That’s right, last night was Money In The Bank and Asuka won the briefcase on the women’s side, while SmackDown’s Otis won the men’s briefcase in what was a super fun match. Drew McIntyre also retained his WWE Championship over Seth Rollins and the two shared a surprise handshake afterwards.
Tonight we move forward, and the big news is a “career-altering” announcement from Becky Lynch, with the rumour being she’s pregnant. Meanwhile Edge and Randy will (surpisingly) continue their WrestleMania rivalry, WWE will address the Intercontinental Championship, and Drew McIntyre will be seeking a new challenger. That is, unless Seth Rollins has other ideas
That’s the sparse preview for tonight’s RAW. Be sure to follow along on the Ringside News app for live updates and enjoy the show!
RAW opens with a highlight reel of the dual Money In The Bank ladder matches, which were won by Otis and Asuka.
The announcers mention that Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black are both fine and will actually team-up tonight to face Seth Rollins and Murphy. Also tonight, we’ll be getting A Moment of Bliss.
The RAW Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch, comes to the ring. Lynch doesn’t have the title with her but she does have the women’s Money In The Bank briefcase. Lynch is emotional and says tonight is not an ordinary night. She’s torn between joy and sadness, because things are about to change in her life. So she asked the decision makers to raise the stakes for the MITB match and they did it. But before she gets to that, she walked through the PC doors in 2013 and she didn’t know if she belonged. Becky cries.
She didn’t know if anybody would care about a loudmouth Irish woman who loved puns and tea. But they did care and they carried her to history. Through injury and triumph the fans latched on to her, and she responded in kind. And that’s why we deserve to hear it from her first: she has to go away for a while. Becky starts crying again but out comes Asuka.
Asuka rants and raves as only she can, seemingly mad that Becky has her briefcase. Becky says it is her and Asuka is the only woman who can beat her. The best wrestler in the world. And that’s why she’s happy this is happening to Asuka. You see, the match last night wasn’t for an opportunity, it was for so much more. Becky unlatches the briefcase and inside is the RAW Women’s Championship. Becky tells Asuka she can’t wrestle anymore but she can. Asuka grabs the title and celebrates like crazy while Becky laughs. Lynch tells her to go be a warrior, because she’s got to go be a mother. Becky and Asuka hug, then Lynch leaves looking sad.
*Commercial Break*
We see a replay of Becky Lynch giving the RAW Women’s Championship to Asuka and announcing her pregnancy. Charly starts to interview Becky backstage but Rey Mysterio, Street Profits, Bianca Belair, Akira Tozawa, Ricochet, Liv Morgan, Kairi Sane, Cedric Alexander, R-Truth, and Natalya walk up and congratulate her.

The match begins and Lashley lifts and slams Carrillo. Bobby puts Humberto in the corner but misses a running back elbow. Carrillo slaps Lashley and gets caught with a big one-handed spinebuster for his trouble. Lashley looks for a Spear but Carrillo avoids it and he tumbles from the ring.
Carrillo looks for a suicide dive but Lashley hits him. The big man goes and grabs a chair but Carrillo jumps off the apron with a dropkick, knocking the chair into Bobby’s face.
*Commercial Break*
Back live and Lashley is attacking Carrillo in the corner. Carrillo kicks Lashley, then hits a springboard kick that knocks him to the outside. Lashey sidesteps a baseball slide, then catches Carrillo on his shoulders and slams him into the ring post. Lashley puts Carrillo against the ring post and swings a chair but Humberto dodges it.
Carrillo then batters Lashley with the chair repeatedly and sends him back into the ring. Carrilo hits a springboard towards Lashley but gets caught with a full nelson and taps out.
The Street Profits cut a promo backstage saying they’re better than The Viking Raiders. They say they’re going to beat the Raiders in a basketball game tonight. We then see the Raiders and they don’t understand why they have to play baseketball. Erik asks why they didn’t choose something cool like sword-fighting or people-throwing. Ivar asks if it will help if they sing karaoke and Erik says no. Ivar says they just have to be aggressive, but Erik says there is such a thing as fouls. Ivar is baffled.
