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This will be the first SmackDown since Vince McMahon put both shows under the executive director power of Bruce Prichard. Let’s see what they do.
Matt Riddle is reportedly set to debut tonight and there’s a big rumor about WWE’s plans for him. Click here if you want that spoiler. It’s interesting that Riddle’s debut is coming on the same night that sexual abuse allegations dropped about him. SmackDown was taped on Monday prior to today’s news.
Totally unrelated to Matt Riddle, AJ Styles will have an IC Title Presentation tonight. Okay, it could have a lot to do with Matt Riddle.
Miz TV will have Mandy Rose on as a guest this week. She will talk about her imploding friendship with Sonya Deville.
Bray Wyatt will also have a Firefly Fun House segment to celebrate his SmackDown return. If you want to know WWE’s plans for Wyatt click here for Ringside News’ exclusive report.
IC Title Presentation
Renee Young introduced AJ Styles. The ring was set up with a with the roster around the ring like a lumberjack match.
AJ Styles reminded us that SmackDown is the house that AJ Styles built. That is why he invited all the Superstars to the ring. He said that was as close as they’ll get to the IC Title.
Styles said that winners find a way to win and the cream always rises to the top. Then he took a shot at “hand-outs” because it doesn’t work that way. He said that everyone came to see him get his title. Then he stopped her and said there’s another person who’s qualified for the job… Daniel Bryan.
He said nobody is more qualified to give him the title than Bryan. After some coaxing, Bryan reluctantly got in the ring. AJ Styles wanted Bryan to put the title around his waist.
Bryan didn’t want to put the title on AJ Styles, but AJ really wanted him to. “Just be a man about it, you are a man, right? Well, prove it.” Then AJ told Bryan he doesn’t have to do it.
Finally, Bryan put on the IC Title and he went to leave the ring. AJ chastised him for not telling him congratulations “like a man.” Then Bryan took a microphone and congratulated him. Bryan said he respects AJ’s ability in the ring and he thinks AJ will be a great IC Champion, even the greatest in WWE History if he shows up, pushes himself, and defends the IC Title.
AJ Styles said if someone wants to face him for the IC Title they will have to become a #1 contender. If they want to run their mouth then they will have to answer the consequences.
Enter Matt Riddle…
AJ cut off Riddle because he knows who he is. He took a shot about him not wearing shoes. “It’s all good I never wear shoes,” Riddle said to explain his character. Then he said he’s here to give AJ some information. Riddle is the “Bro that’s gonna run the show.”
“Bro” chants broke out. Then AJ Styles started punching him. Riddle answered back with a kick that sent Styles out of the ring. He wasn’t happy. Then AJ Styles called for a referee to come out and start a match.
AJ Styles vs Matt Riddle
This is a non-title match which AJ made clear on the microphone.
Riddle started it out with three nice throws. Then Riddle kicked AJ for a two count followed by a senton. It was all Riddle out of the gate, but then Styles fought back.
It didn’t take long for Riddle to return fire with strikes that took AJ to the corner. Then Styles nailed a dropkick.
Riddle continued to lay in kicks, but AJ clotheslined him over the ropes and to the apron. Riddle fought back and AJ shoved Riddle into King Corbin. Then Corbin and Riddle had heated words.
The Superstars around the ring pounded on the apron as the action continued when we came back from commercial.
AJ Styles nailed a backbreaker and some kicks, but Riddle no-sold them. Then Styles hit a snap suplex and a punch as Riddle continued to fight back.
Riddle nailed a few kicks and Styles hit a dragon screw to take out Riddle’s legs. Styles continued to work on Styles’ leg as the Original Bro sold for him.
Riddle nailed a knee and a punch, AJ punched him back, and then Riddle nailed a fisherman’s suplex on one good leg. Riddle nailed two running forearms in the corner and a suplex before hitting a senton for a two count.
Then Riddle locked on the Bromission, but AJ got out by pinning Riddle’s shoulders which made him let go. This was followed by Styles locking on a Calf Crusher before Riddle got to the bottom rope.
Styles went outside for a moment, then he came in as Riddle nailed his Bro Derek finisher and won. The Superstars rushed the ring to celebrate with him.
Winner: Matt Riddle
Jeff Hardy did a backstage sit-down interview with Renee Young. He talked about his addiction yet again. He admitted to being an adrenaline junkie. He said Sheamus has a problem with himself because he’s a miserable insecure bully. He said that Sheamus is just another sickening obstacle on his way on the road to redemption.
Shorty G cut a backstage interview. Mojo Rawley walked up behind him and G punched him.
Shorty G vs Mojo Rawley
G got off to a good start, but Mojo eventually slowed him down with a sleeper before G got loose. Then Mojo went outside, but returned to nail a splash in the corner.
Suddenly, Shorty G won with a roll-up pinfall.
Winner: Shorty G

