Tonight’s episode of NXT has two major matches scheduled. With only two shows left before NXT TakeOver: In Your House, how will the card continue to take form tonight, and what action can we look forward to tonight?
First up, we will see which wrestler from Group A in the NXT Cruiserweight Championship tournament will advance to the finals, as Drake Maverick, Jake Atlas, and Kushida will compete in a triple threat match. The winner of this match will take on El Hijo del Fantasma in the finals.
Also on the card, Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher will face off in a cage match. This rivalry has gained a lot of steam quickly, and with recent rumors suggesting that Matt Riddle is getting a call-up, this may be a way to write off Riddle from NXT television. Also, what role will special referee Kurt Angle play in this match?
With only three matches currently scheduled for In Your House, some major figures still have yet to find a place on the card, so be on the lookout for the Garganos, Keith Lee, Imperium, Dexter Lumis, Velveteen Dream, and Adam Cole and the rest of the Undisputed Era as NXT looks to fill their card for the first TakeOver since Portland in February.
We will cover all of the action here live, and we will begin when NXT goes live at 8:00 PM, EST!
Opening Segment
Tonight’s edition of NXT will be the first one to feature a live crowd, and we go right into one of the matches scheduled for tonight.
Drake Maverick vs. Jake Atlas vs. Kushida
Before the match starts, we see Drake Maverick beating Kushida last week and the set up for tonight’s triple threat.
Maverick and Kushida lock up, but Atlas breaks the hold and they trade blows. Maverick uses his speed to take down Kushida, but Atlas hits Maverick with a backbreaker and goes for a pin, but Atlas breaks it up.
Atlas hits a moonsault onto Kushida, then a springboard blockbuster on Maverick, pinning him for two. Atlas hits a neckbreaker on Kushida, also covering him for two. Atlas chops at Kushida’s chest, then Kushida takes down Atlas and Maverick with kicks and palm strikes.
Kushida sets up Maverick on the top rope, but Atlas stops a superplex and gets Kushida in an electric chair. Kushida escapes and rolls up Atlas. Maverick tries to break up the pin, but Kushida hits Maverick with a bridging German suplex while continuing to pin Atlas. Maverick and Atlas kick out at two, and we go to commercial.
Back from commercial and all three men are on their feet, trading strikes. Maverick and Atlas chase each other, but Maverick goes on the offense, hitting a dropkick on Atlas from the turnbuckle. Kushida goes for a back handspring kick on Maverick, but hits Atlas and follows it up with a dive to Atlas and a tornado DDT on Maverick.
Kushdia goes for a cross armbreaker on Maverick, but Maverick rolls up Kushida for a pin, and Kushida kicks out at two. Atlas nails Maverick with a kick, knocking him out, then hits an brainbuster on Kushida, pinning him, but Maverick breaks up the pin.
Atlas runs at Maverick in the corner but he avoids and hits a sliced bread on Atlas, covering him, but Kushida breaks up the pin. Kushida kicks away at Maverick, then takes him out with a palm strike. Atlas hits Kushida with a German suplex, and Kushida rolls out of the ring.
Atlas scoop slams Maverick, then goes to the top rope. Atlas hits Maverick with the Rainbow DDT then covers him, but Kushida breaks up the pin. Atlas hits Kushida with a pump kick, then focuses back on Maverick. Atlas goes to the top rope again, but Kushida interrupts Atlas’s climb.
Kushida follows Jake to the top rope, and Maverick hits Atlas with a leaping forearm, knocking Atlas off of the top rope. Kushdia, still on the top rope, locks in an armbar on Maverick, but Atlas kicks the armbar loose. Kushdia and Atlas are on the top rope, and Kushida goes for his rolling armbreaker. As Atlas in laying on the mat with the armbreaker on, Maverick lays an arm across Atlas, covering him. The referee counts to three, and the referee gives the pinfall victory to Drake.
Winner: Drake Maverick
El Hijo del Fantasma comes down the ramp and shakes Maverick’s hand. They share a few words of respect and both look at the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. While Kushida seems to have a dispute, Tom Phillips tells us on commentary that the finals are Fantasma vs. Maverick.
