Adam Cole could be called to WWE Main Roster soon

Adam Cole’s WWE contract is going to end soon and his girlfriend Britt Baker recently given a statement that she hopes to see the Adam Cole wrestle with The Young Bucks. But that could only happen if he signs with AEW.
Ringside News reported that Adam Cole might leave WWE when his contract is up. This could lead WWE to call him up to the main roster.
During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez noted that he has reason to believe that Adam Cole will be on the main roster very soon.
“I would suspect sometime in the next 6 months he will be called to the main roster.”
It was previously reported that Matt Riddle’s main roster call-up could be due to money. He could have made far more outside of NXT. Now a WWE main roster contract will not only pay him more, but likely keep him around longer as well. Let’s see if that is the circumstance with Adam Cole.

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