Rey Mysterio addresses retirement and injury status on RAW, Dominick sends a message to Seth Rollins

Rey Mysterio addressed about his WWE Retirement and his future in WWE. Samoa Joe started by asking Rey Mysterio about his injury and whether he will return to the WWE ring.
Rey Mysterio answered that he is not sure about his WWE in ring return after the eye injury caused by the Seth Rollins. He said that the injury was the serious one and he didn’t plan about the WWE return. He also said that the he also that about the Retirement in past few times. Mysterio spoke about the ‘retirement ceremony’ that Seth Rollins hosted earlier on in the night. 
Rey Mysterio’s son Dominick came into the frame and he didn’t seem happy about what the Seth Rollins did to his father. Rey Mysterio calmed his son before sending a message to Seth Rollins.
Mysterio detailed the pain and suffering that Rollins had put his family through. Mysterio damned Rollins and said that he would never forgive him.
They saw the man that protects and provides for them to suffer, and you go around saying that I cried like a baby. When the cold metal met my flesh, Seth, I truly am a man of forgiveness, I really am, but Seth, I will never forgive you for what you’ve done for me and what you’ve put my family through. 
Rey Mysterio left, but Dominick stayed, and he stared into the camera before saying “Rollins is a man of scripture so… an eye for an eye”. It seems like Dominick is going after Rollins! 

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