With only days to go before NXT TakeOver: In Your House, only two major matches are scheduled to take place. 5 matches are scheduled for TakeOver: In Your House, so expect a lot of promotion for that show, especially considering WWE’s launch of the free version of their WWE Network.
First up tonight, ahead of her husband’s match against NXT North American Champion Keith Lee, Candice LeRae will take on Mia Yim. Gargano and Rae took issue with Lee and Yim’s parody of their dinnertime promos, so Yim and LeRae look to settle their score tonight.
Also on the card, Drake Maverick will have the biggest match of his NXT career as he takes on El Hijo del Fantasma in the finals of the Interim NXT Cruserweight Championship tournament. A huge groundswell has grown in support of Maverick since his initial release was reported weeks ago, but could Maverick capture his first championship in WWE tonight?
Both of these matches plus many much more is all on the table for tonight’s edition of NXT, and we will begin coverage when NXT goes live on USA Network at 8:00 PM EST!
Opening Segment
We skip any recaps and lead right into our first match.
Candice LeRae vs. Mia Yim
Johnny Gargano is notable by his absence, so be on the lookout for Gargano to make his presence known as the match goes on.
Candice jumps Yim before the bell rings, and the referee has to separate them. Once the bell rings, Yim takes down Candice with a shoulder tackle, then tosses her across the ring. In the corner, Yim hits Candice with a boot to the face, then a snapmare and a kick to the back.
Yim keeps the pressure on as Candice tries to escape the ring. Yim grabs Candice by the hair and brings her back into the ring. Candice kicks Yim in the head, then hits a senton on the back, covering Yim for two.
Candice hits a pair of sentons on Yim and pins her again, but Yim again kicks out at two. Candice grabs Yim’s hair, but Yim runs Candice into the corner to break Candice’s hold on her. Yim follows up with a cannonball senton into the corner on Candice, covering her for two.
Yim picks up LeRae, and LeRae fights Yim into the corner with a series of strikes. Yim smacks Candice with a forearm, sending Candice out of the ring. Yim gives chase and picks up Candice in a wheelbarrow position before throwing her into the barricade. Yim and LeRae continue to fight back and forth out of the ring as the referee counts to 10.
Winner: Double Count Out
Yim gets Candice in a powerbomb position, but LeRae hits a hurricanrana onto Yim, sending her into the tron. Tegan Nox comes down to pull Candice back. Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez come to Candice’s aid, aid Shotzi Blackheart comes down to make the numbers even.
Referees come down to pull everyone apart. Referees being to separate all of the women, but Johnny Gargano comes out and encourages Candice to attack Yim. Candice continues her assault with Gargano cheering her on. Keith Lee comes down and chases Johnny and Candice up the ramp.
Before the Garganos can escape, we hear a voice over the PA that the match between Yim and LeRae will now be restarted as a mixed tag team match. Mauro tells us that match is next, right after this commercial break.
Back from commercial, Johnny and Candice try to run from the match, but Keith Lee gives chase. Lee picks up Johnny in a military press and tosses him into the ring, where Yim hits him with a huge kick. The bell rings, and Yim hits a dropkick on LeRae, sending her into the corner.
NXT North American Champion Keith Lee and Mia Yim vs. Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano
Yim hits Candice LeRae with Sole Food, pinning her for two. Johnny gets back on the apron finally and starts talking trash to Yim. Yim is distracted by Johnny, and Candice attacks Yim’s leg. Yim pushes Candice down her feet, then hits LeRae with a kick to the face in the corner.
Johnny and Yim trash talk each other, and Yim goes to make the tag to Keith Lee, but Candice blocks her by grabbing her leg. Candice hits a dragon suplex on Candice, bridging into a pin. Johnny breaks up the pin and runs to the corner, but Keith Lee tosses him around the ring. Lee tosses Gargano around the ring, hitting a splash into the corner.
Lee picks up Gargano and goes for a Spirit Bomb, but Garagno pulls car keys from his pocket and hits Keith Lee in the eyes. Yim runs to Lee to check on him and Candice rolls Yim up into a pin, getting the three count.
