Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select reported that there is “significant frustration” from both WWE Superstars and staff over the way of company’s booked the women’s division as of late on Raw and Smackdown.

It seems that the lack of time given to the women’s matches on both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown appears to be reverting the women’s division to it’s spot before the women’s revolution took place several years ago.

We have more on the frustrations of women’s booking in WWE from talent and staff up at, and will be working to learn more.

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— Sean Ross Sapp of (@SeanRossSapp) October 10, 2021

Sean Ross Sapp further noted that, from the past few months, several women on WWE roster have expressed concern that the company would head in this direction following John Laurinaitis’ return to power in talent relations earlier this year.
During the recent edition of Friday Night Smackdown, WWE fans expressed their frustrations over the short length of the Queen’s Tournament matches, as both matches got total of fewer than four minutes. While, the length of the entrance of the Universal Champion Roman Reigns went longer than both the women’s matches.

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