Tonight’s episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown will feature Charlotte Flair vs Bayley. The NXT Women’s Champion and SmackDown Women’s Champion will collide, but no title will be on the line.
The IC Title Tournament will continue. Jeff Hardy will take on Sheamus and Shinsuke Nakamura will also battle AJ Styles.
Otis and Mandy Rose will team up to take on Dolph Ziggler and Sonya Deville as well. That match could be the close of their feud, or just a bookmark.

All that and more is expected for Friday Night SmackDown this week.

  • Charlotte Flair and Bayley to meet in Champion vs. Champion Match
  • Jeff Hardy looks to accelerate comeback against Sheamus in Intercontinental Championship Tournament
  • AJ Styles rolls into SmackDown to face Shinsuke Nakamura in Intercontinental Championship Tournament
  • Otis & Mandy Rose bring personal battle with Sonya Deville & Dolph Ziggler to the ring
The show started with a Memorial Day video package.
Dirt Sheet
Morrison said his hands are now “certified Instagram influencers.” Then Miz played a clip of Otis winning MITB and said he can’t believe it’s true. They threw more shade at Otis. Then Miz said that Braun Strowman “enabled” Otis last week.
Miz said that Braun tagging with Otis made no sense because of the Money In The Bank Briefcase. Then Morrison said it makes no sense like Becky Lynch choosing to have a baby with Seth Rollins.
They said that Braun was replaced in the Wyatt Family by puppets. Then Miz revealed some “rejected Firefly Fun House puppets.” They were all sad and said bad things about Braun Strowman. One of them was a “Diaper Boy” and he had poo coming out of his mouth. The third was a mannequin called Mandiquin Rose.
Braun Strowman finally came out and he thanked them for having him on the show. They didn’t know he was booked and then he said that they should ask him a question. He suggested that they ask him about Bray and his puppets.
Miz said that he tangled with Wyatt and he knows Wyatt isn’t done with Strowman. Then Morrison accidentally set up a match with Miz.
Braun Strowman vs The Miz
Miz landed a punch, but Strowman no-sold it. Then he hit a couple more, but Braun just gave him another right that Miz did sell.
Braun landed a clubbing blow that sent Miz to the mat hard. Strowman hit a shoulder tackle and then Miz got Braun out of the ring and hit a knee. Johnny Drip Drip hit a dive off the barricade on Strowman and then Miz sent him into the steps before putting him back in.
Miz went for a springboard move, but Braun grabbed him. Miz racked the eye and landed a dropkick to the knee. Braun came back with a bearhug that barreled Miz into the corner. He tossed him across the ring before landing a right that took Morrison off the apron.
Braun hit a running powerslam next and won.
Winner: Braun Strowman

AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura
Styles is now on SmackDown and more trades are on the way.
These two started stiff after feeling each other out. They traded moved and then Nakamura dropped Styles on his neck as he slid out of the ring just as the commercial break started.
They traded more kicks and Styles ended up on the mat taking a few shots from Nakamura. They continued and Styles took control before Nakamura buried Styles in the corner.
Styles locked on a Calf Crusher, but Nakamura grabbed the ropes. Shinsuke landed a kick in the back of the head, then he missed a sliding kick and Styles nailed his own kick for a two count.
Nakamura got another two count after a Michinoku Driver. Then Nakamura hit a flying knee off the second rope and hit a sliding knee for another two count.
Shinsuke missed a Kinshasa as Styles rolled him up for a pinfall attempt. Then Nakamura got a triangle hold. Styles turned it into a Styles Clash for a two cout.
Finally, Styles nailed a Phenomenal Forearm and picked up the win.
Winner: AJ Styles
Bayley and Banks were backstage. Bayley told Banks that she doesn’t want her in her corner for her match against Flair. She said it’s because people are saying she can’t win without her.
Charlotte Flair vs Bayley
This is a Champion vs Champion match, but neither title is on the line.
Charlotte Flair started by roughing Bayley up. She yelled about how Bayley isn’t ready to face her. Bayley slammed Flair down and then got a quick cover, Flair kicked out and Bayley did the Flair strut while going “wooo.”
They showed Banks as she watched from backstage.
Bayley and Flair traded positions on a waistlock, and Bayley tried to get a pin with her feet on the ropes, but the ref immediately caught her. Flair tried it, but Bayley kicked out and the referee didn’t see her.
Flair did her dad’s flip over the ropes off an Irish Whip and Bayley and Flair started fighting on the floor.
Flair threw Bayley over the barricade, grabbed Michael Cole’s headset and told Banks to come out so she can kick both of their asses.
When we came back from commercial, Bayley fought her way out of a headlock. Then Flair gained control. Flair missed a big boot and went over ropes to the floor. Bayley kicked Flair in the the post.
Bayley shoved Charlotte against the barricade and the apron before returning to the ring. They continued in the ring and they traded quick pinfall attempts. Bayley got a headlock and was really dirty about it as she taunted Flair.
Flair caught Bayley’s cross body attempt and hit a fallaway slam. Then Flair came back with some right hands and eventually hit her neckbreaker and then she shoved Bayley into the turnbuckle.
Flair landed on her feet off a moonsault when Bayley moved and then she hit a big boot for a two count.
Charlotte went to the apron and Bayley hung her up over the second rope. She placed Flair in the corner and hit a running knee before climbing up top. Bayley jumped off, but missed the elbow. Flair got a Boston Crab on Bayley.
Bayley got free from the Boston Crab and then she hit the elbow off the top for a two count.
Bayley started yelling at the commentary table asking if they have something smart to say. Bayley chopped Flair: “BEAT ME BAYLEY! COME ON!” Charlotte yelled.
Bayley went for a Figure Four after many more chops. Flair landed a punch followed by many Flair chops.
Finally, Bayley rolled Flair up in the ropes and got the pin.
Winner: Bayley
Banks and Bayley were backstage celebrating her win. They teased Banks not beliving in Bayley, but then Bayley said “naw dog I know you believed in me.” They hugged. They’re still buddies for now.
Mandy Rose and Otis vs Sonya Deville & Dolph Ziggler
Mandy is wearing Daisy Dukes now. They called attention to her new look on commentary. She’s blue collar solid now.
Otis and Ziggler started things out after Otis requested it. Otis smashed and splashed Dolph in the corner. Then Dolph got in the ropes and Otis had to get back. Ziggler tagged Deville so Rose came in.
Deville hit Rose in the corner and then Mandy hit a Thesz Press on Deville and pummeled her. Dolph sent Otis into the steps so Mandy went outside to check on him instead of wrestling.
Mandy got back in the ring and then Deville started leveling Rose with kicks and punches. Otis got back to the corner, but Mandy couldn’t get to him.
Deville kept Rose down in a stretching headlock as Otis rallied the “crowd” for Mandy. Rose hit a jaw-jacker, but Deville was able to recover and she fired off a few more stiff kicks to Mandy.
Rose finally hit a knee as Deville shot off the ropes. Then Mandy made it to Otis after kicking Deville off.
Otis steamrolled over Zigger and pancaked him. Then he hit two splashes in the corner. Otis did some dancing and Deville got the tag.
Rose came in and leveled Deville. Otis took Ziggler out on the outside. Mandy hit a sliding kick for a two count as the brawl continues on the outside of the ring.
Deville hit a knee and another running knee for the win. Ziggler landed a superkick on Otis after the match for good measure.
Winners: Dolph Ziggler & Sonya Deville
Jeff Hardy cut a backstage promo about how much the IC Title means to him. He wants one more blaze of glory.
They showed a graphic for Shad, but they didn’t mention him or discuss this terrible tragedy. Donate to his family’s Go Fund Me if you can.
Renee Young was backstage at SmackDown. She walked up and asked The Miz and Morrison about their match at Backlash. They are very confident about their chances at Backlash. Hey, hey, ho, ho Miz and Morrison…
Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus
Sheamus took Hardy down and muscled him into the corner. Then he pummeled Hardy around the ring with some heavy shots.
Hardy sold and draped himself out of the ring as Sheamus pulled him back in for more. Sheamus shot Hardy off the ropes, but Jeff nailed a kick only to eat an elbow from Sheamus.
Hardy launched Sheamus over the top rope and hit a dropkick. Then he went for a crossbody from the apron, but Sheamus caught him, rammed him against the ring post, and then slammed him on the announce table.
Then Sheamus yelled at Michael Cole for putting Jeff Hardy over so much over the past few weeks.
Sheamus continued abusing Hardy when we got back from commercial.
Hardy tried to duck a clothesline, but Sheamus hammered him on the second attempt. It was not a good night for Hardy.
Sheamus taunted Hardy as they showed a slow-mo video of that clubbing clothesline. Hardy landed a kick, and he hit a Whisper In The Wind. Hardy created an opening, but only got a one count from a pinfall attempt.
Sheamus hit the Irish Curse backbreaker and then he hit another followed by a third. Hardy sold like a rag roll the whole time.
Sheamus clubbed on Hardy’s chest and then he tried to suplex Jeff, but Hardy landed on his feet. Hardy moved and Sheamus posted himself in the corner.
Hardy landed a clothesline and an inverted Atomic Drop and a basement dropkick for a two count.
Hardy and Sheamus went to the floor and Hardy walked the tightrope off the barricade and into a flying clothesline onto Sheamus. They moved back in and Sheamus was in position for the Swanton Bomb, but he got his knees up.
Hardy kicked out of a two count after falling onto Sheamus’ knees. Sheamus landed a knee for another two count.
Sheamus missed a Brogue Kick, Hardy rolled Sheamus up and got the win.
Winner: Jeff Hardy

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