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WWE Friday Night Smackdown is going to be interesting as we head towards Extreme Rules. WWE already announced that Matt Riddle going to be interviewed by the Micheal Cole. Aj Styles going to defend his IC Title aganist Drew Gulak which should be happened the last week. And Sheamus going to host the Toast to Jeff Hardy.
Matt Riddle Interview
Cole introduced Matt Riddle, Riddle said being on SmackDown is awesome and being in the ring is “the lovechild of a lot of work and a lot of dreams, bro.” 
Cole asked Riddle why he doesn’t wear boots. Riddle said it’s a long story. He said when he was a child his family went to Wisconsin. He got frost bite because he was going from a hot tub to the pool over and over again. He almost lost his toes over that and he said that’s why he doesn’t wear shoes. It burns his feet to have shoes on.
Corbin interrupted and said that nobody wants Riddle on SmackDown and he will make sure that Riddle pays for every moment he’s in the ring. “You do you, bro, you do you,” Riddle said. Then Corbin introduced John Morrison and he has match with him.
Matt Riddle defeated John Morrison by pin fall
After the match Aj Styles attacked Riddle, Gulak came and attacked the Styles.
Aj Styles defeated Drew Gulak via Pin Fall for Intercontinental Championship

Bayley and Sasha Banks Segment 

Bayley came out and said that nobody gives them respect, but The Undertaker does. Bayley claimed that Undertaker called them and demanded they have their own tribute.
Bayley said thankfully the Undertaker is out of here. So they’re doing a tribute for themselves tonight. They aired a video package
After the video they started their own “Thank you Bayley” and “Thank you Sasha” chants. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross came out next.
Bliss called the video “inspirational” and they read off a list of their own accomplishments. None of the facts were real, they were making fun of Banks and Bayley.
Cross said she’ll be the next SmackDown Women’s Champion. Bayley laughed at her and Bliss punched her. Then Banks booked Bayley for a match against Bliss.
Bayley defeated Alexa Bliss via DQ (Nikki Cross interfered in match)

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Kofi Kingston via Pin Fall

A Toast To Jeff Hardy
The ring was set up with a little bar and there was a guy in the ring looking like a bartender. Hardy came out to the ring and was looking for Sheamus. He didn’t come out.
Instead, Sheamus appeared on the screen and talked down to Jeff about last week and how he defended The Undertaker’s honor. Sheamus said that Hardy is looking for that quick fix. He kept bringing up Hardy’s addiction and how Jeff has a problem facing reality.
Sheamus said he found a solution to all of Hardy’s problems and the answer was in one of those bottles. Then Sheamus recited a poem as a toast to Hardy that ended with him calling Hardy a junkie.
Hardy asked if Sheamus thought this was funny. He didn’t think it was funny. Sheamus loved it. He said he’d there to help Hardy and not hurt him. He said Jeff doesn’t have to live a lie anymore. That’s why Sheamus sent his personal bartender Jeeves to help him.
Jeeves offered Hardy a glass, but Hardy didn’t take it. Then Jeff Hardy took the drink and asked “what’s the worst that can happen?” Hardy put the glass to his lips twice before pouring it over Jeeves’ head. Then Hardy hit a Swanton Bomb on Jeeves.
Sheamus watched from home on the screen as Hardy posed to close out the show.

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