WWE NXT Halloween Havoc 2021 opens up with horror icon Chucky narrating a video package to hype tonight’s matches. Tonight’s show is live from WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Vic Joseph welcomes us and joined at ringside by Wade Barrett and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. We see the “Spin The Wheel, Make The Deal” wheel as Vic hypes the show.

Here The WWE NXT Halloween Havoc 2021 Full Results:

– Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne defeated Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta and Io Shirai & Zoey Stark in Scareway to Hell Ladder Match and became the new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions.
– We got the video package of NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams pulling up to a Haunted House, where Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis have told them to come if they want to recover Hayes’ missing title belt. Trick wants to stay in and drive the get-away car while Hayes goes in, but Hayes says all that talk about being “bout it, bout it” – he’s coming. 
They approach the Haunted House and they’re already terrified. We see Lumis and Gargano watching on a monitor from in the house. Gargano says he “Home Alone’d” the house and there are cameras everywhere and also had help from someone – the NXT Zombie Referee appears. Hayes and Trick thought it was Gargano and go after him but it’s just a dead kid. The ghost kid runs and they both follows him into the house. Trick tells Hayes to just buy a replica title but Hayes wants his title. They enter the house. To be continued.
– Joe Gacy defeated Malik Blade via pinfall.
– We got a promo of Kay Lee Ray, who talks about how the was the longest-reigning NXT UK Women’s Champion but it got her nothing in NXT 2.0 but disrespect and so on. She looks upset and says she’s here to make everyone pay because it’s time to rage.
– Grayson at backstage in NXT 2.0 Halloween party. Several Superstars are in Halloween costumes. Ikemen Jiro and Kushida walk up and Jiro is confused about the concept of Halloween and kids going trick-or-treating. Waller approaches two women but Cameron Grimes, dressed as an astronaut, interrupts. He tries to run some game on the women but they’re not interested. Waller gives him some encouragement and says better luck next time.
– Roderick Strong defeated Odyssey Jones via pinfall and successfully retained his WWE NXT Cruiserweight Championship.
– McKenzie Mitchell at backstage with Imperium and asks if they have talked to WALTER about tonight’s title shot. Marcel Barthel says WALTER is not here and tonight is about he and Fabian Aichner, and loyalty is one of their biggest strength but this is all about the gold. Aichner says they have never been more ready and this will be their night and declares that the mat is sacred.
– Halloween costume party is continuing at backstage. Lash Legend apparently tells Tony D’Angelo he can be on her show, telling him not to disappoint. Von Wagner is dressed as Brad Pitt and no one recognizes him. He’s with Kyle O’Reilly and someone else dressed up. There’s an interaction between Cameron Grimes and Duke Hudson, who is dressed Hugh Heffner. Grimes says he will see Duke in “Duke’s Poker Room” next week. 
Robert Stone is dressed as Elvis. He has some words with Xyon Quinn. Then, Quinn chokeslams Stone through a table and Franky Monet has seen enough and walks off. Host Grayson Waller, looks down at Stone and declares that this is the greatest Halloween party ever. 
– We go back to the ring and a video shows someone riding a motorcycle outside. The motorcycle rides into the arena and it’s NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez. Gonzalez walks over to the wheel and Chucky appears on the screen, saying it’s time to spin. Gonzalez spins and it lands on Chucky’s Choice. Chucky appears and picks a Trick or Street Fight stipulation.
– Mandy Rose defeated Raquel Gonzalez via pinfall and became the new NXT Women’s Champion. At the closing moments, a masked woman in all black appears at ringside now, behind Gonzalez, who is leaning against the ropes waiting on Rose to get back up. That mystery woman smacks Gonzalez in the back with a shovel and Gonzalez goes down. Rose takes advantage and covers for the pin to win the title.
Mandy Rose stood tall and raises the title in the air. Then, New NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne come out now to join Rose on the entrance-way as Toxic Attraction stands tall with their gold. Now, we go to the ring and we see the mystery woman standing over Gonzalez with the shovel. She removes her head covering and it’s Dakota Kai. Fans chant “welcome back!”.
– we see video of Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams going through the Haunted House. They’re met by a few creepy characters but they keep going. Now, we see Andre Chase, who brought his students for a field trip but now he can’t find them. Trick and Hayes tell Chase to lead the way and he does. They pass the NXT Zombie Referee but don’t see him. We see more creepy tricks and surprises but they keep on going. 
They finally come up on the NXT North American Title belt but Trick warns Hayes about grabbing the title as you know how it goes in the movies. Hayes grabs the belt and puts it on his shoulder. Lumis and Gargano appear from behind and attacks them. Hayes and Trick exit the house but they met by zombies. They escapes and keep going.
Dexter Lumis and Johnny Gargano appear now and Gargano says “boo!” which gives Hayes and Trick flashbacks from the house, and sends them running away. Gargano and Lumis stood with some of the other creepy characters and Gargano says Lumis’ house is kind of weird, so maybe they should do this at his house next year. Lumis and the characters give a thumbs up.
– Host Grayson Waller makes his way to the ring. He plugs his social media handles and tells everyone to follow him. The real host, LA Knight, finally shows up and he’s also dressed as Dracula. He taunting at Waller’s costume and hosting abilities. Waller says it’s not his fault Knight but had car troubles. Knight wonders how Waller knew he had car troubles to not get here on time. They both have words until the music interrupts and here comes newcomer Solo Sikoa. Waller introduces the Street Champion of the Island.
Solo hits the ring and Knight pushes Waller to him and he takes him out. Solo knocks Waller out of the ring to the floor and fans chant “Uso!” at the younger brother of SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos. Knight tries to take shot at Solo but Solo stares him down and he backs off, exiting the ring.
– IMPERIUM defeated MSK via pinfall in Lumberjack O’Lantern Match and became the new NXT Tag Team Champions.
– Tommaso Ciampa defeated Bron Breakker via pinfall and successfully retained his NXT Championship.

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