Raw Return is ‘Closing of a Chapter’ – Heath Slater

This week on Raw, Heath Slater is returned and had a match with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre but that match wasn’t lasted long.
After his match he cuts a interview at Backstage and said that he was very happy for his old friend Drew McIntyre and this was the ‘Closing of a Chapter’.
“This was something that had to be done. Me and Drew we go way back and he promised me something and you know I wanted it, so thank god it happened. He’s the man, the champ, my brother both inside and outside the ring. I’m pretty sure that he loves me after he helped me up and gave me a hug. No, this was a nice closing of a chapter. So let’s see what the future brings for me.”

Heath Slater already teased the Impact Wrestling Debut, let’s see what future holds for him. 

By Bablu

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