After the break. Edge and Randy Orton in the same ring.
*Commercial Break*
Charluy Caruso is joined by Asuka. Caruso asks how she’s processing and Asuka talks in Japanese. Kairi runs up and can’t believe her eyes, then celebrates with Asuka.
We see a lengthy replay of Edge Vs. Randy Orton at WrestleMania.
Zelina Vega and her men are embroiled in a big arguement backstage.
*Commercial Break*
We’re back and this match is already underway. Garza attacks Akira and pushes his face into the middle turnbuckle. Garza whips Akira to the ropes but gets caught with a hurricanrana. Tozawa runs into a kick for, then Garza puts him into the tree of woe for a penalty kick.
Garza applies a submission and seems to talk trash to Austin Theory. Garza releases the hold and hits the Wing Clipper for the win.
As soon as the match ends, Austin Theory gets in Garza’s face and they argue, while Andrade and Vega try to break it up. Drew McIntyre’s music hits and he comes down to the ring. Garza shoves Theory at McIntyre and he gets hit with a Claymore. Garza and Andrade laugh, so McIntyre hits Garza with one as well. Andrade and McIntyre argue until Drew calls for a referee.
*Commercial Break*


We return and the match is already underway, with McIntyre overpowering Andrade with grappling. Andrade dodges McIntyre in the corner and lands a few blows, but then gets caught with a kick to the chest. Andrade rolls to the outside but Drew doesn’t give him time to recover.
McIntyre chops Andrade hard, then hits him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker onto the apron. McIntyre gets Andrade back inside but the US Champion hits him with a baseball slide, then twists his arm around the bottom rope. Andrade then applies a cross armbreaker over the ropes. Andrade attacks the arm with double knees but Drew kicks out at one.
McIntyre gets Andrade with two overhead belly-to-belly’s, followed by a big boot and a chop from the top rpe. McIntyre looks for the Future Shock DDT but Andrade counters. McIntyre then catches him with a sit-out spinebuster. Drew runs for the Claymore but Andrade rolls to the outside. Andrade then uses the ropes to attack the arm, before hiting double knees in the corner.
They trade shots until Andrade hits the dicsus elbow, and Drew comes back with the Glasgow Kiss. McIntyre hits a reverses Alamaba Slam, followed by the Claymore and socres the pinfall.
*Commercial Break*
MVP approaches Bobby Lashley backstage and asks him why he’s wasting his talent and time on chumps like Humberto Carrillo when idiots like Otis are getting title shots? He says he must have bad management. Lana flips her lid but Lashley seems to be thinking about it.
It’s time for A Moment of Bliss, as Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions come to the ring. They congratulate Becky and shoot the breeze until they’re interrupted by The IIconics, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay.
Royce and Kay are upset that they’ve returned to WWE but they’re being upstaged by Becky Lynch’s stupid baby. They want to make some headlines and win back their Tag Team Titles. Bliss and Cross say they haven’t earned a shot but agree to a match nonetheless.
*Commercial Break*
The match begins and The IIconics immediately take control. Royce and Kay make use of quick tags to isolate Nikki, and grind her down with submissions. Cross knocks Royce off the apron but Peyton then pulls her leg and boots her in the side. Royce is legal and gets hit with a jawbreaker, then both women hit stereo attacks.
Tags made to Bliss and Kay, with Alexa hitting lariats and right hands, followed by a moonsault for a near-fall. Royce tags back in and they hit a cheap shot, followed by a double-team finisher for the win!
Rey Mysterio is interviewed backstage and he says he feels great. He said he had to hype himself up last night by saying the risk was worth the reward, but he saw his life flashed before his eyes when King Corbin threw him off the roof. Thankfully he fell only six feet on a second roof, and Aleister Black met the same fate. He tried his best but he couldn’t get the job done. Seth Rollins walks-up, looking dishevelled. Rey congratulates him and says being a father changes you. Seth just walks off and Rey looks annoyed.
