WWE Planning for Huge Title Change at Summer Slam

WWE planned at lot of things and also expected to bring the live fans for Summer Slam but recently they have revealed that Summer Slam not going to happen at Boston and it’s likely to happen at Performance Center but not yet confirmed.
So they gonna change the lot of plans but they want the one thing want to happen at Summer Slam. Drew McIntyre going to defend his WWE championship aganist Randy Orton.
According to Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE gonna plan the huge title change at Summer Slam.
There have been rumors floating that Orton goes over and leads to a match with Edge, but that seems so counterproductive to take the title off McIntyre for Orton.

By Randy Orton winning the WWE Title we can see the Edge can be come into the title picture. Right now Edge is out of action due to injury, once he returns to WWE he will continue his fued with Randy Orton. So WWE may put yhe Title on Randy Orton. Vince McMahon also wants to put the Top WWE Superstars so the Match between Randy Orton and Edge with title on the line is going to be the huge money for the company.

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