WWE Draft 2021 was successfully completed on this Monday and the entire landscape was changed. WWE Champion Big E was the first pick of Raw on Night One of draft and Bobby Lashley was drafted on first round of night two. But WWE initially had other plans for the Big E and Bobby Lashley.

According to the PWInsider, WWE original plans were Bobby Lashley to be the #1 pick of Raw on Night One of Draft and wanting fans to eagerly wait to see where Big E will be drafted after Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods going to SmackDown. But that cliffhanger idea was dropped on Friday before the SmackDown and replaced Big E as #1 pick on Night One of WWE Draft.

“The original plan for this past Friday’s Draft was that the #1 Draft Pick for Raw was to have been Bobby Lashley with the idea that viewers would have to see where Big E, the WWE Champion, would land on Monday, especially after the remainder of New Day was drafted to Smackdown. That cliffhanger idea was dropped over the course of the day this past Friday with Big E replacing Lashley as Raw’s top draft pick. Lashley was instead drafted on Raw,” stated the report.
On WWE Draft Night Two, Bobby Lashley was drafted to Raw as their second pick of night. Later, Hurt Business members Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin also drafted to Raw, which was announced on Raw Talk.

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