Big spoiler on the WWE Title change at Backlash

WWE Backlash is next PPV WWE was hosting next, which will takes place on June 14th. They have planned rematches and fresh matches for PPV. They have still booked four matches and planning for some more. Check the full card here.
One of the most intense match is Drew McIntyre going to defend this WWE Championship aganist Bobby Lashley. Everyone in WWE universe are interested see the collision of these strong competitors.
According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the reason MVP was placed with The All Mighty was so he could manage a World Champion as his mouthpiece.
It was noted that “Heyman wanted [MVP] as Lashley’s mouthpiece for a title run.” This could point toward McIntyre dropping the title at Backlash, but it definitely gives the idea that a World Title run is eventually in store for Lashley.
One of MVP’s main talking points during this feud is how long Bobby Lashley has worked and waited to become WWE World Champion. That day might be coming sooner than later.

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