Heath Slater Returns to WWE Raw this Week

Tonight Raw opened with Drew McIntyre calling out Dolph Ziggler to reveal the stipulation but Dolph Ziggler said that he won’t reveal the stipulation tonight.
Later he brings back the Drew McIntyre former 3MB team member Heath Slater. Then Heath cut the awesome promo on Drew McIntyre and it’s best promo ever in WWE. 
Slater wanted to know where McIntyre was when he needed him after his release. He said the last time they spoke was on WWE The Bump. Slater said he’s there tonight fighting for his daughters. He then brought up what McIntyre said to Slater on The Bump. Then Slater said he’s there to take this opportunity and he wants what he deserves: a match.
But Drew McIntyre didn’t respond then Heath Slater slaps the McIntyre, then he accepts for the match. But the match was not lasted for 6 seconds.
After the match Dolph Ziggler attacked Heath Slater but Drew McIntyre make the save and they hugged each other.

By Bablu

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