BCCI looking at September 25-November 1 window to host IPL

The BCCI are reportedly eyeing to host the IPL in a window between September 25 and November 1 and are said to be hopeful of India recovering from the COVID-19 wave in 2-3 months time. The board is also said to have instructed the franchises to plan their schedule according to the specified date.
While the thirteenth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) was originally scheduled to kick-start on March 29th, the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic brought a halt to the proceedings, meaning the tournament had to be postponed indefinitely in the wake of the spread of the virus. But while the future of IPL 2020 looks bleak, officials in India have almost unanimously come to the decision of prioritizing the tournament over the World T20, and there have also been speculations about the World T20 being pushed to 2022 in order to accommodate the IPL.
Now, speaking to IANS, a BCCI official has revealed that the board are, in fact, actively looking at a September 25 – November 1 for hosting the IPL and are hopeful of the government giving a go-ahead for the same. This would, however, give birth to complications should the World T20 not be postponed.
“It is still early days as a lot of other things have to fall in place for this to materialise, but yes, the BCCI is looking at a September 25-November 1 window provided the number of cases in the country come down and the government does give a go-ahead. As I said, a lot of things do need to fall in place, but yes these dates are being talked about and contingency planning is on,” the source said, reported News18.
The franchises, too, apparently have been intimated about the said date and have reportedly been asked to prepare, keeping in mind the September-November window. A franchise official confirmed IANS about the same but admitted that everything would depend on how the COVID-19 situation in the country unfolds.
“Yes, we have been told that we should plan with an eye on these dates and in fact, we are looking to plan our build-up in such a manner. But then again, it all depends on the country’s position with regards to the pandemic. There is no denying that we are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that the government will continue with the brilliant job they have done and we will see a drop in the number of cases per day,” a franchise official was quoted as saying.
Another franchise official also reconfirmed the news but revealed that no information regarding logistics or venues were passed on. The official stated that everyone would get a clearer picture of things in the weeks to come.
“Yes, we have been told about the window, but nothing yet on the venues or how to go about the logistics. We need to understand those sides as part of the next step of preparation as foreign players will need to come in and we have to ensure that government directives with regards to fighting the pandemic are fully abided by. I am sure we will get more clarity as time moves forward as preparations will start say around mid-August if we have to play our first match around the end of September.”

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