Winners: Johnny Garagno and Candice LeRae
Keith Lee runs at Johnny Gargano after the match, but Candice and Johnny escape the ring. Lee tries to get him, but Gargano kicks Lee’s hand into the steel steps. Gargano steals the NXT North American Championship from the ring, kisses it, and lays it at his feet. Johnny waves at Yim and Lee as he and Candice go up the ramp.
We get a video package hyping up the match between Tommaso Ciampa and Karrion Kross at NXT TakeOver: In Your House.
Backstage, Dexter Lumis is interviewed about his thoughts on the match between Velveteen Dream and Adam Cole at TakeOver: In Your House. Lumis doesn’t give a verbal answer and instead grabs a piece of paper on a corkboard and beings to draw. We cut away from that backstage segment, and we are told that a segment about NXT Champion Adam Cole and Velveteen Dream titled Prime Target is up next, after this commercial.
Back from commercial, and Drake Maverick is interviewed outside the arena, arriving to NXT tonight. Maverick is talking about how he is not feeling any pressure about his match tonight, because today is the day. He will either end up as NXT Cruiserweight Champion or he won’t. All the chips are down, and he doesn’t know what is going to happen. He closes, saying, “Tonight could be the worst night of my life or the best night of my life.”
Prime Target is next, and we are learning about the Backlot Brawl between NXT Champion Adam Cole and Velveteen Dream. Cole gets in a limousine with the rest of the Undisputed Era. They go to a fine dining restaurant to celebrate Cole’s reign as champion for over a year. Dream cuts promos directly to the camera and talks about how he will beat Cole at NXT TakeOver. We also see a recap of Cole’s meeting with William Regal last week.
Later tonight, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch will take on Undisputed Era’s Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong and a mystery tag team in a triple threat to determine the #1 Contender’s to the NXT Tag Team Champions.
Back from commercial, and Dexter Lumis has drawn himself driving a car with Undisputed Era tied up in the back. The interviewer tells him that his drawing is interesting, and he walks away.
Tony Nese vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott
Scott goes right at Nese at the start of the match, taking him down with a tackle. Scott sends Nese out of the ring and tosses him into barricades. Scott tries to toss Nese into the steel steps, but Nese fishhook’s Scott’s mouth and blocks.
Nese gets back in the ring and Scott gives chase, but Nese levels Scott with a shoulder tackle before Swerve can properly get to his feet. Nese continues to put the pressure on, stomping and kicking away at Scott. Nese tosses Scott hard into a corner, and Scott falls while Nese taunts him. Nese covers him for two.
Nese immediately locks in the body scissors on Scott, and Scott tires to fight back, but Nese and Scott trade chops until Scott gets leverage and mounts Nese. Nese transitions the mount into a guillotine hold on Scott. Scott gets to his feet and hits a brainbuster on Nese.
Scott lays into Nese with kicks, but Nese hits a drop toehold on Scott. Scott dips Nese out of the ring and hits him with a big boot to the chest from the apron. Scott picks up Nese and tosses him hard into the steel steps. Scott then picks up Nese and rolls him back into the ring.
Nese hits Scott in the throat, but Scott is able to keep Nese at bay with a series of kicks. Scott gets to the middle rope and gets ready to hit a move, but Jack Gallagher comes down the ramp and distracts Scott. Nese uses the distraction and tries to hit the Sunset Driver on Scott, but Scott blocks and rolls Nese up for three.
Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott
Jack Gallagher and Tony Nese taunt Isaiah “Swerve” Scott as he retreats up the ramp.
Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch and the Undisputed Era are shown backstage getting ready for their match up later tonight, and we go to commercial.
Back from commercial, and we head into the triple threat tag team match.
Undisputed Era (Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish) vs. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs. Breezango
Bobby Fish, Tyler Breeze, and Danny Burch start the match for their teams. Bobby Fish tries to take control early, but Breeze and Burch team up to take him down, with Breeze hitting a spinebuster and Burch hitting a headbutt. Burch and Breeze cannot agree on who to pin Fish.
Strong runs in the ring, but Breeze and Burch send him out of the ring with a huge powebomb and clothesline from Breeze and Burch respectively. Fish tries to roll up Burch, but Burch kicks out. Breeze tries to roll up Fish, but Fish kicks out and escapes the ring. Lorcan and Fandango get in the ring and Breezango stare off against the Brit-Am Brawlers as Undisputed Era look on from outside the ring and we go to commercial.
