Jinder Mahal out of action due to Knee Surgery

Jinder Mahal is out of action once again after needing surgery on his knee. He just returned to WWE after the injury but this was unfortunate as WWE planned more for Jinder Mahal.
The Modern Day Maharaja posted a picture of himself with bandages on his knee. He had a smile on his face, but another career hurdle to report. He’s out of action once again.
Unfortunately I had to go under the knife again to fix some knee issues. The journey has hit a speed bump, but I will be back stronger than ever.
Jinder Mahal just returned to WWE and put his eyes on WWE title. Drew McIntyre is the current WWE champion and former member of 3MB with the Jinder Mahal. After Mahal Return to WWE he set to challenge the Drew McIntyre and it gonna be a Big Dream Match.
But due to his knee surgery he have to wait more longer to make back to WWE and continue his journey for the WWE Title.

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