WWE Champion Big E recently had an interview with Hot 97 radio and discussed about severe topics including possible match against the WWE Hall of Gamer Goldberg. Big E stated that he used to make jokes about facing Goldberg because he thought it would never happen. He also revealed that Goldberg is his favourite wrestler in childhood.

“Man, I used to make jokes about it because I never thought I’d get the match, but as far as I know, Goldberg is still under contract,” said Big E. “He’s still around. Goldberg was my favorite wrestler as a kid. I met him, probably 25 years ago, at a signing in Tampa,” said Big E.
Big E also stated that he believes he would be the right person to face Goldberg in his last match and retire him from pro-wrestling.
“Well, who better to retire him?” Big E continued. “Who better to take him out to pasture, take Old Yeller behind the barn? We’ll see. I just feel like I would be the right person to send them on home, give him his walking cane, and say, ‘Thank you for your service. (H/t: Fightful)

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