We are told that Charlotte will defend her NXT Women’s Championship against both Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley at NXT TakeOver: In Your House, and later tonight, Shirai and Ripley will face off against Charlotte and a partner of Charlotte’s choosing later tonight, and then we go to commercial.
Back from commercial, and Kurt Angle is shown backstage talking to Timothy Thatcher about Thatcher’s match with Matt Riddle later tonigt.
We are shown a replay of the ending of the previous triple threat match, and we are shown that Jake Atlas actually tapped out right before the referee counted three for Maverick, but Maverick is still awarded the victory.
Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae come out. Gargano talks about how people are misconstruing his words, and he doesn’t want to get rid of anyone, he just wants to make the show better and give people opportunities. Johnny and Candice get in the ring, and Johnny announces that tonight will be the first Johnny Gargano Invitational.
He says that tonight the first participant of the first Johnny Gargano Invitational will be Adrian Alanis.
Johnny Gargano vs. Adrian Alanis
Gargano offers a handshake to Alanis, but then cheap shots him in the face. Gargano pounds into Alanis’s face over and over again. Alanis fights back with a strike to Gargano’s face, but Gargano comes back with a superkick, then a Gargano Escape. Alanis taps out.
Winner: Adrian Alanis
While Gargano and Candice celebrate in the ring, we see a parody video of the Gargano dinners with Mia Yim and Keith Lee on the large tron. Yim and Lee make fun of their weird promos with the sound effects and the lighting.
Yim says that LeRae is unhappy because she has never won a title and Lee mocks Gargano for being short. Tegan Nox suddenly appears the door and delivers a pizza from Gargano’s Pizza, then steals a slice and walks away.
Yim calls out Gargano and LeRae, and Yim and Lee toast to “making Gargano pay.”
Backstage, we see an interview with Maverick. He is asked about how Atlas tapping out. Maverick says that he wants to do things the fair way. As he is talking, Kushida tells Maverick to go ahead and go into the finals, and Maverick says that he wants Kushida to have the first shot at the NXT Cruiserweight Championship if he wins, and we go to commercial.
Back from commercial, and Imperium cuts a backstage promo about being the new NXT Tag Team Championships. They talks about how they will keep the NXT Tag Team Championships and they call out Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch specifically for mocking them.
Shotzi Blackheart vs. Raquel Gonzalez (w/ Dakota Kai)
Gonzalez immediately overpowers Blackheart, but Shotzi tries to use her speed to her advantage. Raquel takes Shotzi down with a series of shoulder tackles. Raquel picks up Shotzi, but Shotzi fights back by targeting Raquel’s left arm.
Shotzi tries to hit a hurricanrana and a rolling crucifix, bu Raquel fights out. Raquel goes for an elbow drop, but Shotzi avoids hits a kick on Raquel. Dakota Kai gets in Shotzi’s tank and tries to distract her, but Tegan Nox comes down and takes out Kai with a kick. Shotzi rolls up Raquel for two, and we go to commercial.
Back from commercial, and Raquel is dominating Shotzi. Raquel hits Shotzi with a powerslam and pins her for two. Raquel locks in a bear hug on Shotzi, but Shotzi hits Raquel with a series of elbows to the head, forcing a break. Raquel hits her with a pendulum backbreaker, covering her for two.
Shotzi hits Raquel with kicks to the head, then locks in an ankle lock. Raquel escapes, but Shotzi hits her with a running sneton. Raquel leaves the ring, and Shotzi hits a Kofi Kingston-esque trust fall on both Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez.
Candice LeRae comes down to the ring and confronts Tegan Nox for Nox’s actions during the previous promo. The referee leaves the ring to deal with that situation and he misses Dakota Kai attacking Shotzi when Shotzi was on the top rope. The referee returns to the ring just in time to see Gonzalez hit Shotzi with a power slam, then covering her for three.