*Commercial Break*
Truth starts with Thorne and he kicks his leg out, causing him to do the splits, then Cedric tags in and hits a dropkick. Truth seems to be doing a split personality thing. Vink tags himself in and clobbers Alexander before applying a rear chinlock.
Alexander fights to his feet but Vink drops him and tags Thorne. A submission and a stomp to the midsection from Thorne, followed by a tag to Vink. Cedric throws a few chops but Vink punches him down, then knocks Ricochet off the apron.
Tags made to MVP and Truth; with the latter landing some right hands. Truth kicks MVP but Thorne breaks the pin attempt. Ricochet runs in and attacks Shane, then Alexander dives onto Vink but gets caught. Ricochet hits a moonsault from the apron onto all three. MVP punches Truth, knocking false teeth out, and the distraction allows Truth to hit a lie detector for the win.
As soon as the match ends, Lashley’s music hits and he runs down to hit Truth with a Spear. Lashley applies a full nelson to Truth, then MVP kicks him in the head. MVP and Lashley leave together.
Caruso interviews Jinder Mahal backstage and welcomes him back. Mahal says he is honoured. It’s been a long ten months and he’s proud of his good friend Drew McIntyre become the WWE Champion. As a former Champion himself, he should be loved and respected. And he knows he made a lot of mistakes last time around, so this time his journey to the top will be that of a hero.
After the break we’re going to get a special look at The Last Ride Network special on The Undertaker. We see AJ Styles sit down backstage with some popcorn, ready to watch the special.
*Commercial Break*
Shayna Baszler is backstage and Charly asks her for her reaction to Becky’s news. Shayna says she’s stupid to get pregnant as Champion. In fact 10 out of 10 women will try and tell you that getting pregnant doesn’t ruin their careers. But can you imagine The Man laid up with bare feet and fat, caring for a dumb parasite? She says just look at its father.
We take a look at The Last Ride documentary about The Undertaker that is streaming on the WWE Network. AJ Styles is shown backstage and he throws his popcorn at the screen.
*Commercial Break*
The match starts with Black and Murphy, and the dark one takes him down with a wristlock. Rey tags in attacks Murphy. Seth won’t respond to tag attempts from Murphy.
Rey attempts a DDT but gets thrown off. Tag made to Black and he kicks Murphy in the chest for a two-count. Rollins doesn’t seem like he’s even watching. Murphy turns the tables on Black and kicks him in the corner. Black tosses Murphy to the outside, then feigns a dive but springboards back and sits down. Murphy asks Seth to take a tag but he ignores him.
Murphy kicks Black but eats a flurry of kicks and a kitchen sink. Black knocks Murphy from the ring with a big knee to the jaw. Black gets on the apron and almost runs into Rollins, who just looks at him. Murphy capitalises and knocks him from the apron as we head to the break.
*Commercial Break*
Back live and Black drops Murphy with a big boot and both men are down. Rey tags in and hits a seated senton, followed by a crossbody off the springboard. Murphy attempts a sunset flip but Rey rolls through and kicks him. Murphy rolls to the outside but Rey hits a hurricanrana off the apron that sends him into the barricade.
Back in the ring, Rey hits a crossbody but Murphy rolls through for a roll-up and a near-fall. Rey counters Murphy’s Law for a bulldog. Rey punches Rollins off the apron, then looks for the 619 to Murphy but Rollins grabs him and throws him to the floor. For some reason, the referee decided that wasn’t allowed.
Rollins attacks Rey, poking him in the eye and shoving him into the barricade. Rollins yells at Murphy to stay back, then he grabs Rey’s head and slowly shoves his eye into the corner of the ring steps! Seth releases Rey and looks satisfied.
*Commercial Break*
We’re back and Rey is in the doctor’s room, his mask off and his eye bloodied. Aleister Black is there as Seth and Murphy walk up. Rey walks off and Seth tries to apologise, he says he doesn’t know what happened. Black attacks Murphy until they’re pulled apart.
We see footage of the Street Profits warming-up for their basketball game earlier today. The Viking Raiders are watching on and trying to learn the rules. They look to pass the ball to each other but Ivar throws it into the ceiling. The official match takes place after the break.
