For tonight’s episode of NXT, two matches have been announced, and we are also scheduled to hear a big announcement. Let’s take a look at tonight’s card as it stands now.
The first of the two matches is an NXT Tag Team Championship match. Matt Riddle and his impromptu partner Timothy Thatcher were blindsided two weeks ago by Imperium’s Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner. Last week, Imperium challenged Riddle and Thatcher for the tag titles, and they accepted. That match happens tonight.
Additionally, while still on the hunt for the man who attacked him weeks ago, Finn Balor will take on Cameron Grimes one-on-one. Balor took issue with Grimes’s words last week, and Balor is on a war path to find the man responsible, and they will settle their differences in the ring tonight.
Also, Rhea Ripley made her return to NXT television last week when she came down and saved Io Shirai from a beatdown from NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. Ripley’s presence certainly complicates the NXT Women’s Championship picture, but how will The Nightmare respond tonight?
Finally, we heard from William Regal on The Bump this morning that there is going to be a big announcement and WWE.com has since confirmed that DX, Shawn Michaels and Triple H themselves, will be on hand to deliver that announcement. What could it be? We will find out tonight.
Tonight’s episode of NXT could prove to be one of the biggest of the year depending on the announcement, and we will begin coverage when NXT goes live at 8:00 PM EST!
Opening Segment
We see a recap from the two championship matches, including Rhea Ripley’s return, Dexter Lumis’s interference in the match, Velveteen Dream getting the visual pin on Adam Cole, and Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher’s response to Imperium.
NXT Tag Team Champions Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher vs. Imperium (Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel) for the NXT Tag Team Championships
Marchel Barthel and Timothy Thatcher start the match. They tie up, and Thatcher has the upper hand on Barthel, working his left arm. Thatcher maintains the pressure on the arm until Barthel can reverse into a headlock on Thatcher.
Thatcher reverses into a Bow and Arrow submission, but Barthel quickly escapes. Barthel gets a drop toe takedown with a gound and pound, but Thatcher rolls Barthel over and locks in an armbar, but Barthel reaches the ropes, forcing a break.
Fabian Aichner tags in and takes Thatcher down. Barthel pulls Riddle off of the apron, preventing Thatcher from getting the tag. Fabian Aichner hits a waistlock takedown on Thatcher, but Thatcher gets to Riddle, who has returned to the apron, to make the tag.
Aichner went for a Samoan Drop on Riddle, but Riddle reverses into a sleeper hold. He hits a gut wrench suplex on Aichner. Barthel tags in, and Riddle hits a suplex on him as well. Riddle goes for a Broton on Barthel, but Barthel rolls out of the way. Aichner tags back in and hits a backbreaker on Riddle, covering him for two, and we go to commercial.
Back from commercial and Fabian Aichner has the upper hand on Matt Riddle. Riddle goes for the tag, but Aichner blocks him. Marcel Barthel tags in and grounds and pounds Matt Riddle, then Fabian Aichner tags in and Matt Riddle is able to fight off Aichner and Barthel’s double team.
Riddle goes for the block again, but Barthel tags in and blocks the tag attempt. Riddle hits a monkey flip on Barthel, sending him into Timothy Thatcher, knocking him off the apron. Thatcher looks at Riddle and says that he is done with Riddle. Thatcher walks away, leaving Riddle all alone against Imperium.
Riddle looks utterly shocked. Imperium attacks Riddle from behind and go for hte European Bomb, but Riddle fights them off, hitting a Bro to Sleep on Aichner and a Final Flash on Barthel. However, the numbers game eventually catches up with Riddle, and Imperium hit the European Bomb on Riddle, pinning Riddle for three.
Winners: Imperium
We are told that Tony Nese will take on Jake Atlas and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott will take on Jack Gallagher later tonight. However, up next, we will take a look at the NXT Women’s Championship picture after this commercial.
Back from commercial and Timothy Thatcher is interviewed backstage, and he is upset about Matt Riddle’s antics. He says he doesn’t like the game shows and the “bro”s. Matt Riddle confronts Timothy Thatcher and they shove each other before getting into a bit of a brawl. Officials separate them, and we move on to the next match.
Despite being told that we would take a special look at the NXT Women’s Championship picture, we move on to another match.
