WWE has plenty in store as we head toward Backlash. Two matches are going down to determine the finals of the IC Championship Tournament. We might also see the SmackDown debut of The Original Bro.
A Moment Of Bliss segment is set for this week. The New Day will be Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross’ guests.
Lacey Evans and Sonya Deville will do battle in singles action as well. We’ll have to see if Mandy Rose gets involved somehow.
Jeff Hardy vs Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles vs Elias is also slated for tonight’s show. The winners of those matches will face each other to determine the new IC Champion.
Opening Segment
The show started with Elias on the street outside. There was a car accident and police were on the scene. Renee Young said someone wearing all black was seen running away.
The police started asking if Jeff Hardy was around if they could find him. The rental car apparently belonged to Jeff Hardy. Then they went over to Kayla Braxton who was talking to Braun Strowman who saw the whole thing.
Braun said he saw the whole thing go down. Then police started running and they eventually found Jeff Hardy. He was hurt and walking gingerly as they helped him along.
The police said he smelled like alcohol and then they cuffed Hardy and led him off.
There was a backstage meeting and Adam Pearce addressed the locker room. He said that Elias is not medically cleared tonight. Jeff Hardy was arrested. Neither can compete tonight.
There was a lot of discussion in the locker room. AJ Styles wanted to be in the finals with Bryan.
They all wanted the free shot in the tournament. Sheamus said it should be himself vs Corbin vs Bryan with the winner getting the match. There was a lot of disagreement. Jey Uso wanted a piece of the action since Jimmy’s hurt. Finally, it was decided that they will hold a battle royal match.
10 Man Battle Royal Match
This was the match that was previously reported on. Drew Gulak was quietly inserted back into the situation here like he never left.
This was madness as 10 men all fought for a chance to become IC Champion. There was a lot of pushing and pulling as Superstars kept from being eliminated. Corbin was a target for the Lucha House Part. Then Corbin eliminated Dorado.
Gulak was eliminated by King Corbin as well. Nakamura missed a knee to the corner as Shorty G moved. They continued fighting. Gran Metalik hit a double springboard elbow on Sheamus and Corbin to save himself. Then Corbin kicked him and threw him out.
Then Corbin was eliminated by Jey Uso to get a big pop from the NXT Superstar fans as they cut to commercial.
Half of the field was left with Jey Uso, Shorty G, Sheamus, Cesaro, and Shinsuke Nakamura. G got an armbar on Sheamus and then he hit a tornado DDT. Jey hit Superkicks on The Bar and G hit a rolling Liger kick on Cesaro.
Jey and Nakamura went toe-to-toe and then Cesaro saved Nakamura from elimination as he targeted Nakamura. Cesaro tried to throw Shorty out, but he held on. Then G dragged Cesaro over the top rope and eliminated him.
Nakamura eliminated himself accidentally and then Cesaro jumped back in and tossed Shorty G over the rope. This left Jey Uso and Sheamus.
Sheamus dumped Jey over the top rope, but Uce held on. Then Uce landed a kick and climbed up top. He jumped over Sheamus and landed a Superkick before clotheslining Sheamus over the top rope, but he held on.
Sheamus dragged Jey to the apron and then he went for a kick. Sheamus grabbed his foot, backed him into the post, landed a Brogue Kick and won.
Winner: Sheamus
Sonya Deville cut a promo on Lacey Evans backstage, but she didn’t see Evans. Lacey Shoved her, called her a nasty, and walked off.
After the commercial, Shorty G and Cesaro were arguing. He didn’t like how Cesaro eliminated him. Cesaro said he was doing G a favor. He told G to be the bigger man “for once in his life.”
Shorty G decked Cesaro and then left.
Lacey Evans vs Sonya Deville
Lacey Evans and Sonya Deville were evenly matched. Sonya Deville was pretty stiff with Evans as she continued to keep her down.
Deville used cheap shots and a smack mouth offense. Then Evans had a chance to talk some smack about Mandy Rose, but that just made Sonya angry.
Evans kicked Deville and hit a faceplant followed by a gator roll. She smothered Deville with the ring apron and continued to pummel on her.
Then the match ended via double count out.
A Moment Of Bliss
This was a Tag Team Champion summit with two sets of champions. The New Day came out and Nikki Cross gave them pancakes from her grandma’s recipe. They asked they about who they want to face and they said the Forgotten Sons.
