Otis is Mr. Money In The Bank after a surprising victory on Sunday. This week he will be on Miz TV. Let’s see if his peach Mandy Rose joins him on the Most Must-See WWE Superstar’s blue brand talk show.
The WWE Intercontinental Title Tournament will start this week. Click here to find out what matches to expect.
Charlotte Flair is also slated to be on the show this week. She is still NXT Women’s Champion so it will be interesting to see what happens next for The Queen.
All that and more is slated for WWE Friday Night SmackDown on Fox.
Miz TV
The Miz and Morrison were already in the ring when the show started. Otis came out before being introduced. He was excited and did a cartwheel at ringside.
Otis didn’t sit in the director’s chair on the Miz TV set. He was afraid he’d break them. Then he was asked about his MITB win. He said his biggest win was winning Mandy Rose’s heart.
Miz asked him how he got Mandy. Morrison asked Otis if he was “packing some serious meat… in the briefcase.” Otis revealed he has a contract, Rolaids, and Gas-X in his briefcase.
Then they showed pictures of Otis as a baby for some reason. He weighed 12 pounds 4 ounces. “I was the biggest baby to come out of my other.” Morrison asked Otis if he was pregnant and said Otis should do what Lynch did by relinquishing the briefcase even though that’s not what Otis did.
They showed another picture of a younger Otis and he said he had a learning disability, but wrestling made sense to him. They showed another picture of Otis as a younger amateur wrestler and Otis was all about seeing that, “Oh yeah!”
Miz couldn’t stand Otis has the briefcase and the girl. He can’t stand that Otis is so close to being the face of SmackDown. Miz said he wants a tag team match tonight. He doesn’t care who Otis picks as his partner “anyone who wants to tag with the human version of Shrek.”
Too bad Vince broke up Otis’ actual tag team.
Elias vs King Corbin
Elias is back and he seems to be just fine after that brutal attack from Corbin a few weeks ago.
Corbin and Elias got started with some brawling and they traded advantage. Corbin hit a back elbow and got a two count. Then he latched a submission hold on Elias for a bit.
Elias fought out of it. Corbin went outside then he returned and wanted a clothesline, but Elias ducked. Corbin went outside and Elias hit a dive off the top turnbuckle to the floor.
They brawled outside and Corbin sent Elias into the barricade before putting him in the ring. Corbin grabbed Elias’ guitar and acted like he was playing it. Corey Graves said it was awesome.
Elias hit a dropkick and sent him into the ring steps and the ring post. Then he sent him over the barricade.
They continued on and Elias wouldn’t let Corbin pin him, even after landing his running around the post into a clothesline spot. He nailed another clothesline and took his time before getting Elias up for a third short clothesline.
Elias hit a neckbreaker to create some separation as they both got to their feet. Then Elias landed some body shots. He got pumped up and ripped his shirt off before continuing with a clothesline.
Elias sent Corbin onto his face and landed a knee drop before climbing up top. Elias landed on his feet and then Corbin ran outside for another clothesline spot, but Elias ducked, then Corbin landed a spinebuster for a two count.
Corbin continued to maintain control as he beat Elias down. Then he went out and got Elias’ guitar and smashed it across the ring post. Elias was mad and he hit a knee and rolled Corbin up for the win.
Winner: Elias
Otis was backstage. He asked Sheamus to be his partner tonight against Miz and Morrison. Sheamus said “not a chance” and he walked off.
Mandy Rose asked Otis what was wrong. He’s upset that he can’t find a tag team partner.
Then we got another hacker segment. He teased revealing himself.
Braun Strowman was backstage and Otis asked him if he will tag with him. Strowman asked if he was propositioning to be his tag team partner or trying to get him in the ring. Otis said he just wants to tag with Braun. The Monster Among Men said he respected Otis so he’ll think about it.
Naomi vs Dana Brooke
Brooke had a nice handspring elbow in the corner early on. Naomi turned it around tried for a roll-up pin.
Then Dana Brook got a very quick pinfall on Naomi.
Winner: Dana Brooke

Charlotte Flair
The Queen came out dressed in street clothes so she’s not prepared to wrestle.
Flair said she’s the hardest working woman in the industry. Then she said that she’s working on all three brands to because they crunched the numbers and determined that she means ratings.
The Brand-To-Brand Invitational was used to bring Flair to the blue brand. Then Bayley came out with Banks.
Bayley said she’d say it’s nice to see her, but she’s a role model now and doesn’t lie. They “wooed” a lot and Bayley tried to get Michael Cole to “woo” too, but he didn’t.