Tegan Nox vs. Indi Hartwell
Nox and Hartwell trade some words, but Hartwell seems to have the strength advantage. Nox uses her speed, but it isn’t enough to take down Hartwell. Nox tries to roll up Hartwell for a pin, but she Harwell blocks it.
In the corner, Hartwell stomps and kicks away at Nox. Nox tries to fight out of the corner and kicks Hartwell away, but she comes back with a forearm smash on Nox’s back. Nox runs the ropes, but Hartwell hits Nox with a sidewalk slam, covering her for two.
Hartwell whips Nox into the corner and runs at her, but Nox hits Hartwell with an elbow. Nox sends Hartwell to the apron and Hartwell goes for some springboard offense, but Nox catches her with a chokeslam.
Nox hits Hartwell with an uppercut in the corner, then follows it up with a crossbody from the top rope. Finally, Nox hits a Shiniest Wizard on Hartwell, covering her for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Tegan Nox
After the match, we get a replay of Charlotte Flair and Io Shirai’s match from last week, including Rhea Ripley’s return and Io Shirai confronting Ripley backstage.
We see a backstage promo from Rhea Ripley as she talks about how she wants her title back and she is going to bring the title back to NXT and take if from Charlotte. Ripley says that she will go through Io Shirai if she has to, and the two of them are not done with each other. Ripley says, “That title that you have around your waist? It belongs to me.” Then, we go to commercial.
Back from commercial, Matt Riddle is speaking to William Regal via a tablet. He says that Regal gave him a match against Thatcher tonight, and Timothy Thatcher jumps Riddle from behind, hitting him with a computer monitor. Thatcher walks out, saying, “See you tonight.”
Tony Nese vs. Jake Atlas
Beth Phoenix informs us that Tony Nese is officially out of the tournament mathematically, and Nese is only around to play spoiler now.
Atlas is interviewed backstage by Byron Saxton about his match. Atlas says that he is nervous about facing a former Cruiserweight Champion, and he also says that he hopes Drake Maverick beats Kushida, forcing a tie.
Atlas locks in an armbar early, but Nese reverses out of it, hitting Atlas with a series of kicks. Atlas and Nese hit a series of reversals, but Nese hits Atlas in the eyes, getting the upperhand, then hit dives out of the ring, snapping Atlas’s neck on the top rope.
Nese gets back in the ring and hits Atlas with a suplex, covering him for two. Nese transitions into a front chancery, but Atlas fights Nese off, getting to his feet and forcing a break.
Atlas goes for a kick, but Nese catches it. Atlas returns elbow strikes on Nese, then a pump kick. Atlas wraps up Nese with a German suplex, then hits a step-up enziguri, covering him for two.
Nese hits Atlas with chops, then goes for a pump handle slam. Atlas escapes and hits a neckbreaker on Nese. Atlas goes to the top rope, but Nese catches him with a leaping uppercut, stopping him dead in his tracks. Nese lays in a series of chops, hanging Atlas precariously on the top rope.
Nese mounts the corner and sends Atlas to the apron. Nese taunts Atlas, and Atlas uses the opportunity to knock Nese from the top rope. Atlas goes to the top, hitting the Rainbow DDT, covering Nese for three.
Winner: Jake Atlas
We cut to a Zoom promo between Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole. O’reilly reveals that he has been away shooting a movie. Bobby Fish joins the call, talking about how he misses them all. Roderick Strong joins the call and they just enjoy each other’s company.
O’Reilly says that they have been killing it on NXT television. Cole says that he embarrassed Velveteen Dream. Roderick Strong complains about Dexter Lumis, and everyone in the Era agrees that Roderick Strong should take on Dexter Lumis, and then after they take him out, they will go back to running NXT. After the call, we go to commercial break.
Back from commercial, we see a video package for Karrion Kross and Scarlett. We see a reminder that of Kross taking out Ciampa. Kross says that Ciampa was the first, but he will not be the last.
Finn Balor is backstage, staring directly into the camera. Cameron Gross is shown warming up for his match backstage.
We cut to a video package of Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez, and Kai expresses why she turned on Nox, and see a recap of the turn. Kai and Gonzalez talk about the bond they share about both of them being outcasts, and they plan on “hurting a lot of people.”
Isaiah “Swerve” Scott is backstage, talking about his upcoming match, as it is “win or go home.” Scott talks about how he was able to take out El Hijo del Fantasma. Scott says that he is going to beat Gallagher, then throws some shade at Tony Nese and potentially Jack Gallagher, saying, “If I couldn’t get a single win the whole tournament, I’d probably quit wrestling altogether.”
