Reason why Matt Riddle main roster call up delayed

WWE have moved the Matt Riddle from NXT to Smackdown but his official in-ring debut is still not yet confirmed. Last week WWE officially confirmed that he have been traded to Smackdown.

Fightful reports that Vince McMahon decided to call up Matt Riddle after a meeting, but the novel coronavirus held things up. Riddle was 1/2 of the NXT Tag Team Champions and Pete Dunne couldn’t make the shows due to a travel ban.

WWE first thought to wait for the Pete Dunne to return and see how far the things going to work for the Matt Riddle but they dropped the plans and made him to Tag with Timothy Thatcher. Later Timothy Thatcher turned on Matt Riddle and they dropped the NXT Tag Titles.

This led to Matt Riddle finally arriving on the WWE main roster.

We’ll have to see how Matt Riddle does on SmackDown. The company apparently has big plans for the King Of Bros.

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