The 16-time World Champion John Cena recently appeared as special guest on Pardon My Take podcast and discussed about several topics. While speaking, Cena admitted that he haven’t watched AEW but the competition is great for the industry, and brings best out of people.

“I haven’t watched AEW. Do I think competition is good? I think competition is great… Whenever there is more buzz around the industry, it’s good for the industry. It forces all of us to be at our best because if you’re not, your segment is not good or your performance is not good, you may not have a future with the company and repeated bad segments from the group means the company isn’t going to be good, which means the competition must succeed. Competition brings out the best in us,” Cena said. (H/T: Fightful)
John Cena further said that he has always been fueled by the sense of internal competition in WWE. He also said that considering how there’s a variety of options to watch wrestling today, he would’ve been even more motivated by it.
“For all time, going out there as a performer, I wanted to to the best I could possibly do and set the tone for wanting to be the best show between RAW and SmackDown and certainly have eyes on the segments I was on. I was fueled by a sense of internal competition. Not knowing what it’s like now to be in a market with a lot of different options, there are a lot of places to watch sports entertainment. That would only, for me, fuel me even more to be the best I can be.”

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