We are told that, later tonight, we will see another promo from Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae from their dinner table, seemingly to be reminiscent of their promo from two weeks ago. However, up next, DX will be on NXT to help deliver William Regal’s big announcement, right after this commercial.
Back from commercial, Triple H and Shawn Michaels talk about how tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary of the very first In Your House special, and now a lot of people are spending time in their house, so on Sunday, June 7th, we will have NXT TakeOver: In Your House.
Finn Balor vs. Cameron Grimes
Cameron Grimes goes immediately for the Cave In, but Balor evades and goes right after Grimes, locking in a headlock. Grimes for an eye rake, but Balor keeps the headlock in. Grimes is able to reverse into a hammerlock, but Balor grounds Grimes and hits him with a PK.
Balor whips Grimes into the corner, then Grimes hits a waist lock takedown on Balor and lays into Balor’s midsection. Grimes kicks at Balor’s chest, then chokes him on the middle rope. Grimes hits a sunset flip on Balor, but Balor rolls through with a basement dropkick. Balor goes for a slingblade, but Grimes catches him and slams him down, covering him for two, and we go to commercial.
Back from commercial, Grimes has Balor in a chinlock. Balor fights to his feet, but Grimes takes Balor down with knee to the midsection, covering him for two. Balor hits Grimes with some forearms, but Grimes takes Balor back down, tossing him hard into the turnbuckle.
Grimes drives his sohulder into Balor’s midsection, but Balor gets his feet up. Balor runs at Grimes, potentially going for another slingblade, but Grimes hits Balor with a clothesline, taking him down. Grimes trash talks Balor, but Balor takes Grimes down and hits a double stomp on Grimes.
Balor stomps away at Grimes, but Grimes drags Balor out of the ring. Balor gets to the apron and stomps away at Grimes’s head and face, then hits a huge PK on Grimes from the apron. Damien Priest suddenly appears in the crowd area. Balor takes out Priest, then focuses back on Grimes.
Balor rolls Grimes back in the ring and gets to the apron, but while the ref is checking on Grimes, Priest hits Balor in the knee with the nightstick. Back in the ring, Grimes hits Balor with the Cave In, allowing Grimes to pick up the victory.
Winner: Cameron Grimes
With Balor still in the ring, Damian Priest tosses a steel chair into the ring. Priest then hits Balor with The Reckoning on the steel chair. Priest sets up the chair on top of Balor, and reveals that he is the one that took out Balor weeks ago, as he did it because he wants his name to live forever. Priest leaves the ring as Balor writhes in pain in the ring.
Back from commercial, and we head into cruiserweight action.
Jack Gallagher vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott
As Isaiah “Swerve” Scott comes down to the ring, Tony Nese attacks him from behind. Nese takes revenge on Swerve because of his comments about failing to win a match. Scott gets in the corner and says that he is ready to compete.
Gallagher immediately hits Scott with a running dropkick into the corner, and he covers Scott for two. Gallagher continues to kick at Scott, but Scott continues to kick out. Gallagher locks in an abdominal stretch, but Serve forces the break, fighting to his feet.
Gallagher takes a swing at Scott, but Scott ducks and takes Gallagher down. Scott lifts Gallagher, but his back gives out. Gallagher goes for another running dropkick to Scott in the corner, but Scott evades this one and hits a House Call on Gallagher, covering him for two.
Scott kicks at Gallagher’s chest multiple times and runs at Gallagher, but Gallagher leaps and catches Scott in a Guillotine Choke. Scott fights out and picks up Gallagher. Gallagher nails Scott with a knee to the head, forcing Scott to drop him. Gallagher runs at Scott with a roundhouse elbow, covering Scott for three.
Winner: Jack Gallagher
Up next, Kayden Carter and Aliyah continue their feud, right after this commercial break.
Kayden Carter vs. Aliyah
Aliyah immediately hits a takedown on Carter, but Carter gets back to her feet. Carter goes for a quick submission, but Aliyah blocks and gets to her feet. Carter covers Aliyah but Aliyah kicks out. Carter hits a springboard superkick on Aliyah, covering her for two.
Aliyah pins Carter in the corner and kicks away at her, then hip tosses her across the ring. Aliyah lays into Carter in the corner. Aliyah kicks at Carter, then chokes her on the middle rope. Robert Stone comes down to the ring and seems to be impressed by Aliyah.
