Edge about his Creative Freedom in WWE

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Edge has been out of action in WWE due to Torn Triceps after the Greatest Wrestling Match with Randy Orton. Recently in an interview he spoke about his Creative Freedom in WWE.
While speaking to Busted Open Radio, Edge opened up that what he wants to do in the WWE during his second run. He wants to play director role to craft longer storylines with more emotional connection.
The Rated R Superstar continued discussing how much freedom he has this time around. There are lines that he can’t cross, but overall he has almost ” full carte blanche” to craft his angles.
“I have been given almost full carte blanche. There’s a couple things that I tried to go against, but I realise that the lines were drawn, and that wasn’t going to get changed. So that was fine, but the promos, I’m writing them. The storyline arc, I put it together.”

“You have to sometimes make chicken salad because tore my triceps. So, what do we do here? How do we how do we navigate this? It’s all a work in progress really, but I’ve been given so much freedom, and that has been so much fun.”
Edge and Randy Orton aren’t done with each other. WWE want to run with them until his contract ends. They might also includes the reunion of Rated RKO in their storyline.

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