WWE Hall of Fame 2020 Likely to Happen at Summer Slam

WWE Hall of Fame 2020 didn’t happen this year at WrestleMania because of pandemic. WWE already prepared the full list of inductees and they are looking for the new date for the event.
The Bella Twins, JBL, “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith, Justin “Thunder” Liger, and the nWo was set to receive Hall Of Fame rings. 
Wrestling News reports that when asked about rescheduling the WWE Hall Of Fame to SummerSlam, the answer they received was it’s “very possible”.
I asked around about the Hall Of Fame and was told that the date is still to be determined but it is still “very possible” that the Hall Of Fame ceremony will take place during SummerSlam weekend.
Bella Twins may not available for the Summer Slam because they were pregnant and staying safe at home. WWE may mail the Hall of Rings to anyone who may not available for the Event.

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