Aliyah goes to the top rope and looks at Stone, then goes to the top for a moonsault. Carter blocks it and gets Aliyah down to the mat. Carter rolls up Aliyah for a two count, then gets Aliyah in a modified figure four, making Aliyah tap out.
Winner: Kayden Carter
Robert Stone looks disappointed in Aliyah. Stone decides to walk away. Aliyah grabs his wrist and tries to talk to him, but he removes her hand and walks to the back.
Up next, Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae cut a promo from their home, after this commercial.
Back from commercial, and Gargano and Candice are celebrating Johnny’s victory over Dominik Dijakovic. Gargano says that, if Dijakovic took Keith Lee to the limit, then Keith Lee is a joke. Gargano says that Dijakovic learned that if you speak his name, you will be punished.
Candice talks about her victory over Kacy Catanzaro and how Catanzaro is an example to every woman on the NXT roster like Mia Yim, who keeps losing her opportunities that she is handed.
She complains about Mia Yim and Johnny Gargano complains about Keith Lee. They seem to set their sights on new targets. Gargano says that Lee’s route of desiring fan adoration is a road that leads nowhere, and he says that he isn’t strong enough to deal with that reality.
Candice says that they should show people what basking in glory is really like, and that is the end of the promo.
We are told that next week, Drake Maverick will take on Kushida and El Hijo del Fantasma will take on Akira Tozawa. Also, Rhea Ripley will take on Io Shirai.
Matt Riddle vs. Timothy Thatcher
Matt Riddle is not his usual cheerful self as he walks down to the ring, as he is focused on Thatcher.
Riddle immediately lays into Thatcher, and Thatcher mounts Riddle with some strikes. Riddle gets to his feet, but Thatcher takes him down again. Riddle is able to reverse the mount and strikes at Thatcher’s head and face as well.
Thatcher and Riddle separate and stare each other down. Riddle takes down Thatcher, but Thatcher gets to his feet. Riddle takes down Thatcher again and strikes at his upper body. Riddle transitions to the other side of Thatcher and locks in a double wrist lock.
Thatcher rolls Riddle into a pinfall attempt, then locks in an armbar on Riddle. Riddle reverses and gets to his feet, kneeing away at Thatcher. Riddle lands a big kick on Thatcher’s head. Thatcher rolls out of the ring following that kick, and we go to commercial break.
Back from commercial and Timothy Thatcher is in control after stomping on Riddle’s feet and hitting a belly to belly suplex. Thatcher goes for an ankle lock, but Riddle kciks Thatcher in the head and forces a break. Riddle goes for a Final Fash, but Thatcher hits a German suplex. Riddle lands on his feet and hits a Final Flash.
Riddle goes for another German suplex, but Thatcher stomps on Riddle’s feet again and forces a break. Thatcher grounds Riddle nad hits his medsection with some knees. Riddle tries to lock in an armbar on Thatcher, but Thatcher gets to the bottom rope, forcing a break.
Thatcher goes back in on Riddle with knees to the midsection. Thatcher goes for an armbar, but Riddle rolls into it forcing a pinfall attempt. Thatcher goes for the armbar again, but Riddle picks up Thatcher and hits a sit-out powerbomb on him.
Thatcher and Riddle trade strikes, but Thatcher goes back to Riddle’s ankle, going for an ankle lock. Riddle rolls out and kicks Thatcher away, but Thatcher comes back with a kick to the head. Riddle hits a Bro to Sleep on Thatcher, but both men collapse.
Riddle goes to the top rope and looks for a Floating Bro but Thatcher gets his knees up. Thatcher locks in a Fujiwara armbar on Riddle, but Riddle rolls out and hits a powerbomb on Thatcher. Riddle goes to taunt Thatcher, but Thatcher takes advantage and goes for an armbar.
Riddle escapes the armbar, but Thatcher gets in an ankle lock. Riddle gets to his feet and sits on Thatcher, pinning him for the three count pinfall victory.
Winner: Matt Riddle
Timothy Thatcher is not done with Riddle, though, as he hits Riddle from behind, then wrenches in the Fujiwara armbar on Riddle. Riddle is tapping out, crying in pain, saying “Stop!” but Thatcher just wrenches harder as he stares into the camera and NXT goes off the air.

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