Big E asked Bliss who they want to face. Then Bliss and Bayley came out. Bayley immediately told the NXT Superstars to shut up.
Banks and Bayley said that they don’t see the best tag team on SmackDown in the ring. Banks went in the ring. She took off her jacket and threw it at Bliss. That pissed Bliss off and Nikki had to hold Bliss back.
Alexa Bliss asked Banks where her championship is. They acted like that was a sick burn. Bayley said Banks is the leader of the women’s division.
Then Banks said they put the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles on the map. Banks said that they can win the titles back whenever they want, Bliss said to name the tag and place.
Bayley said that Banks will face Bliss now. Banks wasn’t in her gear at all. She was still in heels. Bayley said she”ll go get her heels from the bus as Bliss dropkicked The Boss out of the ring.
Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss
Bayley got some tennis shoes on, so at least she was able to ditch her heels.
Banks dropkicked her and then slapped her across the face. Nikki Cross was on commentary with Bayley as well. Cross sat on the table on her knees. Michael Cole looked like he was loving his life.
Banks landed double knees in the corner for a two count as the match continued with some mounted punches on Bliss.
Banks kicked Alexa Bliss down in the corner and landed more double knees. Nikki Cross continued to get very excited for Bliss as she cheered her on. Banks landed a backbreaker for a two count as Bayley told Cross to “SHUT UP!”
They continued in the ring as Banks told everyone else to “SHUT UP!” too. Bliss landed a couple of slaps and then landed forearms.
Banks and Bliss traded some shots before Bliss landed more knees and got a two count. Cross got a big “LEXI” chant going with the NXT Superstars. Then Bliss landed a big right hand and climbed up top.
Bayley jumped on the apron and distracted Bliss by clucking like a chicken. Cross jumped up to stop her, but Bayley shoved Cross into Bliss who was still on top. Then Alexa Bliss fell and took a pinfall from Banks.
Winner: Sasha Banks
Shorty G vs Cesaro
G started off fast and hit several moves to surprise Cesaro. Then Shorty wrapped Cesaro’s leg up with a submission, Cesaro got out and hit a clothesline and a basement dropkick for a two count.
Cesaro nailed a throw for two count before latching on a headlock. Shorty landed a dropkick to the knee off the ropes and then he jumped on Cesaro but he was caught and planted with a powerbomb for a two count.
Shorty G was placed on top and Cesaro went for a suplex, but G landed on his feet and latched on an ankle lock. Cesaro powered out and slung G against the ropes to have him come back into an uppercut for a two count.
Cesaro had a Neutralizer reversed and and then Shorty G reversed a second powerbomb to roll Cesaro up for a three count.
Winner: Shorty G
Mandy Rose and Otis’ Date
Otis and Mandy were by the pool. Otis poured some bubbly for her and Mandy. Otis wanted to know if she wanted to swim. She wanted to take a nap.
Then she fell asleep and saw Otis in her dream. They reenacted a scene from Fast Times At Ridgemont High. There were a lot of close-ups of Otis in a thong.
Kurt Angle introduced a video package introducing Matt Riddle.
Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan
Daniel exploded with some strikes and then Sheamus hit a stiff shot or two of his own and took control.
They continued and Bryan eventually sent Sheamus to the floor and hit then he hit a suicide dive.
When we came back from commercial, Sheamus quickly gained control with his brute strength once again. He threw Daniel Bryan out of the ring and got a mocking Yes Chant going.
Then they returned to the ring. Sheamus hit a double ax handle off the top rope. Sheamus caught Bryan as he tried to mount a comeback and he hit an Irish Curse backbreaker before getting on a cloverleaf submission before Daniel Bryan made his way to the bottom rope.
They made their way to the top rope and Sheamus tried to hit a superplex. Then Daniel knocked Sheamus off the top rope and landed a missile dropkick.
Bryan landed some Yes Kicks and almost got a roll-up pin. Then Sheamus hit White Noise for a two count.
Sheamus’ face met a turnbuckle thanks to a drop toe hold. Bryan hit two running dropkicks, but Sheamus took him out with a double ax handle smash. Sheamus geared up for a Brogue Kick. Then Jeff Hardy walked down to the ring and distracted Sheamus.
Bryan landed a running knee and won the match.
Winner: Daniel Bryan
Jeff Hardy got a beat down on Sheamus a bit, but then Sheamus ran off. What just happened?

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