The Undertaker’s legendary career might not end in the Boneyard Match after all, but the end could be coming soon.
AJ Styles lost to The Undertaker at WrestleMania, but he keeps taunting the Deadman. He ate popcorn as he watched The Last Ride documentary while thinking it was really about his retirement. Styles also found himself in a Deadman inspired situation during Money In The Bank where he was locked in an Undertaker themed office at WWE HQ.
During an interview after SmackDown this week, AJ Styles made special effort to say that he has to redeem himself. He said that nobody gets buried alive and comes back, but he did. Then he said he hopes the Undertaker can hear him.
Vince McMahon is adamant that SummerSlam take place in front of live fans. If The Undertaker has one more match in him then he could want AJ Styles. Kurt Angle stated that he had a conversation with Undertaker in the past about his final match being against Styles.
We will have to see how everything pans out, but it seems like the Last Ride documentary series is setting the stage for one more match.

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