At WWE Extreme Rules 2021, The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns defeated The Demon Finn Balor in controversial ending. At the closing moments of the match, Finn Balor went for the Coup de Grace but rope broken and Balor fell down on the mat. Then, Roman Reigns hits a spear and pinned him to retain his Universal Championship.

Now, we got the fan-shot footage of how the top rope got broken during the Roman Reigns vs. Finn Balor match at Extreme Rules. By seeing the video, it was a cameraman or somebody disguised as one. He jumped off the ring apron on the opposite side to Balor as the lighting went back to normal. He had an object in his hand, speculated either to be a knife or bolt cutters. Check the tweet below:

I found out this on Facebook 👀

— Alu Matar 🥔 (@MatarAlu) September 30, 2021

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