Bayley asked when the last time we saw Flair. Banks said they were beating her. Flair took a shot at Bayley’s short hair. Then Bayley bragged about being the first grand slam champion in WWE. She told Flair to go back to RAW and “beat Liv Morgan over and over again for all I care.”
Bayley said she’s beat everyone including Flair. Then she told Flair to get the hell out of their ring right now. Flair said “some things never change.” She said that Banks made Bayley relevant and now she’s the only reason she’s the champion.
Flair turned to Banks and put her over instead. She asked Banks if she was content standing in Bayley’s corner. She tried to turn Banks against Bayley a bit. Bayley wouldn’t let Banks talk. Suddenly, she was ready to fight.
Charlotte said that Fox would love to have her wrestle again. Then Flair asked Banks a question after asking Bayley to get out of the way. She asked Banks if she is her own woman or Bayley’s lackey and “happy about being an after thought.” Woo.
Braun Strowman was warming up backstage. Kayla Braxton asked him if this is a sign he accepted Otis’ offer. “I’m still chewing on it. This is just how I think,” he replied.
The Forgotten Sons cut a backstage promo about not being forgotten.
Renee Young was backstage and interviewed The Miz and Morrison about what they think about Strowman being Otis’ tag team partner. They don’t think Strowman is that stupid. Then they sang “hey hey ho ho” and left.
Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak
There was a handshake before the match started with some chain wrestling. Brian tried to control Gulak’s arm and roll him into a Yes Lock, but Drew got to the ropes.
They reset and then continued as Bryan took Gulak down, but Drew transitioned into a takedown and tried for a dragon submission, but Daniel got to the ropes.
They the locked up again and Bryan tried to hyper-extend Gulak’s elbow. Gulak hot a suplex, but kept hold of him. Bryan tired for an armbar, but Gulak fought out of it.
They got to their feet and did a few standing switches until Bryan was sent out of the ring and hit face-first in the apron as they went to commercial.
Gulak continued to focus on Bryan’s neck when we came back from commercial. He kept Brian down with a headlock until Daniel hit a shinbreaker and three dragon screws.
Bryan continued to work on Gulak’s leg from there. He hit a German suplex for a near fall as they got to their feet. Then Gulak landed a slam for a near fall.
Gulak and Bryan continued working hard as Bryan landed on his feet of a suplex. Then Bryan hit a release German suplex as they shot off the ropes. Bryan measured Gulak for the running knee, but Gulak avoided it.
Then Gulak hit a powerbomb for a two count, which Bryan rolled through for his own two count. Suddenly, Gulak got the dragon sleeper on Bryan, but Daniel rolled through and tried to get a Yes Lock. The referee wouldn’t count as he said the shoulder was up as they rolled through again.
Then Bryan latched on a heel hook after a devastating dragon screw. Gulak tapped out.
Winner: Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan cut a promo with Renee Young in the ring. He said almost 5 years to the day he had to retire as IC Champion. He wants that title back and he wants to represent it and it wants it to represent the greatest wrestler in WWE. He said he thinks that is him.
After the match, Gulak and Bryan hugged it out.
Otis & Braun Strowman vs Miz & Morrison
They took their time introducing Strowman before he finally came out.
Otis and Johnny Drip Drip started it out. Otis forced Johnny around the ring and pancaked him before slamming him. Then Otis tagged Braun Strowman.
Otis tried to get Braun to do the double Caterpillar and they actually did it. That would have been a big pop from the crowd if there was one. Then they cut to commercial.
Miz got Otis down in a submission hold after sticking a thumb to his eye and hitting a DDT. Otis took some kicks in the corner and a few running knees. Then Miz hit a double ax handle off the top rope.
Otis took some It Kicks across his broad chest and then Miz landed the last kick to the head for a two count.
Miz continued trying to grind Otis down. Braun was ready for the tag. Otis got to his feet and walked to Braun with Miz on his back. Then Johnny Drip Drip got the tag and they tried a double suplex, but Otis turned it around on both of them.
Braun took the tag and started running roughshod. He tackled Miz and slammed Morrison. Mix ate a splash in the corner and a slam across the ring. Miz rolled outside and Morrison ran from Strowman’s freight train spot, but Miz got plowed over.
When they got to the ring, Morrison moved Miz so Strowman hit the post. Then Braun turned it around on Morrison and got a slam to pin him.
Winners: Otis & Braun Strowman
Mandy Rose came out to conclude the show. She stood on the ramp and Otis tried sneaking up on Braun, but he turned around. Otis said “just kidding big daddy, just for a laugh.” They did a fist-bump and then Mandy got in the ring for a hug and she celebrated with his briefcase and Mandy Rose.

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