Back from commercial and Breeze and Burch are still teaming up to take down Strong, but when Breeze hits Strong with a superkick, Burch nails Breeze with a dropkick. Strong pushes Breeze into Danny Burch, sending Burch out of the ring, Fish tags in and kicks away at Breeze while also keeping Danny Burch out of the ring.
Fish tags Strong back in and Strong chops away at Breeze. Strong taunts Fandango, but the referee stops him from getting involved. Strong locks a chinlock in on Tyler Breeze, but Danny Burch gets back in the ring and breaks the hold. Burch is able to fight off Strong and Fish momentarily, and Fandango tags in. Dango hits powerslams on Fish and Strong.
Dango follows it up with a tornado DDT on Strong, covering him for two. Oney Lorcan tags in and takes on Dango, then Fish and Strong with a double blockbuster. Oney Lorcan launches Fandango over the top rope into the Undipusted Era.
Fish and Strong are in the ring with Tyler Breeze, but Dexer Lumis appears in the audience and scares Undisputed Era. Breeze hits the Beauty Shot on Fish. Fandango tags in and hits a Last Dance on Fish, covering him for three.
Winners: Fandango
Fandango celebrate in the ring, but Imperium come out and stare at them on the ramp. Malcolm Bivens and Indus Sher also come out and stare at Imperium. Imperium stare down both Fandango and Indus Sher.
Drake Maverick is shown backstage getting ready for his match with El Hijo del Fantasma, and we go to commercial.
Back from commercial, and we get a recap of last week’s women’s tag team match. We see an interview from last week with Robert Stone and Chelsea Green. Stone talks about how The Robert Stone Brand came through. Chelsea Green talks about how she is hotter than ever and fires Robert Stone. Stone chases after her, asking if she was serious.
Aliyah vs. Santana Garrett
Aliyah hits a spinning neckbreaker on Santana, and immediately covers her for two. Robert Stone comes out and cheers on Aliyah. Aliyah stays on the offense and hits Garrett with a knee to the face in the corner, then covers her for two again.
Aliyah gets a hold locked in on Garrett, but Garrett gets to her feet and pushes Aliyah into the corner. Aliyah slaps Santana and gets to the top rope, but Santana hits a slap of her own, then hits Aliyah with a hurricanrana and a handspring moonsault, covering Aliyah for three.
Winner: Santana Garrett
Backstage, El Hijo del Fantasma is shown getting ready for his match with Drake Maverick, but when we get back from commercial, we will get a Prime Target Segment about the triple threat match between Charlotte, Rhea Ripley, and Io Shirai for Charlotte’s NXT Women’s Championship.
Back from commercial, and Tom Phillips tells us about the NXT Women’s Championship match at NXT TakeOver: In Your House, which leads us directly into the Prime Target segment about Shirai, Flair, and Ripley. Io speaks broadly about her desire to be alone and be the best. Ripley talks about how 2019 was the best year for her, and 2020 hasn’t been good, but she wants to make it better. Charlotte talks about how NXT was her home and she wants to show that she is still “The Queen.” After Prime Target, we go to commercial break.
Back from commercial, and we head into the next match.
Cameron Grimes vs. Bronson Reed
Reed and Grimes stare down each other in the ring. Reed chases Grimes around the ring, but Grimes tries to out-speed him. Grimes tries to hit a takedown, but Reed picks him up and goes for a Canadian backbreaker. Grimes escapes the hold and chops at Reed, but Reed isn’t phased.
Reed manhandles Grimes, dropping him with a military press and a senton. Reed tries to drag Grimes away from the ropes, but Grimes kicks at Reed. Grimes hits Reed with a leaping forearm, but Reed hits Grimes with a standing Thesz Press, then a running hip attack in the corner.
Reed rolls Grimes back into the ring and goes to the top rope. Reed goes for a splash on Grimes, but Grimes rolls out of the way, and hits the Cave In on Reed, covering him for three.
Winner: Cameron Grimes
Grimes stands in the ring and celebrates, but leaves the ring when he realizes that Karrion Kross has come down to the ring. Kross hits Reed with a Doomsday Saito, then stares into the camera and says, “Ciampa, this Sunday is special. Tick. Tock.” Then, we go to commercial.
