Seth Rollins says The Undertaker character wouldn’t work today

The Undertaker is currently more in the spotlight than he’s ever been thanks to the fantastic documentary series ‘The Last Ride’ which has really humanized who was once an entirely supernatural entity on television.
Seth Rollins on the character of The UndertakerBut in this modern era of wrestling would a character like The Undertaker work? That’s certainly up for debate but one person who doesn’t think so is WWE Superstar Seth Rollins who discussed The Undertaker on WWE After The Bell (h/t Fightful)
“The smart thing about this with Taker is, he did it at the right time in his career. 12-year-old you, if you had seen The Last Ride, it would have ruined everything. But we didn’t have that and he wasn’t in the prime of his career. His character doesn’t work today.”

Wait a minute Mr. Rollins, what about Bray Wyatt? He’s an entirely supernatural character with a metaphysical children’s puppet show and demonic levels of endurance and resilience. Well, ‘The Monday Night Messiah’ addresses that too.
“There are some weird exceptions, Bray Wyatt comes to mind from an ultra-character perspective who sort of slides by a little bit or gets a pass.”

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