Winner: Raquel Gonzalez
After the match, Tegan Nox gets in the ring and checks on Shotzi, and Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez retreat up the ramp.
We get a video package hyping up the match between Finn Balor and Damian Priest’s match at TakeOver: In Your House. Up next, the match between Ripley and Shirai and Charlotte and her tag team partner. But first, a commercial break.
Back from commercial, and we head into the next match.
Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai vs. NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and Chelsea Green (w/ Robert Stone)
Ripley and Green start the match. Ripley taunts Charlotte and throws down Green. Ripley runs at Green, but Green rolls out of the way. Green hits Ripley ahrd in the back, but Ripley comes back with an STO. Ripley runs at Charlotte, but Green grabs her. Ripley hits Green with a headbutt and Io tags in.
Io lays into Green with chops, then hits her with a dropkick to Green’s knees. Green sits in the corner and Io stomps away and kicks at her. Shirai goes for her Tiger Kick, but Green evades and sends Io to the outside, then hits a tope onto Io.
Green gets Io back in the ring, then tags in Charlotte. Charlotte kicks away at Io in the corner, and Green tags back in. Io tosses Green out of the ring, then hits a diving crossbody onto Green on the outside, Io follows and tosses Green into the barricade on the outside. Io tries to roll Green back into the ring, but Green instead tosses Io into the barricade, then rolls her back in the ring, and we go to commercial.
Back from commercial, Charlotte has Io in a headlock, then she tosses Io to the mat. Rhea reaches for a tag, but Charlotte pulls Io away. Charlotte chops at Rhea and taunts Ripley. Charlotte accidentally chops Chelsea Green, and Io tries to use the distraction to get at Rhea for the tag, but Charlotte blocks again.
Chelsea Green tags in and Io gets to Ripley finally. Rhea hits knee strikes on Green, followed by a snapmare and dropkicks. Rhea hits a facebuster on Green, pinning her, but Charlotte breaks up the pin. Chelsea tags in Charlotte and Charlotte hits Rhea with a big boot. Charlotte goes for the Figure Eight, but Shirai breaks it up and tags in.
Io hits Charlotte with her double knees in the corner, covering her for two. Io hits a double foot stomp on Charlotte, then hits a Tiger Kick. Io goes for a springboard dropkick, but Chelsea Green pushes Charlotte out of the way. Charlotte goes to taunt Ripley in the corner, and Io tries to hit Charlotte, but Charlotte dodges and Io hits Ripley. Charlotte rolls up Io and uses the ropes for leverage, pinning her for three.
Winners: Charlotte Flair and Chelsea Green

Backstage, Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano are interviewed backstage. Johnny calls out Keith Lee for NXT TakeOver and Candice calls out Mia Yim for next week. She also says Tegan Nox should be ashamed of herself.
Kurt Angle is backstage talking Matt Riddle backstage about the match later tonight.
We are told that Adam Cole and William Regal will negotiate about something, presumably Cole’s title match for TakeOver: In Your House, on NXT next, after this commercial break.
Back from commercial, Adam Cole and William Regal are having a Zoom conference. Regal asks Cole what he has in mind. Cole brags about being the longest-reigning champion in NXT history. He complains about Velveteen Dream, and Cole says that the Undisputed Era deserve a fair shot at the NXT Tag Team Championships, and he wants Regal to keep Velveteen Dream away from Cole.
Regal says that he thinks Dream deserves another shot at Cole’s title, and he says that Dream’s match will probably have the match at NXT TakeOver: In Your House. Cole complains about Dream being an attention hog, and Regal says that Cole is just like Dream in that way. Cole is upset about the comparison.
Cole says that, if he beats Dream at TakeOver: In Your House, he wants to stop Dream from challenging again for the title again if Cole wins. Regal agrees to Cole’s terms and says that he will find a location for Cole and Dream to fight that will allow both of them to obtain the spotlight, and that is Regal’s only condition. Cole agrees, and we go to commercial.
Back from commercial, and we see a promo video package hyping up Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan.