Back from commercial, and Beth Phoenix tells us about a 6-Woman Tag Team Match that has been added to the card, with the team of Tegan Nox, Shotzi Blackheart, and Mia Yim taking on the team of Dakota Kai, Raquel Gonzalez, and Candice LeRae.

El Hijo del Fantasma vs. Drake Maverick for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship
Maverick and Fantasma start of the match with a handshake. Fantasma tried to use the handshake to get a quick roll-up on Maverick, but Maverick kicked out at two. Fantasma takes down Maverick, but Maverick reverses and goes for a kimura lock. Fantasma reverses into a pinfall attempt for two.
Maverick and Fantasma lock up, and Fantasma gets in an armbar. Maverick gets to his feet, but Fantasma hits a monkey flip on Maverick. Fantasma rolls up Maverick for two.
Fantasma and Maverick lock up again, Fantasma whips Maverick around the ring. Maverick hits a flying headscissors on Fantasma, sending Fantasma out of the ring. Maverick gives chase and hits a cannonball senton on Fantasma from the apron to the outside as we go to commercial.
Back from commercial and Maverick hits a dropkick from the middle rope on Fantasma. Fantasma escapes the ring and Maverick gives chase again. Fantasma hits a sit-out powerbomb on Maverick on the outside. Maverick is screaming in pain as Fantasma covers him for a very close two count.
Fantasma hits a Maverick in the back and Maverick lets out another scream. Fantasma seems to punch Maverick in the kidney area of his back, then locks in a surfboard lock. Maverick’s shoulders get to the rope, but he is at the ropes, forcing a break.
Fantasma drags Maverick into the center of the ring. Fantasma hits a back drop driver on Maverick and pins him for two. Fantasma stalks Maverick and goes for anotehr back drop driver, but Maverick escapes and hits a dropkick on Fantasma into the corner. Maverick goes to the second rope and tries to hit a dropkick to the legs of Fantasma, but Fantasma catches him and reverses into a Boston crab.
Maverick makes it to the bottom rope and forces a break. Fantasma looks surprised that Maverick has not given up. He hits another sit-out powerbomb on Maverick, pinning him again for two. Fantasma waits for Drake to get to his feet. Maverick slaps Fantasma and Fantasma lays into Maverick’s back with forearm smashes.
Fantasma whips Maverick into the corner but Maverick bounces back with a clothesline to Fantasma. Maverick fights back with a series of strikes into Fantasma in the corner. Maverick hits a wheelbarrow into a bulldog on Fantasma, then goes to the top rope. Maverick hits a diving elbow drop from the top rope and covers Fantasma, but Fantasma easily kicks out at one.
Fantasma hits Maverick with a jawbreaker and a spinebuster on Maverick. Fantasma goes to the top rope, but Maverick runs to the turnbuckle and knocks Fantasma off of the turnbuckle. Maverick chases Fantasma to the middle rope. Maverick and Fantasma hit each other with headbutts, with Maverick landing in the ring and Fantasma landing outside.
The masked men come down the ramp, but Maverick hits a suicide dive to the outside, taking out the two masked men who tried to kidnap Fantasma before. Maverick fights off both men and goes to get back in the ring, but Fantasma catches Maverick with a superkick and a Phantom Driver as soon as he gets back to the ring. Fantasma pins Maverick for three.
Winner: El Hijo del Fantasma
Fantasma celebrates on the ramp, but Maverick is sitting heartbroken in the ring. The crowd cheer for Maverick and bang on the plexiglass to show their support for Maverick. He stares into the camera and says, “Thank you for all of your support.” The crowd chants, “Thank you Drake.”
Maverick exits the ring and starts to walk to the back. The crowd cheer him on as he walks to the back. He looks back on all of them and thanks everyone while fighting back tears. Triple H comes out with a clipboard in hand. He shakes Maverick’s hand and hands him the clipboard, which is presumably a contract.
Maverick takes the contract and signs at the bottom. Triple H signs, making it official, hands it to Maverick, and they share a hug. Maverick holds up his contract in celebration as NXT goes off the air.

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