Earlier this year, WWE split-up the Hurt Business Faction after Bobby Lashley and MVP kicking out Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin from the group. Following that, MVP announced that they are looking for the new talent to join the faction but no one joined the team till now.

To be clear, Bobby Lashley and MVP are The Hurt Business.

We are always looking for talented applicants.

Have the day you deserve.

— MVP (@The305MVP) March 31, 2021

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley recently had an interview with Metro and talked about the future of Hurt Business. Lashley stated that they are looking to add new talent into the faction in near future but currently he’s focusing on defending his WWE Title.
“There’s lots of guys on the roster that I look and I’m like, man, he looks good – he’s tough, he’s that and he’s that. Once we have that opportunity, we might open up the Hurt Business and bring some people in and help fuel their career. But it’s one of those things where I have to focus on me for a little while, and I gotta make sure I’m defending the world title,” said Bobby Lashley.

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