Leon Ruff vs. Tommaso Ciampa
While Ciampa makes his way down the ring, Scarlett appears on the entrance ramp with Karrion Kross, but she stares Ciampa down from the ramp.
Ruff tries to use the distraction and roll up Ciampa for the pinfall, but Ciampa kicks out and takes out Ruff with a shining wizard. Ciampa hits Ruff with a running knee in the corner and stares at Scarlett. Ciampa hits Ruff with the Fairytale Ending, still staring down Scarlett, and he pins Ruff for the victory.
Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Scarlett and Ciampa continue to stare each other down after the bell rings. Ciampa waves at Scalett as she walks up the ramp, but Karrion Kross comes on the tron. He says that he agrees that Ciampa is special, and that TakeOver is also special, but he also says that he is going to make Ciampa feel “something that he has never felt in his life.”
Up next, Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher will take on each other in the NXT Fight Pit, after this commercial break.
Back from commercial, we are told that Drake Maverick and El Hijo del Fantasma will take on each other for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship match next week, and Mia Yim and Candice LeRae will also take on each other next week. Also, next week, we will have a special titled “Prime Target,” covering the NXT Women’s Championship and NXT Championship matches.
Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher Fight Pit with Special Guest Referee Kurt Angle
At the start of the match, Riddle goes fight after Thatcher, taking him down and pounding away at Thatcher’s head. Riddle goes for an early submission attempt, then kicks away at Thatcher. Thatcher catches Riddle’s leg and goes for a sleeper hold. Riddle runs up the side of the cage to get behind Thatcher and hit a release German suplex.
Riddle hits a running Broton on Angle. We are reminded that this match can only end via knock out or tap out. Thatcher chops at Riddle’s chest, but Riddle returns with a kick to Thatcher’s face. Thatcher starts bleeding from the mouth and Riddle’s kick supposedly knocked a tooth out. Angle signals for medical staff to come down to the ring, and they inspect Thatcher’s mouth as we go to commercial.
Back from commercial, and Riddle hits Thatcher mounted. Thatcher and Riddle trade blows as the get back to their feet. Thatcher goes for an armbar, but Riddle blocks. Thatcher hits Riddle with a suplex, then goes for a heel hook. Thatcher transitions into a single leg crab, then a modified STF. Thatcher releases the holds and lays his knees into Riddle’s midsection.
Thatcher kicks away at Riddle and Angle forces him back. Riddle gets to his feet at the five count, but Thatcher follows up with a butterfly suplex and a crossface, but Riddle reverses and goes for the Bromission. Thatcher picks the leg and wrenches on Riddle’s right leg and knee.
Thatcher transitions into a mount and pounds at Riddle, but Riddle reverses into a mount of his own. Thatcher uses this opportunity to go for a triangle, but Riddle picks up Thatcher and goes for a sort of powerbomb. Thatcher escapes by holding on to the top platform.
Riddle gives chase to the top platform, and Riddle and Thatcher trade blows at the top platform above the mat. Thatcher chases Riddle, but Riddle kicks away at Thatcher. Thatcher catches a kick and goes for the ankle lock. Riddle rolls onto his back and kicks away at Thatcher, who releases the hold.
Riddle goes for a running Broton, but Thatcher moves and Riddle crashes hard on the platform. Thatcher hits Riddle with a suplex onto the platform. Thatcher looks to go for a butterfly suplex off the top of the platform. Riddle escapes and hits Thatcher with a ripcord knee strike, which sends Thatcher crashing to the mat. Riddle hits a Floating Bro from the platform.
Back on the mat, Riddle kicks and chops away at Thatcher’s chest, but Thatcher dodges a kick and locks in a rear-naked chokehold on Riddle. Riddle drives Thatcher around the ring, slamming Thatcher into the cage wall. Riddle slams his body weight onto Thatcher onto the mat, but Thatcher won’t release the hold. Riddle looks to be passed out, and Angle lifts Riddle’s arm, gets no reaction, and calls for the bell.
Winner: Timothy Thatcher
Thatcher celebrates at the top of the platform above the ring as NXT goes off the air.

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