lesnar was gonna be the Universal Champion coming off of the show. So Lesnar is now the WWE Champion. Seth was going to defend the title on one of the WrestleMania nights and then Lesnar and Roman were gonna be for the other title on the other WrestleMania night,” said Meltzer.
Dave Meltzer also stated that if Seth Rollins wins the Universal Championship at Royal Rumble, then two world titles will switch brands, since Seth Rollins is part of Monday Night Raw.
“I was kind of told it’s gonna end up where it’s supposed to be. So I wonder if that means they’re gonna switch belts, like the Universal belt with Seth goes on RAW and the WWE belt that Roman would end up most likely, I’m gonna guess but Brock would have, would be on SmackDown,” he added. (H/T: WrestlingNews.co)

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