Miz TV
They addressed Backlash and blamed WWE for changing the rules of their handicap match before it started. They dissed Otis a bit and then introduced Mandy Rose.
Mandy came out in leather and not her country look that she’s been sporting with Otis recently. Miz brought up her ex best friend Sonya Deville. They were friends for 5 years. Then Miz and Morrison joked around with her.
They said that they have a surprise for her and then Deville came out in a black suit looking like Daddy Deville.
Mandy said she’s done with Sonya, but Deville said she can’t be done. She called Mandy out for essentially wasting all of her opportunities. Deville was fire in this promo. She said the only thing Mandy did was make out with Otis poolside.
Rose said that Otis has been there for her, loyal since day one. Then she asked Deville “what is it that you have except for being a fighter?”
Sonya said she’s trying to figure out what she has to do to get the “Mandy Rose Treatment.” She said that Mandy Rose’s looks got her ahead when Deville is “better in almost every way.” She then promised to rip her apart until her outside is as ugly as her insides.
They started to brawl as Mike and Morrison stepped back. This was intense and then Miz finally stopped Rose as Sonya powdered out. Mandy then slapped the Miz.

The New Day vs Lucha House Party
Sasha Banks and Bayley sat on commentary during this match.
Big E did a belly to belly and Bayley called him out for stealing her finisher. This match was evenly matched as they went to commercial.
This non-title match continued as Big E caught Lince Dorado, but he got free. Then Big E knocked him down and hit a splash for a two count.
Dorado hit a springboard stunner on Big E and made the tag. Kofi then came in and lit up Gran Metalik with kicks and a dropkick. Then shot Metalik to the ropes and then he danced up the ropes and jumped off right into a dropkick from Kofi so a two count.
Metalik got Kofi in a fireman’s carry and put him down. This was followed by a top rope splash from Dorado for a two count. E knocked Dorado off the top rope. Then Kofi nailed a stomp on Lince. E took the tag and then New Day picked up the win.
Winners: New Day
Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro jumped in the ring and took New Day out.
They showed Dana Brooke, Tamina, Alexa Bliss, Naomi, and Lacey Evans backstage. They were discussing who gets to face Bayley next.
Sheamus cut a backstage promo with Kayla Braxton. She asked him about what Jeff Hardy had to say about him. He admitted to being a bully and he really enjoyed crushing him.
Bayley and Banks were still at ringside. Suddenly, Nikki Cross attacked them and she tore both of them apart. Bliss ran down and had to pull Cross off of her. Cross demanded a singles match against Banks. She didn’t want to, but Bayley accepted the match for her.
Nikki Cross vs Sasha Banks
Banks didn’t want this match, but it was forced upon her. Cross was hot and took the fight to Banks early on. Banks went for a baseball slide on the outside, but Cross put the apron over to trap her and pummel her. Banks tried to get out of the ring on the other side, but Cross nailed a suicide dive.
Banks hit a backstabber and got a two count. Then Banks got Cross in a submission for a bit until Nikki created separation.
Cross nailed a headbutt and climbed up top. Banks nailed her, but Cross fired back by bouncing Banks’ head off the turnbuckle multiple times. Then Cross hit a tornado DDT from the top rope.
They continued and Banks nailed a kick to the head and into a Bank Statement. Cross rolled Banks up for a two count. Then they traded roll up pin two counts. Suddenly, Banks nailed her double knees and got a pin.
Winner: Sasha Banks

Bray Wyatt Firefly Fun House
Bray said he joined a book club, learned all the latest TikTok moves, and he learned how to knit. He also infiltrated a reptilian stronghold. Then Ramblin Rabbit showed up and mentioned that Bray has actually been feeling sorry for himself after losing to Strowman.
Wyatt realized that he went about Strowman the wrong way. He said that Braun is someone he’s known for a long time. Then Strowman came out into the live arena and Bray interacted with him via the video screen.
Strowman said that Wyatt needs to stop because he failed. He said their story is over and Wyatt started laughing. Then he said “our chapter may be over.” Then he said their story is just getting started.
Suddenly, Wyatt appeared as The Eater Of Worlds. He said that he created Braun so it is his duty to destroy him. Then he said that he needs to Follow The Buzzards.

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