Now to take a sharp right turn, wrestling goes on and tonight’s WWE RAW will see Edge respond to Randy Orton’s challenge. Last week Orton asked Edge to face him in a one-on-one wrestling match at Backlash and Edge didn’t say anything. The Rated-R Superstar was racked with self-doubt but he promises an answer tonight.
Elsewhere tonight, Drew McIntyre will face King Corbin in a cross-brand match, The IIconics get a Tag Title shot against Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, and the Street Profits will try to beat The Viking Raiders in an axe-throwing contest.
And that’s all we know of for this week’s RAW. The show begins at 8 PM EST and we’ll see you here for live results. Enjoy the show!
This week’s RAW opens with a look back at Becky Lynch’s pregnancy announcement, and Asuka’s subsequent crowning as RAW Women’s Champion.
Charly Caruso is in the ring and she introduces Randy Orton. Charly asks Randy to explain the challenge and he asks if the term “straight-up wrestling match” is so hard to understand. He says wrestling forms the basis of everything WWE is. You wrestle all year round to try and get on WrestleMania and, at this year’s show, he’s man enough to admit that Edge was better. But he knows deep down that he is the better wrestler, and he doesn’t need chairs or ladders to prove it.
Orton says any athlete can wrestle but very few can do what he does. Including Edge. And then Orton looks into the camera and addresses Edge. He says he knows why Edge didn’t accept the challenge, it was written all over his face: doubt. All that grit and passion is gone and has been replaced by doubt and fear.
Edge comes to the ring. The Rated-R Superstar says that Randy spoke a lot of truths last week and made him think. He knows Orton is playing chess and it’s just a game, a paycheque to him. Orton smiles and Edge says he gets it, Randy is the most talented man he’s ever seen in a wrestling ring. But this isn’t the life Randy wanted, this is a back-up plan.
And yes, Orton’s different than all the rest, because he doesn’t care. He didn’t go to bed at night dreaming of being a WWE Champion like he did. Orton didn’t save all his allowance to get to go to a show at the end of the month like he did. Orton didn’t cry when he won the Intercontinental Championship like he did, because it meant he was becoming one of the best workhorses the company has ever seen.
Edge says Orton’s never had to fight, never had to battle for nine years to get back to what he loves. And he wouldn’t. Orton tells him to shut-up and make a decision. Edge shouts that he accepts, then Orton smiles and leaves the ring slowly.
A replay is shown of last week when Seth Rollins jammed Rey Mysterio’s eye into the steel steps. We see Murphy and Rollins backstage, and Seth says he’s had a revelation and he wants to tell the world.
*Commercial Break*
The Monday Night Messiah makes his way to the ring alongside his disciple. Rollins says that, sometimes in life, you have to lose who you are to find yourself. When he lost to Drew McIntyre at Money In The Bank, part of himself felt he’d lost everything. And he fell into dark despair. But without darkness there can be no light and he has seen it. And that is all thanks to one man: Rey Mysterio.
Rollins says that what happened to Rey has been described as heinous and disgusting, but he sees it as unfortunate but necessary. A sacrifice for the greater good. It was the moment he needed to become the leader he was meant to be. Rollins says that Rey is at home, healing, and he knows he can’t see it right now, but soon enough he will understand that what happened was a blessing in disguise. So he’ll say it so that Rey doesn’t have to: you’re welcome.
Humberto Carrillo comes out and says nobody believes Seth. He says Rey is a hero to millions, and his personal idol. All that Seth is, is a coward. Humberto slides into the ring and Murphy stands between him and Seth. Rollins says that he appreciates what Humberto is doing but he’s clearly not ready for a fight. But his disciple has a match later tonight with Aleister Black and he’s ready, so if it’s a fight he wants he can have it.
*Commercial Break*
We’re back live and this match is underway, with both men jumping over and under each other. Humberto hits a springboard arm-drag, ducks Murphy, and gets thrown to the apron when he hits an enziguiri. Carrillo goes up top but Murphy trips him and he lands hard on the mat. Murphy kicks him in the back twice for a one count.
Humberto fights out of a rear chinlock with a jawbreaker. Murphy lands a flurry of kicks but Humberto follows-up with an enziguiri that knocks him to the outside. Humberto hits a twisting plancha to the floor, right beside Rollins. Seth distracts Humberto for a moment, then Carrillo springboards into a knee from Murphy. Murphy’s Law wins the match.
Murphy continues the attack after the match following some instruction by Rollins. Aleister Black runs down and attacks Murphy. He fights him into the ring and swings for Black Mass but Murphy dodges it and flees with Rollins.
King Corbin is backstage, complaining that he doesn’t have his own locker room. He then berates another referee, saying he shouldn’t have to get his own food, nobody’s bowing down, and his crown had some fingerprints on it that nobody cleaned. What’s going on over on RAW? Does no-one respect the King? He then starts telling the referee how he should officiate the match tonight with Drew McIntyre.
