Otis original plans after winning the Money in the Bank Contract

Otis was the team member of Heavy Machinery but he caught the Vince McMahon eye and Vince was the driving force behind the push of Otis. 
Heavy Machinery team wa disbanded and Tucker was not seen many times on WWE TV. There were the lot of changes happened in WWE from past weeks. Right now WWE had stuck many plans including the Otis.
Money in the Bank Contract win was biggest moment for the Otis and he was supposed to “set him up down the line for The Fiend.” Bray Wyatt has since been transitioned into a multi-match program with Braun Strowman.
(H/T: Ringsidenews)
Otis is still Mr. Money In The Bank, so they need to do something with him. WWE had much different plans for Otis, but it didn’t materialize.

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