On the last week’s Friday Night SmackDown, WWE’s Queen’s Tournament kicked off. The opening matches of the inaugural tournament, Zelina Vega defeated Toni Strom, and Carmella defeated Liv Morgan, and the both winners will fight each other on this week’s Smackdown to get into the finals. But from the recent reports it wasn’t the original plan.

According to the Fightful Select reports, this wasn’t the initial plans for the opening round matches. Liv Morgan was originally slated to win the first round match against Carmella but that plans were changed in last-minute.
” Carmella ended up winning the match, but we’re told that at one point ahead of the match, Liv Morgan was actually penciled in to win the match. We’ve heard significant frustration from talent and staff alike about the booking of the women’s division of late, and the time given in multiple situations. We’ll work to find out more.”

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