*Commercial Break*
Liv Morgan cuts a promo sitting down and says something you might not know about her is that her mom is her hero. She never had much money but she had determination and she did not quit. Two weeks ago she had a match against Charlotte Flair and she lost. But she learned that she is just like her mother; determine. And she will one day be the Women’s Champion.
NXT Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair comes to the ring. She says she doesn’t want to bore everyone and tell us that she is the hardest-working women in WWE, a role model, a mentor in NXT, etc. However she’s excited to teach Bayley and her lackey that there is even levels to being a Champion. Charlotte then asks Ruby Riott to come out because she knows she has something she wants to say. However Riott comes out and stares at Charlotte and we’re told they’ll be facing off after the break.
*Commercial Break*
The match is underway and Flair is chopping Riot down hard, then tosses her to the outside. Flair continues chopping Ruby on the outside but Riott ducks one and Charlotte hits the ring post. Ruby then twists Charlotte’s arm and punches her a few times, but Flair pulls her arm and slams her into the post.
Back in the ring, Flair trash talks Liv Morgan to the camera while she stomps Ruby. Riott counters Flair and slams her head into the buckles, then hits a back senton for a two-count. Ruby stomps the hand of Flair, followed by a big reverse STO. Ruby looks for a crucifix and bends the fingers but Flair stands with Ruby on her back.
Ruby slides own for a sunset flip but Flair fights it and stomps Ruby repeatedly. Riott hits a roll-up for two, then attempts the Riot Kick but Flair catches it and slams her. Charlotte applies the Figure Eight and Riott taps.
Bobby Lashley is about to be interviewed backstage when MVP walks up. MVP says to Charly that he and Bobby won’t be doing any work together because Lashley is too focused on clowns and his wife. Lashley gets mad but MVP tells him to calm down and says he doesn’t want to feel that full nelson. But what would happen if he applied that hold to a WWE Champion, instead of a clown like R-Truth? He says he doesn’t want any trouble, he just wants to know when Lashley is going to free Lashley.
*Commercial Break*
We see a replay of last week when the Street Profits and The Viking Raiders faced-off in a basketball game. The Street Profits then are seen walking through the woods, confident about axe-throwing. That is, until the arrive at the site where Erik and Ivar are in a viking camp with tents, fires, and chanting. The Raiders welcome them and say they have provided the smoke. Dawkins starts to say they don’t mean actual smoke but Ford stops him and says that you have to accept anything an axe-wielding viking offers you. Ivar then shows them how to throw an axe and he hits the bullseye. Ford is ready to just leave but Dawkins says they can do it.
Back in the arena, there are balloons and a red carpet in the ring. Kairi Sane is there and she speaks Japanese, welcoming Asuka to the ring. The RAW Women’s Champion can’t believe the scene Kairi has crafted and talks a lot of Japanese. She says she is so happy for Becky Lynch, and can’t believe she is Champion. Kairi then says tonight is all about Asuka because she has been NXT Women’s Champion, SmackDown Women’s Champion, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion, and now RAW Women’s Champion. A grand slam!
Kairi starts playing a flute but Nia Jax interrupts and she looks angry. Jax says there is nothing to celebrate because Asuka was literally handed the title. Becky is on maternity leave and Asuka lucked her way into a temp job. But it won’t be long until she loses that title. There is only one outcome when they get in the ring, and when she wins there will be a real party. Asuka then clobbers Nia with repeated forearms and a hip attack that knocks her from the ring. Asuka trash talks in Japanese as Nia retreats.
Backstage, Charly interviews King Corbin. She asks if he’s having any doubts considering how successful Drew has been. Corbin says he chose this match. He knows Drew, he carried him for over a year. But he knows McIntyre is dangerous, he beat Brock Lesnar after all. But he’s prone to mistakes, so he will beat him tonight and the next time they’re in the ring will be WrestleMania, where he will be the new WWE Champion. McIntyre was shown watching the promo.
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Later tonight we will get the return of the Kevin Owens Show with Zelina Vega and her clientelle.
R-Truth is in the ring. He says that his cousin Pretty Ricky told him Bobby Lashley has been a bad man lately, then shows footage of Lashley attacking him. Truth says he doesn’t want Lashley to put him in Nelson from The Simpsons ever again. But his childhood hero John Cena wouldn’t give up in the face of adversity, and neither will he. Truth then reminds Tom Brady that he will find him, sack him, and win back his 48/7, 7-11, I95 South, 401K Championship.
The match begins and Truth leaves the ring and becomes Pretty Ricky, who begs Lashley for a fight. Bobby runs out and slams him into the barricade. Lashley drags Truth around the ring on his shoulders, and smashes him into the ring post.
