5 Matches WWE Teased For Extreme Rules PPV

WWE Extreme Rules PPV is less than a month away and WWE already started to pack the Match card. WWE hinted the some interesting Matches that gonna take place at Extreme Rules from last couple of weeks. They are building the fueds in a lot of interesting way and fans gonna like the way WWE booking the match card.
Let’s the 5 Matches WWE already teased from last couple of weeks.
5. Street Profits vs Andrade and Angel Garza

This week on Raw we have seen the Street Profits defended their Raw Tag Titles aganist Viking Raiders. Street Profits won the match and retain the Championships. But the Andrade and Garza ambushed the champs and got them shaken.
WWE had built the Zelina Vega faction in the strong way. Andrade lost his United States title to Apollo Crews and there is lot of miscommunication between Graza and Andrade but Zelina Vega worked very hard to keep them together. Now they set there eyes on Tag Team titles.
Street Profits are more fun to watch but they gonna in serious way and have the correct fued. So we can see the some interesting Matches and fun segments between these two Tag Teams.

4. Aj Styles vs Matt Riddle

Aj Styles won the Intercontinental Championship by defeating Daniel Bryan in IC Title Tournament. Last week on Smackdown we have seen the Aj Styles celebrations but it last no longer.
Matt Riddle made his debut and interrupted the Aj Styles celebrations and challenged the Aj Styles for non title match. Surprisingly Matt Riddle defeated Aj Styles and show the fans how could be the bro run the show. 
So, WWE started their fued to build the NXT Superstar after his debut to Smackdown. They gonna put the Title on line at Extreme Rules but Matt Riddle may lost the match but they may continue these storyline further more for interesting matches.

3. Randy Orton vs Big Show

WWE building the Randy Orton to justify his name as the Legend Killer. His fued between Edge was started before WRESTLEMANIA and still going on. He defeated the Edge in Greatest Wrestling Match Ever at BackLash and later that night he also defeated Christian with help of Ric Flair and justified as Legend Killer.
This week on Raw WWE added another Legend on his by involving in the storyline of Edge. He is none other than Big Show who was sick by Orton actions against Christian last week. He came out and showed his frustrations aganist Randy Orton that can lead to match between both at Extreme Rules.
The storyline between Randy Orton and Big Show may not be the intersting but WWE wants to show the Randy Orton as the top heel of the company and how brutal he was. So that they may set the Big Title Match for Randy Orton at Summer Slam.

2. Apollo Crews vs Bobby Lashley

Apollo Crews won the United States Title defeating the Andrade few weeks back. This was the greatest accomplishment in his career. But as the fighting champion he has overcome every opponent he gonna face.
This week on Raw we have seen the MVP had offered the Crew to join his faction but Apollo turn down the offer. After that Bobby Lashley came in and attacked the Crew from back. These is pretty much sure that a match gonna happen between these two Superstars at Extreme Rules.
After the Bobby Lashley lose to Drew McIntyre for WWE title with interference of Lana, he was in the angry mood and WWE also teased the Breakup of Lana and Bobby Lashley. MVP is now on top by managing the Lashley in the great way and he wants to put the title on Bobby.
The Match between the Lashley and Crews going to be a great way of elevating the both Superstars and may run these fued for more longer. Crews need the established heels to prove himself as the great champ. So the match between the MVP client and Crew going to be the best case scenario in WWE right now.

1. Braun Strowman vs Bray Wyatt

Everyone in the WWE Universe have questions what next after the Bray Wyatt loss to Braun Strowman at Money in the Bank. Bray Wyatt was off to TV for 3 weeks after his loss to Braun Strowman. At last he returned to television last week.
Last week Smackdown Bray Wyatt returned with New episode of FireFly Fun House. Braun Strowman interrupted the show and said he wasn’t going to play games anymore. Bray Wyatt later revealed that he revived the his former cult leader Bray Wyatt and he gonna coming for what he have created.
So it was clear that WWE isn’t done with these two Superstars yet. They definitely going for the long run between these two Superstars. But they gonna have the match at Extreme Rules with the Cult leader Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman.

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