Money In The Bank is this Sunday. Tonight’s episode of SmackDown was filmed last week. Let’s see what they have in store.
Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville will have a singles match. Let’s see what happens to continue that feud because they will be far from finished after tonight.
Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman will have some sort of segment this week. The two will battle at Money In The Bank in a match that is simply too close even for betting odds to call.
Jeff Hardy is returning this week. He promised to keep an eye out for Sheamus.
Tamina Snuka will team up with Lacey Evans to take on Bayley and Sasha Banks. Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak will also introduce a mystery partner to take on King Corbin, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Cesaro.

Opening Segment

Mandy Rose was backstage. Otis asked her if she’s ready for her mach against Sonya. He wanted to know how he can help. She told him to focus on MITB. Then she kissed his cheek.
They showed Sonya Deville who was gearing up. Dolph Ziggler walked up to her and she said she’s been waiting 5 years for this match.

Mandy Rose vs Sonya Deville

Rose hit a running knee as Deville was putting her hair up to square up. Rose beat Deville down in the corner as she tore at her.
Deville landed a kick. Mandy ducked a clothesline and then Rose returned fire. Deville then rolled out of the ring to get a breather. Deville hit a kick on the way in and took over with a running knee and a two count.
“You think you’re better than me?” Deville asked as she continued to hold Mandy down. She said “you’re embarrassing yourself right now.” Deville said that she feels bad for Rose, but she’s enjoying giving her pain. She tore Rose’s eyelashes off and continued to humiliate her.
Rose got free, but Deville kicked her down again. Deville said that Rose is in her world and if she doesn’t stop embarrassing her then she’ll have to hurt her.
Rose came back with two clotheslines and hit a running knee that sent Deville to the floor. Then Rose screamed “who’s the bitch now, bitch?!” She drove Sonya’s head into the announce table and threw her into the steel steps.
Then Mandy Rose threw Sonya over the announce table. Mandy tried for a Pedigree, but Deville got out of it. Rose went for a running knee. Then Sonya Deville won with a roll-up pin.
Winner: Sonya Deville

The New Day & Lucha House Party vs Miz & Morrison & Forgotten Sons

Big E’s “ahhhhhhh people at home!!! Don’t you dare be sour,” bit isn’t fun anymore. They need someone in that crowd already. Big E and Kofi Kingston came out and they were dancing in front of nobody.
Kofi and Miz fought into the corner and then Kingston started unloading fists on all the heels. This started a beatdown and the babyfaces saved him. The heels went outside and then the Lucha House Party hit dives on the heels before they cut to commercial.
When they came back from commercial, The New Day took control. Big E tagged Kofi Kingston and delivered a dropkick to Wesley Blake. Big E took a tag and hit a splash. Then Lucha House Party had quick tags and splashes.
Kofi took the tag again and continued to work on Blake.The Miz got a tag when Kofi missed a splash in the corner. Big E tried to get in, but Jessika Carr ran him off while The Miz worked on Kofi and then he tagged Morrison.
Morrison hit a move I’ve never seen before it was like an Alabama slam that turned into a flipping slam then he hit a running knee before tagging in Cutler.
Ryker hit a cheap shot on Kofi (Ryker isn’t in the match) and Blake got the tag again. Kofi fought off the Forgotten Sons and then Blake nailed a suicide dive on Kofi when he went outside.
When we came back from commercial, Kofi was fighting off Miz and Morrison. Big E helped out, but he took the stairs outside. Kofi hit the SOS, but Miz kicked out and then they made tags. Metalik took the tag and he started making quick work. Dorado came in and hit a double springboard stunner on the Forgotten Sons. Metalik hit a sunset flip pin for a two count when he got tagged in. Then Dorado took the tag and hit a spiking rana before he hit a splash, but the Sons broke up the pin.
Kofi and Blake went over the top rope. Big E caught Cutler and he launched him into Kofi’s boot. Blake held Big E on the floor and Cutler stomped him before Kofi got powerbombed onto Big E.
Dorado hit a sunset flip and almost got a pin. Morrison fought back and got a two count. Then Morrison went for Starship Pain, but he landed on his feet when Lince moved.
Lince hit a Poisonrana as Miz took the tag. Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale on Lince Dorado and he got the pin.
Winners: Forgotten Sons, Miz & Morrison

King Corbin cut a heel promo backstage. Kayla Braxton was back instead of Renee Young.
Jeff Hardy Return

Renee Young was in the ring. Looks like they needed both Kayla and Renee this week. It’s not like there’s a pandemic going on, whatever, make Renee Young fly across the country.
Hardy came out and she asked him what he has left to prove. He said “I’m not sure” and then he talked about his career, and his lows. Then they showed Sheamus asking “who cares Jeff” on a TV backstage practicing safe social distancing.

Jeff said he can still hear the fans chanting his name. Then he asked fans to stick with him through this return. Sheamus was shown again asking “this is what people have been waiting for?” Jeff said he’s surprised that Sheamus hasn’t interrupted him yet. He can feel his energy, his intensity. Come on. So Sheamus came out.

Sheamus said this was sad and he said that he was begging for fans to give him “a little sip off the bottle” and nobody’s around to give him a “pity swig.” Sheamus said the fans are tired of them. They’re tired of the suspensions, releases, no-shows, and wasted second chances.

Sheamus said that everybody knows Hardy’s next failure is right around the corner. Everybody, but him. He said that Jeff’s flame has “been barely burning for far too long… it’s time for me to put it out.”

Sheamus went to the ring and Jeff kicked him and scaled the roped to hit a Whisper In The Wind and a Twist Of Fate. Michael Cole said Twist Of Fate. Hardy hit a swanton bomb and posed for zero fans.