Back in the ring, Lashley slaps Truth and tells him to fight. Truth unloads but Lashley drops him with a lariat. Lashley then delivers some knees to the gut and applies a full nelson. He wrings the nelson, then turn it into a slam. He lifts Truth again, applies the full nelson, and Truth taps.
MVP comes to the stage and applauds Lashley’s efforts. Lana is shown watching on a monitor backstage and she screams bloody murder, throwing things around.
Asuka and Kairi are backstage celebrating but we see Nia standing in the background, watching.
*Commercial Break*
Billie Kay starts against Alexa Bliss but Peyton Royce quickly tags in. Bliss knocks Kay from the ring, then slams Royce down and hits double knees to the midsection. Cross tags in and hits a flying crossbody, but Kay breaks up the pin.
Cross reverses an Irish whip and avoids a kick from Royce. Kay blind tags in, but Cross sees it and attacks her on the apron. Kay comes back in and hits a suplex for a two count. Bliss tags in and slaps Kay a few times before dropkicking her. Bliss hits Insult To Injury, but Royce breaks up the pin. Cross gets Royce out of the ring.
Kay big boots Cross down but Bliss punches her in the face and sets her into position. Bliss hits Twisted Bliss, but Royce breaks it up. Royce then tosses Bliss into the ring post a few times, so the referee disqualifies them.
That’s the second week in a row a tag match ended in DQ for absolutely no reason. The IIconics are beside themselves with anger and grief.
Kairi Sane is still playing her flute backstage when Nia Jax comes up behind her and slams her into some production boxes.
*Commercial Break*
The IIconics are backstage arguing and Billie slaps Peyton in the face! They both stop and start crying and hug.
We get a lengthy look at Part 2 of The Last Ride, the excellent WWE Network series about The Undertaker. Part 3 drops this Sunday.
A replay of last Monday is shown, in which Shayna Baszler beat Natalya. Baszler and Nattie will be in action again tonight.
We see a doctor icing Kairi Sane and Asuka is concerned. Asuka tells her to stay put, she’s going after Jax.
*Commercial Break*
Jax is walking backstage when Asuka runs up and rants in Japanese. Nia walks past her, so Asuka pulls her by the hair and kicks her in the head.
The bell rings and Baszler hits a side-headlock takeover. Nattie shoots her off but gets dropped with a shoulder. Baszler goes for a camel clutch but Natalya avoids it and attempts the Sharpshooter but Shayna counters into an ankle lock. Natalya breaks free and Shayna immediately goes to work on the left arm.
Natalya tries to fight out but Shayna slams her down by the hair. Baszler lifts Nattie’s legs and stomps her gut over and over. Shayna attempts the Sharpshooter, but Natalya counters and applies her own. Baszler crawls to the ropes but they don’t matter in this match, so she uses the apron to pull herself out and free. Natalya hits a baseball slide, then batters Shayna and tosses her back inside.
Natalya goes to a kneebar, but Baszler rolls over and performs an incredible transition into the Kirifuda Clutch and Nattie taps.
Baszler leaves and the crew starts setting up for the KO Show, but Natalya won’t leave the ring. She kicks the ropes and starts throwing the set-dressing. Samoa Joe says this behaviour is beneath her and what she represents.
Zelina Vega’s men are all arguing backstage again. She stops them and says they are going out there as a cohesive unit. She asks each of them if they understand her and they comply.
*Commercial Break*
The Kevin Owens Show is back, and the man himself comes to the ring, saddened by the destruction Natalya caused.
Owens says he hasn’t been around in a while. And that’s because, in chasing his WrestleMania moment, he got pretty banged up. But the good news is, he’s back and ready to go. And, even though he’s lacking a set, he’s got some great guests for his show tonight: Zelina Vega, Andrade, Austin Theory, and Angel Garza.
Owen stands on the apron and says he’s excited to have them here tonight but Vega cuts him off and says he’s sick of people like KO, because they’re trying to capitalise on one tiny argument. But they’re a solid unit, with three street survivors, and her, the best the business has seen in a long time. Vega then asks KO why he’s being disrespectful and standing on the apron. Owens says he’s on the apron because he doesn’t want the ring to be crowded, because they aren’t is only guests. And they’re familiar with him.
Apollo Crews storms the ring and attacks Andrade. They brawl out of the ring and Owens tries to pull Crews off, while Andrade’s companions do the same.
*Commercial Break*
We start with Crews and Garza, but Apollo is focused on Andrade on the apron. Garza rips off the pants and tosses them at Apollo but he gets knocked down for his troubles. Apollo hits a suplex and tags Owens, who unloads forearms to Garza, followed by stomps and a senton.