*Commercial Break*
The Street Profits face The Viking Raiders in a basketball match. Needless to say, the Profits trash them, making some impressive shots while the Raiders have no idea whatsoever. Right at the buzzer Erik scores a basket and they think they’ve won but the score is 74-2.
Shayna Baszler is warming up when Natalya walks up and tells her it’s disrespectful to bash the miracle of motherhood. Baszler asks Nattie what she knows about motherhood, saying she’ll never have kids and the Hart Dynasty dies with her. They’ll go one-on-one after the break.
*Commercial Break*
We’re back on the court with the Profits and the Raiders, and they shake hands and laugh. Erik says they let the Profits win, then he hands Ivar the ball and he makes a series of perfect baskets, including from half-court. Erik then laughs and says “anything you can do, we can do better.” Ivar hits a slam dunk and the Profits are slackjawed.
This match gets underway and they try to outwrestle each other until Nattie slaps Shayna a few times and calls her a “bitch”. Baszler kicks the legs from under Nattie, then drives her to the corner. Baszler lands a cheap shot and Nattie asks her if that’s all she’s got.
Baszler backs her into the corner again, then tries to trip her again but this time Nattie jumps over it and takes her own. Baszler comes back with a flurry of punches and kicks in the corner. Baszler hits a suplex, then another for a one count. Natalya attempts the Sharpshooter but Bazler counters and tries to stomp the arm but Nattie avoids it. Baszler hits a knee to the face for the win.
We’re backstage with Charly and she introduces King Corbin from SmackDown. She asks him about what he did last night and he says he did what he thought it would take to win. Charly asks what was going through his mind and Corbin says that, what people didn’t see was that they both landed on a roof just six feet below and they’re obviously fine. Next week he’ll face Drew McIntyre, and it’s because of his tutelage that McIntyre is a Champion now. Next week he will prove why he’s the King.
After the break Randy Orton and Edge will be live in the ring.
*Commercial Break*
Next week on RAW Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross will defend the Women’s Tag Team Championships against Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. Also, Drew McIntyre will face King Corbin in a cross-brand match.
The Rated-R Superstar comes to the ring. Edge says this is the first time he’s stood in a ring in six weeks. He said the night after the Royal Rumble that he wanted to retire on his terms, but WrestleMania is not the end. So what’s next? He says last week he was watching RAW and saw the promo that said he was hunting The Viper but that was news to him. He got his pound of flesh and he’s ready to move on. His family is ready to move on. And he looks around that locker room and…
Randy Orton comes to the ring. He looks at Edge and says he came out here tonight to say one thing: congratulations. At WrestleMania the better man won. Orton then drops the microphone and leaves. Of course, he stops and comes back. He says he tried to be the bigger man but he couldn’t. He hoped one day he and Edge could be friends again but he can’t lie. It’s true the better man won at WrestleMania but the better wrestler did not.
Randy says that, at the Royal Rumble, Edge made his triumphant return and his behind other Superstars. At WrestleMania Edge chose the stipulation and he won, but the only rule was that he had to incapacitate him. And yeah, he didn’t get back up by the count of ten, but it didn’t take nine years. By his count, it’s been nine years since Edge laced-up his boots for a normal match and he doesn’t think he has it in him. Edge stares at Orton and Randy says he knows that look, it’s doubt. But Edge has grit and passion and that’s why he’s in the ring. But all that grit doesn’t compare to his natural ability. Passion can’t knock off the ring rust. There’s no chance his grit and passion will help him now.
Orton says Edge has said he’s a future Hall of Famer. And that now he’s back he’ll make Randy a better performer, so he thinks the story writes itself. That is, if he has the guts. So if he has the guts, it’ll be Edge Vs. Randy Orton in a straight-up wrestling match. Caruso asks Edge if he has a response and he doesn’t say anything. Caruso says if it does happen, it might be the greatest wrestling match ever.
And that’s the end of WWE RAW. Let us know what you think and be sure to come back tomorrow for more news and results. Until then, stay safe.

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