They aired a WWE Heroes commercial featuring John Cena and several other sporting stars thanking COVID-19 workers.

Braun & Bray’s Fun House

Braun came out and he talked about starting with the Wyatt Family. Bray came out and said he just wants him to say he’s sorry. Braun said this Sunday Bray’s going to be sorry.

Bray said he knows him. “A good creator always knows his own creations, right?” He said he know what’s best for Braun. Then Strowman said Bray doesn’t know. Wyatt said that Braun needs to come home. He doesn’t belong out there with the rest of them. He just needs to remove the WWE Title that he called a “burden.”

He said he needs to get the Universal Championship back twice trying to get Braun to say “get these hands.” Braun said Bray doesn’t know him and it all ends at Money In The Bank. Wyatt said “our journey is just beginning.”

Bray then gave him a “taste of things to come” before extending out another black sheep mask. He said to try it on and come back home. The Firefly Fun House friends where shown saying “come home.”

Strowman said “I am home” and he’s Universal Champion. He said he’s going to keep it and then Wyatt will be stuck playing with his puppets.

Otis Backstage

Otis was backstage. Bryan and Gulak walked up and asked if Mandy is okay. She’s upset. Then they asked if he wanted to take a walk. Wonder what they’re up to?

Lacey Evans & Tamina vs Bayley & Sasha Banks

Tamina took out both Bayley and Banks as they played rock, paper, scissors to figure out who would start. They left the ring and Bayley returned. She went between Tamina’s legs and kicked her. Then Tamina slammed Bayley down before hitting a splash and tagging Tamina.

Bayley moved and tagged Banks as Tamina missed a splash. Banks beat Tamina down and pushed her in the corner. They started kicking Tamina down and then Bayley choked Tamina with her boot.

The match continued and Bayley hung Tamina up on the second rope. Bayley jumped off the top and Tamina landed a right hand that sent Bayley out of the ring.

After the commercial, Banks and Bayley took out Lacey Evans with a double team move and Lacey Evans kicked out at two.

Banks took a tag and they sent Evans into the corner with a double team. Bayley tagged back in and Lacey fought back, but they hammered her down. Evans was able to get away and Tamina took a tag. They sent Tamina to the floor, but she caught Banks on a dive and put her into the barricade. She picked up Bayley and slammed her down outside before sending her back in for come clotheslines and a splash in the corner.

Tamina heaved Bayley across the ring and hit a running hip attack in the corner. Then Tamina climbed up and Banks stopped her. Bayley met Tamina up top and got shoved off.

Then Tamina went for a dive, but Bayley got her feet up and Bayley screamed someone about Tamina talking about her and then Bayley hit an elbow and got a two count.

Banks and Lacey returned the the ring and Evans hit a Women’s Right on Banks. Tamina drove Banks out. Tamina hit a Samoan Drop and pinned the champion.

Winners: Tamina & Lacey Evans

Carmella and Dana Brooke cut promos backstage together. They are both going to prove that they are good wrestlers. That’s about it. Here’s a picture of them.

Shinsuke Nakamura, King Corbin, and Cesaro vs Daniel Bryan, Drew Gulak, Otis

Sami Zayn won’t be around for a while. Good for him. Now Shin and Cesaro are tagging along with King Corbin.

The Hacker is back. He showed clips from the show. He played a clip saying “he is coming real soon.”

Otis was their mystery partner because Heavy Machinery is no longer a thing.

Cesaro and Gulak worked a bit and Drew tied Cesaro up into a pretzel for a bit. Then Cesaro got loose and started using his power game to fight back. He tagged off to Corbin and he continued to work with Gulak for a bit.

The heels took advantage over Gulak as they distracted the referee. Then Nakamura tagged in and he went for a knee drop, but Gulak moved and tagged Otis.

Otis hit Cesaro and Corbin off the apron. Then Otis slammed Nakamura down and hit a splash in the corner. He hit a Caterpillar and planted Cesaro. Then the babyfaces threw the heels out of the ring.

Bryan went for a suicide dive when we got back from commercial, but Corbin nailed him with a forearm and took him out on the barricade.

Gulak and Cesaro continued in the ring and Gulak locked on a chicken wing submission, but Cesaro got to his feet and slammed him down. Then Gulak and Corbin squared off. Gulak got on a submission, but Nakamura kicked him.

Otis plowed through Shinsuke. Then Otis launched Cesaro over the top rope. Gulak and Corbin continued in the ring as Otis took a post outside. Bryan hit a running knee on Shinsuke and Cesaro took him out.

Then Corbin hit a Deep 6 on Gulak for the win. When did he start winning with a Deep 6?

Winners: King Corbin, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Cesaro

After the match, Bryan saved Gulak from getting destroyed. They brawled outside and Gulak hit a dive off the barricade where he took everyone out.

They continued to brawl to the back as King Corbin got up alone and out of the mess. He picked up a ladder, brought it to the ring, and climbed the ladder toward the briefcase.

Daniel Bryan stopped Corbin from getting the briefcase, but then Bryan was driven into the ladder. Corbin climbed up again to snag the green briefcase. Otis came in and he used the ladder as a weapon against Corbin.

Then ladder set up the ladder and started climbing. The bottom rung of the ladder broke. Then the second broke. He went for the other side, but Corbin stopped him.

Bryan took out Corbin with a dragon screw. Then he set up the ladder to climb to the case. Did they know that this wasn’t the actual MITB match?

Finally, Corbin tossed Bryan over the top rope and onto Otis. Corbin climbed up and took the briefcase.

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