Summer Slam Opponent for Drew McIntyre

This week on Raw, WWE revealed the Drew McIntyre next opponent at WWE Extreme Rules. He going to face the Dolph Ziggler who recently traded from Smackdown to Raw in place of AJ Styles. WWE also revealed that his Tag Partner Robert Roode also traded to Raw.
What’s next for Drew McIntyre if he past the challenge of Dolph Ziggler at Extreme Rules?
During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed RAW’s current championship status. It seems that Randy Orton is on top of the card and it’s only a matter of time before he wants a title to show for it.
“They’re setting people up for Randy because the big destination is Drew McIntyre and Randy I think at SummerSlam.”
It is not confirmed yet but WWE is building both Superstars and given the worth opponent who gonna elevate them at Extreme Rules.
Randy Orton going to wrestle the Big Show at WWE Extreme Rules. It is question that wheather Orton will capture the WWE Title or not. Edge promo recently revealed that Orton and Edge rivalry will be back after his return to WWE. So can we see the WWE Title fued between Edge and Randy Orton.
It going to be a great match if WWE planned the Match between Yhe Viper Randy Orton and King of Claymore Drew McIntyre at Summer Slam.

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