Garza counters a body slam and tags Andrade, who uses the ropes to attack KO, then hits a running kick. Andrade with stomps and chops in the corner, but KO comes back with a lariat. Tags made to Crews and Garza, and Apollo knocks Andrade to the outside and slams Garza. Vega gets on the apron to distract Apollo, while Austin Theory swings a punch and hits Garza by accident! Apollo hits the spin-out sit-out powerbomb for the win!
In the ring, Theory apologises to Garza but Vega and Andrade don’t buy it. Andrade attacks Theory and Vega eggs him on. Garza joins in and they pound Theory, dragging him from the ring and slamming him into the barricade. Vega yells that she should never have believed in him and slaps him, then Garza and Andrade toss him into the timekeeper’s area.
Charly interviews Drew McIntyre backstage and asks how he stays on top of things when challenges can come from so many places. Drew says he has to stay on top of his game but he’s having a great time. And tonight he gets his dream match against King Corbin – and he curtsied. Drew says he’s spent a lot of time with the King and he is a genuinely terrible person. And now he comes to RAW and challenges the Champion in his yard. Well tonight, he has a Claymore fit for a King.
We see more footage of The Viking Raiders performing some impressive axe-throws, followed by Ford and Dawkins trying their own tosses and failing miserably. Ford asks for quiet, that he wants to get his Tiger Woods on, and Ivar thinks there is a real tiger in the woods.
*Commercial Break*
We’re back for more axe-throwing, and Dawkins misses his first shot, sending the axe into a barrell, spilling beer. The Vikings get mad and Ford offers them his red cup. Dawkins says “this ain’t nothin’ like Thor.”
The bell rings and Black runs at Murphy, unloading on him and beating him into the corner. Murphy fires back and they trade shots like crazy until Black lands some big kicks. Murphy rolls to the floor and Black goes after, kicking him against the barricade.
Austin Theory is still down in the timekeeper’s area and Seth Rollins approaches him. Black kicks the chest of Murphy a few more times but misses one and hits the ring post. Murphy gets him back in the ring and goes up top but gets kicked out of mid-air!
Black hits a switch knee to Murphy, then lifts him with his foot but Seth helps Theory up and tells him to attack. Theory storms the ring and attacks Black!
Theory and Murphy beat Black down. Murphy hits a knee to the face and Theory hits the ATL. Rollins approaches Theory and hugs him.
*Commercial Break*
It’s time for the official axe-throwing contest. As expected, the Vikings are incredible and the Profits are terrible, but on their last throw they hit the bullseye and celebrate with the Vikings. The cops show-up and they have an axe in their windshield. They ask who did it, so Erik suggests they prove who can actually throw and Dawkins tosses an axe behind his back and hits the bullseye. Erik and Ivar are stunned.
Charly interviews Apollo Crews and asks if he has something to prove. Apollo says of course, he felt like things were finally starting to click for him. He can’t waste any more time wondering what could have been, and he had to do something. And that final piece is falling into place, and he challenges Andrade to another title match next week. Vega walks up and says Apollo can cut his losses and retain one good knee, or he can get in the ring with Andrade. Apollo laughs and says he’ll take his chances. He asks where Andrade is and if he’s scared he’ll get slapped again. Next week he will put that final piece into place.
*Commercial Break*
Baron Corbin makes his entrance but before the match begin, MVP and Bobby Lashley come to the stage. MVP apologises for his intrusion, and heaps praise on both men. He and Lashley have a personal interest in this match. Lashley takes the microphone and says he is putting Drew on notice; he’s coming for the WWE Championship. And if he has to take it from his cold dead hands, so be it.
The main events gets underway and they lock-up, with Drew forcing Corbin to the corner. McIntyre chops Corbin but the King fires back with right hands, and delivers some blows to the ribs. Corbin hits a shoulder tackle, but Drew comes back and knocks him out of the ring with a lariat.
McIntyre clotheslines Corbin over the barricade, then climbs over it himself and clotheslines the King back over it. Drew puts Corbin back in the ring and lines-up a Claymore but Corbin rolls from the ring. The King slams McIntyre into the barricade, then the ring post.
Back in the ring, Corbin chops Drew, then hits an out-in clothesline for a one-count. McIntyre fires off some chops to the chest, followed by a kick. Corbin tosses him over the ropes and hangs him on the ropes. Corbin slams McIntyre’s head into the ring post, then drags him to the top rope for a superplex and a two-count.
McIntyre starts to rally and hits an axe handle from the top rope, then a spinebuster for a two-count. Corbin comes back and tosses the Champion into the ring post, then hits a sidewalk slam. McIntyre hits a Future Shock DDT, then takes to the corner and counts down, but runs right into a Deep Six! McIntyre ducks Drew and hits a Glasgow Kiss. Corbin slides out of the ring, back in, and looks for the clothesline but Drew ducks and hits a Claymore Kick for the win.
After the match McIntyre tries to goad Lashley into a fight and Bobby wants to, but MVP stops him. MVP points to his wrist and says in good time.

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