Roman Reigns Reportedly Shut Down The Idea Of NXT Superstar’s WWE Call-Up

The Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens mix up with intense rivalry on Friday Night Smackdown. The Tribal Chief always gained upper hand in the battle with Owens with the help of his cousin Jey Uso.
As Roman and Jey outnumbered The Prizefighter, WWE had plans to involve NXT superstar Damian Priest into their feud to help Owens but that plans were nixed later, reported by Dave Meltzer. WWE wants to introduce Priest as Kevin Owens best friend but Owens isn’t too much excited with idea as it didn’t make sense to him.
Now, Dave Meltzer gave an another update about the why plans were cancelled for debutant Damian Priest. On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that Roman Reigns also felt that it wasn’t right time introduce ‘random person to main event mix’ as it doesn’t seems to fit to the storyline.
“But that didn’t work out and Reigns felt it wasn’t the time to introduce a new person and after that, it was pretty much agreed by both Reigns and Owens that it wasn’t the right time to introduce a random person to the main event mix that didn’t seem to fit. As of right now, and this could change, Priest is scheduled for the RAW roster and to debut at the end of the month

Owens apparently said that they should redo it where WWE officials book Priest as his tag team partner for his benefit because he keeps getting beaten up by Reigns and Uso and that WWE was doing it to protect him.”
It was also noted that former NXT North American Champion Damian Priest likely heading to Monday Night Raw at the end of January.

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