Tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw is live from from the Paycom Center (recently re-named from the Chesapeake Energy Arena) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and WWE announced two matches for the show.

After WWE Champion Bobby Lashley leaving Sheamus during the tag team match against Drew McIntyre and Damian Priest, Sheamus had a argument with Lashley at backstage. On tonight’s show, Sheamus and Bobby Lashley will battle in one-on-one match.
On last week’s Raw, Eva Marie attacked Doudrop for taunting her at Summer Slam event. WWE announced that Eva Marie will face Doudrop in a singles match on tonight’s show.

Here The WWE Monday Night Raw Full Matches And Results With Short Review:

– Tonight’s WWE Raw opened with United States Champion Damian Priest to issue an open challenge. Priest says he feels alive and always wanted to do this and welcomes everyone to Raw. Priest brings up his win over Sheamus at Summer Slam and fans chants for him. Then, he talks about how he will show respect to the US Title like Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, and John Cena all did. 
Priest then talks about how WWE Champion Bobby Lashley ran away like a coward last week, and promises that won’t be him. Priest issues a Open Challenge and asks who it’s going to be. The music hits and here comes Sheamus. Sheamus also agrees that Lashley does like to run from a fight and says he likes this Open Challenge, even if the fans don’t deserve it. He further says he’s going to use the Brogue Kick to wipe the smile off Priest’s face, then take back his title. 
Now, music interrupts and out comes Drew McIntyre. McIntyre wants to see Priest beat Sheamus’ ass again but it’s time for something else, something fresh. McIntyre brings up some of his title wins and says he’s never been United States Champion. So, he challenges Priest and then has words for Sheamus. Priest likes the idea. The music interrupts and here comes WWE Champion Bobby Lashley along with MVP. 
MVP asks them to hold their applause for the WWE Champion. MVP says Lashley wanted to host an Open Challenge every week, fans started chanting for Goldberg name. MVP says Lashley has already dealt with the entire roster and now it will be good for business if Lashley beats Priest to become the dual champion. The music hits again and out come Raw Tag Team Champions Riddle and Randy Orton.
Orton had some words for Bobby Lashley for getting greedy to have a second championship. Lashley says Orton for once is right, he does want a second title, but maybe he should take the tag team titles. Riddle proposes a tag team titles match against MVP and Lashley. MVP accepts. MVP asks Sheamus to kick Priest’s ass so they can double back. Everyone starts arguing. 
Now, Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce come out. Deville says they see two big main events ahead of them. They announced that Damian Priest will defend his US Title against Sheamus and McIntyre in a Triple Threat, while R-K-Bro will defend against MVP and Lashley. Fans pop as everyone looks on and has words. Now, Rhea Ripley makes her entrance for a match.
– Rhea Ripley defeated Shayna Baszler via Pinfall. After the match, Nia Jax immediately attacked Rhea Ripley and drops her with Samoan Drop.
– The Viking Raiders defeated Jinder Mahal and Veer via Pinfall.
– Damian Priest defeated Sheamus and Drew McIntyre via Pinfall and successfully retained his WWE United States Championship. After the match, Sheamus recovers at ringside while McIntyre also slowly gets to his feet and shakes his hands with Priest to show mutual respect.
– We got the video package of WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg sending warning to WWE Champion Bobby Lashley for getting his hands on Gage. Goldberg says he’s coming for the soul of WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.
– We got the video from earlier today with WWE 24/7 Champion Reginald. He dreamed of leaving his hood when he was a kid and now he gets to travel the world and see beautiful parks like the one we’re in right now. R-Truth wearing a blonde wig and Akira Tozawa is dressed up like a dog and they are playing Frisbee in the park. They try to chase Reggie around the park but he escapes by jumping around. Tozawa takes the dog head off and says he told Truth the costume wouldn’t work. Truth says every dog has its day… except Tozawa, dawg.
– Doudrop defeated Eva Marie via referee stoppage. After the match, Doudrop annouces herself as the winner of the match. Eva seethes in the ring and she’s not happy and had a few words with the referee as Doudrop celebrates on the entrance way, taunting Eva.
– Sarah Schreiber stops Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair at backstage and asks about the earlier threat from Nia Jax ahead of their match. Flair says Nia is a monster but tonight she’s going to slay her because she is the most decorated female in WWE history. She says long live the Queen and walks off.
– Karrion Kross defeated Humberto Carrillo via submission.
– We see what happened earlier tonight during the Rhea Ripley and Shayna Baszler match, where Nia Jax had words for Charlotte Flair, then attacked Nikki A.S.H. at ringside. Nia Jax at backstage and Sarah Schreiber approaches her. She talks about squashing anyone who gets in her way and says she will do the same to Charlotte Flair tonight, and will take her invisible crown and shove it up her royal behind and walks off.
– Raw Tag Team Champions Riddle and Randy Orton at backstage. Riddle talks about something like he usually does and he’s going on about everything he’s good at. He even graduated high school, he says. Randy Orton says all Riddle needs to worry about being good at is what they do in the ring and if they stay on the same page they will be fine. Riddle says he won’t let Orton down.
– Nia Jax defeated Charlotte Flair via Pinfall in non-title match.
– John Morrison at backstage talking to someone and says he was supposed to wrestle The Miz this week but Miz went back to Hollywood or something like that. Morrison says he told his acting coach that he would prove he was the bigger man in the match against Miz, and still wants to prove that, so he’s asked for, and was granted, a match with the largest human he knows, and that person is you. Now, we see Morrison is talking to Omos. Omos says that sucks for Morrison and walks off.
– Omos defeated John Morrison via Pinfall.
– AJ Styles defeated Xavier Woods via submission.
– Randy Orton and Riddle defeated MVP and Bobby Lashley via Pinfall and successfully retained their Raw Tag Team Titles. After the match, Bobby Lashley hits spear to Riddle but suddenly Randy Orton hits RKO to Lashley. Orton and Riddle head to the entrance and they regroup as MVP and Lashley try to recover in the ring. RK Bro staring MVP and Lashley and Raw goes off air.

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