WWE RAW: 5 Surprises that could happen – SmackDown Superstar changes brands, Big returns

RAW last week was a fantastic show and from the looks of it both RAW and SmackDown are going the extra mile to actually tell stories beyond the matches alone and fans should be delighted. The fact that both RAW and SmackDown are taking the effort to connect with fans in such a major way is a very heartening sign indeed.
This week’s episode of RAW could be loaded from a storytelling angle and I bring you the following twists and turns. I have no idea if any of these will indeed happen but if they do, I have a feeling that RAW may significantly improve.

#5 Shinsuke Nakamura arrives on RAW as a member of Zelina Vega’s faction

So, we know that Sami Zayn is away from WWE for some time and hence, he will not be leading the trio of Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura to gold and glory anytime soon. It will be a very different WWE by the time that he returns, I suppose. And yes, AJ Styles is now a part of SmackDown so it only stands to reason that someone like Shinsuke Nakamura could trade places with him and show up on RAW.
Sami Zayn was only paired with Nakamura san on SmackDown because English isn’t his first language and yes, this problem will continue on RAW as well. And this is why Austin Theory can potentially be replaced by Shinsuke Nakamura. It will also add a whole lot of star power to a faction that needs it.Nakamura can make a new ‘restart’, so to speak, on RAW, when the time is right.

#4 Samoa Joe returns to RAW in a big way

Aleister Black and Seth Rollins are scheduled to clash on this week’s episode of RAW and yes, I know what you are thinking. This is the perfect setup for two henchmen such as Austin Theory and Murphy to crash the party and take the Dutch Destroyer down, to prove that Seth Rollins and his followers are the most dominant faction on RAW at this very moment.
And this could be the point where Samoa Joe steps up from the commentary desk because he cannot see a fellow RAW Superstar being treated as unfairly as Aleister Black is, making his return to the ring once again. Yes, there are various reports of him having permanently usurped Jerry Lawler’s throne, but we have seen how the commentary spots are never fixed.
Samoa Joe belongs in the ring and chances are that he has been cleared to wrestle. He will certainly add a lot of star power to the program when he is cleared for action once again.

#3 Dominick Mysterio returns to RAW to help his father out

Now, we know that Rey Mysterio is all set to hang up his boots on RAW for good after a career that has spanned WCW, WWE, blessing us with so many fantastic matches through the years. But because Seth Rollins is supposed to be involved in some way, this is clearly a storyline even though Rey Mysterio may be close to hanging up his boots for real.
Now that both Murphy and Austin Theory are part of his collective, expect Seth Rollins to stage an ambush on RAW this week, in the manner that I have described in the previous page in this very article. It could be a very interesting way to bring back Dominick Mysterio to RAW in a really big way indeed.

#2 Nia Jax takes out both Charlotte Flair and Asuka during their match on RAW

Just take a look at the fantastic lineup that the men and women of RAW have put together for our viewing pleasure. This is not an episode of RAW that you’d potentially want to miss, which is why I encourage you all to tune in and catch our live coverage of the show on Monday Night. Sportskeeda is where all the action is at, because, in addition to all the news and rumors from RAW, we’ll bring you the action as it happens.
What we do know is that Asuka and Charlotte Flair are scheduled to clash on this week’s episode of WWE RAW. Yes, one of the two women could definitely take a loss in this case but I think that the big story right now is the upcoming match at WWE Backlash. WWE will not ideally want either of the two women to take a loss when they don’t need to.
Hence, Nia Jax could interrupt proceedings and take down both women building her upcoming match and setting up a feud for the future.

#1 Cracks start showing between Andrade and Angel Garza on RAW

Andrade used to be the United States Champion but it was Apollo Crews last week on RAW who dethroned him. Angel Garza, on the other hand, scored the biggest win of his career by defeating Kevin Owens in a singles match on RAW that has pretty much put him on the map as the successor to Eddie Guerrero.
Now, this week, we know that Apollo Crews will name his own opponent on RAW and yes, I have a feeling that it could very well be Angel Garza. And if Garza is chosen ahead of Andrade to vie for the Championship, it is all too likely that it could cause splinters between Andrade and Garza on RAW, in the coming weeks.
This may not necessarily be a bad thing because Garza has all the potential in the world to be a babyface and branch out of the faction when the time is right. Unless you have surprises interspersed through the show, how can you hope to keep fans watching a 3-hour RAW episode?

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