The SmackDown Superstar B-Fab was one eighteen WWE superstars released by the company. The Hit-Row member made her SmackDown debut recently after the group was drafted to the Blue brand during WWE Draft. 

This stable got the huge success during their run on NXT and were hyped as the ones who intended to “reshape SmackDown” in the show’s “new era”. But shockingly B-Fab was released by the WWE.

B Fab literally signed a new deal a week ago

— Bryan Alvarez (@bryanalvarez) November 4, 2021

Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez reported that B-Fab inked a new deal a week before her WWE release. This report further suggests that the main roster contract could mean that B-Fab would be under a 90-day non-compete clause against the 30-day non-compete clause, which is usually the case with NXT contracts. This recent WWE releases were seemingly made due to budget cuts.

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