WWE Raw Results (Jan 18th, 2021) – Drew McIntyre Made Big Announcement, Alexa Bliss Defeated Asuka

Tonight’s Monday Night Raw is live from WWE ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. WWE announced the couple of matches and segments before the show.

Here The Full Matches And Results With Short Review:

– Tonight’s Raw is opened with video of Randy Orton wearing a mask over his burned face. He talks about Alexa Bliss fireball attack and blames The Fiend as Bliss is just his vehicle. He knows what Fiend wants that to stop achieving the inevitable but it won’t stop and he’s still in the Royal Rumble said by Orton.
– We see the video of Lacey Evans and Ric Flair walking to the building earlier and Charly Caruso asked Ric Flair for comments about their relationship.  Evans tells Caruso to have respect when asking Ric Flair because he’s Legend. She further tells Ric Flair living up to being ‘Dirtiest Player in the Game’ last week and she is learning from him.
– Charlotte Flair defeated Peyton Royce via Submission.
– Hurt Business at backstage walks past Riddle, then Riddle jokes about their suits. Lashley tells that he likes Riddle’s flip-flops but heard they are bad on your feet. Then, Bobby Lashley stomps on Riddle’s foot and walks off, angry Riddle stares at Lashley.
– We see the Mustafa Ali’s Twitter promo earlier today about Kofi Kingston and says they’re going to hurt Woods again.
– Mace defeated Xavier Woods via pinfall.
– Alexa Bliss in the ring for Alexa’s Playground segment. She addresses her actions last week on Randy Orton and welcomes her guest Raw Women’s Champion Asuka. Asuka came to the ring and tries to sit on swing but Bliss says no. Bliss sat on swing and Asuka stood her side. Bliss then announced her entrant into Women’s Royal Rumble 2021 and says their is a chance of her facing Asuka at WrestleMania 37. 
Asuka says it’s honor to face Bliss as she is her big fan and does ‘Yowie! Wowie’ line but Alexa isn’t impressed. Then, Asuka start dancing to her music but Bliss yells at her to stop and Asuka looks scared. Bliss keeps talking to invisible person then Asuka asks  he is still here. Bliss says don’t take his name, she waves goodbye and laughs.
– The Miz and John Morrison at backstage and Schreiber asks them about what they have planned tonight for Goldberg. Miz says they don’t have any spoilers but what they’ve planned tonight is controversial that bring cash like MITB briefcase.
– Shayna Baszler defeated Mandy Rose vis Submission. After the match, Dana Brooke came to the ring to check on Rose and Shayna & Nia Jax have some words at ringside. Then, Dana kicks back on Nia through ropes and she falls on Baszler.
– At backstage, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler arguing and Charly asks them why they always arguing even when they were champions. Then, they points to current state of Asuka and Charlotte Flair and says it’s perfect time to get their rematch for WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles.
– Charlotte Flair at backstage and Schreiber asks about how it feels when seeing Lacey Evans in her father’s robe. Flair rants on Evans as she is using her father to get her. She says she has been learning from ‘Dirtiest Player In The Game’ for her whole life. Flair says Evans can wear her father robe but she will never take her crown.
– WWE producer Adam Pearce at backstage with Ricochet. Ricochet tells that he will wrestle AJ Styles tonight and if he wins he could be eligible for Royal Rumble Match. AJ and Omos interrupts, AJ mocks Pearce for running away from Universal Title Match and had words with Ricochet about their match tonight. Ricochet says AJ needs his 7 foot tall giant to stop him from proving he’s deserved chance to be in the Royal Rumble.
– AJ Styles defeated Ricochet via Pinfall.
– The Miz and John Morrison in the ring for the must see edition of The Dirt Sheet. Then, they introduced their guest Goldberg and mocks his entrance. Then, music hits and Gillberg came out instead Golberg. Miz and Morrison asks Gillberg how he’s preparing for the biggest match in his career and Gillberg mocks Goldberg. Then, Drew McIntyre’s music hits and outs the fake and overweight version of McIntyre with kids sword. 
The fake McIntyre and Gillberg cuts promo. Miz and Morrison argues about how bad this actor is, the, Gillberg interferes between them like Goldberg and says shut up. Then, Miz says at Royal Rumble both Drew McIntyre and Goldberg will lose because he will cash-in his MITB briefcase. 
– The Hurt Business defeated Riddle & Lucha House Party via Submission. After the match, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin arguing in the ring and Bobby Lashley stood beside them. Then, Riddle run in and kicks Lashley on face and slides through the ropes.
– Elias and Jaxson Ryker at backstage and talks about last week incident. Elias says don’t repeat the same mistake again and help him during the match. Ryker says tonight Elias will beat Jeff Hardy until he accepts the Universal Truth. 
– WWE aired the pre-recorded message of WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. He took a few shots at Miz and Morrison for earlier Dirt Sheet segment. He also cuts the intense promo about Goldberg for their match at Royal Rumble 2021 pay-per-view. McIntyre also announced that he will be coming to Raw next week.
– Jeff Hardy defeated Jaxson Ryker via Disqualification. During the match, Ryker distracted referee and Elias attacks Hardy but referee sees it and calls for DQ.
After the match, Ryker argues with Elias because he told not to interfere in the match but Elias thought opposite of it. Then, Jeff Hardy attacked Elias from behind and also tries to take out Ryker but he throws Hardy out of ring. Then, Elias returns to the ring and talks with Ryker about their issue to be on same page.
– Alexa Bliss defeated Asuka via Pinfall. After the match, Bliss stares straight ahead and screen flashes and she’s back to some what normal look. Then, Bliss starts laughing and continued to stare. Then, she says ‘Let Me In’ but we hear The Fiend voice instead and Raw goes off air.

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