The former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre recently had an interview with BT Sport’s What Went Down and discussed about several topics including about his long-term rival Sheamus. He stated that his storyline with Sheamus is WrestleMania worthy and he would like to face him again at WrestleMania 38.

“If you watch the pre-match video [at WWE Fastlane], you see it was really WrestleMania-worthy,” McIntyre said. “Just the story that we have, the real story. It’ll come back around. There’s next year’s WrestleMania. Then we’ll get the fans back and it’ll be new again, but it certainly was disappointing we never got to do it at ‘Mania.”
Earlier this year, Drew McIntyre battled Sheamus on the March 1 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, in which McIntyre won. Later, they both again faced eachother at WWE Fastlane and that match also won by Scottish Warrior Drew McIntyre. Then, two men also fought in No Disqualification match on March 8th epsiode of Raw, which was ended in no contest.

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