In the recent set of releases, WWE have released several backstage personnel of NXT including William Regal. PWInsider of Mike Johnson asked WWE sources about recent set of NXT releases were some form of revenge against Triple H as the most people who were released were hired while running the black and gold brand of NXT.

Mik Johnson also stated that while he couldn’t 100 percent confirm that this was done as “revenge,” but he did point out that it was clear that almost everyone who was released yesterday was an important part of Triple H’s NXT. He went on to say it was a sad day throughout WWE and that there were “people in the company who rarely have empathy for others as they are out for themselves who were greatly shaken by what went down.”

Literally WWE with the NXT releases 😩

— Vin (@WhoisVindictive) January 5, 2022

And coming to William Regal’s WWE release, Johnson believes that the departure of former NXT General Manager William Regal sent a message to everyone across the board that “no one is truly safe and should assume they will have a job for life.”
People within WWE told to Johnson that they felt like “if Regal could be dismissed, what hope did they have of a long career there?” He also thinks that the latest round of releases “put a lot of fear in the hearts of talents and staffers yesterday.”

If it wasn’t for William Regal a lot of your favorite guys wouldn’t be on television. He got so many of us “indie guys” an opportunity. He will never take credit for that, but he deserves his flowers for helping and molding this generation of wrestlers. #ThankYouRegal

— Johnny Gargano (@JohnnyGargano) January 5, 2022

Mike Johnson also further reported that the no one at any level of WWE he spoke were not happy about what went down and were frustrated as they have no idea what could be coming next. It’s truly a different time at WWE compared to years past, and many within the company aren’t thrilled about it.

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